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With NBAA’s new VBACE, industry moves ahead online

By Ed Bolen Pres & CEO, NBAA

The Covid-19 pandemic has unquestionably affected our world in countless ways, including many sweeping changes to how our industry conducts business and remains connected.

As we all continue to navigate this unique moment, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect and help each other not just navigate our challenges, but lead through them.

We call this game-changing event for connecting people and companies the Virtual Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (VBACE), scheduled for Dec 2–3. VBACE will be the most technologically advanced virtual show in the history of aviation, with 3-dimensional exhibit booths, including from OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cirrus, Dassault, Embraer, Honda Aircraft Company, Pilatus, Pratt & Whitney, and Textron Aviation.

Keynote sessions Dynamic and engaging keynote speakers will also be featured. We’ll kick things off with critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley, a nationwide headliner who knows the value of connecting with people the world over.

A certified pilot himself, Bentley first spoke about the importance of utilizing business aircraft in his life and career to a packed audience at NBAA-BACE 2015 in Las Vegas NV.

He will offer VBACE attendees his perspective on ways to bring people together in difficult times – an important theme for an industry that thrives on connection. The keynote session during the 2nd day will feature writer Erin Meyer, who, with Netflix Founder and CEO Reed Hastings, co-authored No Rules Rules – a candid overview of the entertainment provider’s unique organizational philosophy.

VBACE will also feature a host of forward-looking education sessions on the industry’s most pressing topics, ranging from issues facing new entrants coming into the marketplace during this time of Covid-19, to operational concerns and other key issues.

Safety first

Safety is always an important focus of NBAA events, and VBACE will build on this theme through a series of relaxed, informal “Turns Around a Pint” discussions of key drivers for business aviation safety, including data-driven safety management systems and the importance of flight department professionalism.

Networking opportunities will also be plentiful. These will take place by way of direct person-to-person connection among attendees, as well as through dedicated subject-matter lounges.

NBAA professional members may also access a dedicated happy hour to mingle with their peers, while enjoying performances by Comedian and Pilot Dave Coulier, Grammy-winning Performer and “Eye of the Tiger” songwriter Jim Peterik, and Jefferson Starship Lead Singer Cathy Richardson.

This groundbreaking event is free for NBAA members to attend – and, as part of their VBACE experience, show-goers will be able to fill bottomless virtual backpacks with information from exhibitors.

Post-event access

For those who may be reading this after VBACE has wrapped, access to the show will be available following the event’s conclusion, providing ample time to continue to experience the booths and education sessions from the comfort of your home or office.

Simply stated, VBACE propels NBAA’s annual convention into the digital space, offering new and exciting opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike. While we all look toward the day when we may once again gather in person to celebrate our strong, resilient industry, VBACE presents an important venue, demonstrating that business aviation is doing more than simply moving online – we’re also moving ahead.

I invite you to learn more, and join us, by visiting nbaa.org/vbace.