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2020 Turbine Powerplant Product Support


Fixed-wing & helo combined: 1 Williams, 2 Pratt & Whitney, 3 GE, 4 Rolls-Royce, 5 Honeywell, 6 Safran-Turbomeca

Helo only: 1 Pratt & Whitney, 2 Safran-Turbomeca, 3 Rolls-Royce.

Pro Pilot staff report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker

Pro Pilot has conducted its Powerplant Product Support Survey for 28 years now, reaching operators worldwide and giving them the opportunity to evaluate the quality of aftersale product support provided by aircraft turbine engine manufacturers.

Williams takes 1st place for the 5th year in a row, with an overall score of 8.85 – improved from 8.78 earned in 2019.

Williams clinched 1st place in all categories except for cost of parts, where they took the 2nd spot. Best category increase was made in response to problems, with a score of 9.29 – up from 8.93 last year.

Pratt & Whitney keeps its number 2 place for the 2nd year in succession. Overall score earned was 8.43 – up from 8.37 last year.

P&W secures 2nd place in response to problems, spares availability, tech manuals, and service satisfaction categories, and 3rd in cost of spares, speed in AOG service, and tech reps. Best category increase was in tech manuals, with an 8.65 score – up from 8.45 last year.

General Electric remains 3rd with an overall score of 8.35 this year compared to 8.29 in 2019. GE obtained 1st place in the cost of parts category, and 3rd in spares availability and tech manuals.

The company’s biggest category improvement was in cost of parts, with a score of 7.51 this year – up from 7.08 in 2019.

Rolls-Royce moves up 1 spot to 4th this year, earning an overall score of 8.21 – up from 7.82 in 2019. It took 2nd spot in speed in AOG service and tech reps, and 3rd in response to problems and service satisfaction.

Rolls-Royce raised all its category scores this year, obtaining the largest growth in tech manuals with a score of 8.35. Last year this number was 7.77 – a substantial difference of 0.58.

Honeywell gains a notch, moving up to 5th this year with an overall score of 8.08 – up from 7.58 last year. This was the biggest overall score gain in the survey, with a 0.50 difference.

Honeywell saw a significant improvement in all category scores, the best being in service satisfaction, with 8.51 this year. Compared to 7.66 last year, this is a 0.85 increase. With these numbers, Honeywell has the largest score advance in the entire survey.

Safran Helicopter Engines (formerly Turbomeca) rounds out the survey, taking 6th place this year. Overall score was 8.05, slightly down from 8.10 last year.

Best category improvement was made in service satisfaction, with an 8.38 score – a difference of 0.12 from the 8.26 earned in 2019.

Jet and turboprop divisions

For the 10th year, Pro Pilot has separated the overall scores for jet and turboprop engine manufacturers, in addition to those in the helo category. The minimum number of evaluations required for the jet and TP divisions was 30, while for helo it was 19.

Some respondents rated a single engine manufacturer with 2 types of aircraft, eg, P&W for a Citation Sovereign (jet) and for a King Air 350 (turboprop). Because of this, there is a small difference between total responses for overall rankings and the rankings by aircraft type.

For overall rankings, this was counted as 1 response (Pratt & Whitney), while for rankings by type of aircraft, it was counted as 2 (jets and turboprops).


Williams Intl Senior VP Product Support Steve Shettler canbe contacted at 248-960-2569 or bye-mail at sshettler@ williams-int.com. The Williams Product Support team can be contacted as follows: Web: www.williams-int.com,e-mail WIproductsupport@williams-int.com or by phone: 1-800-859-3544 (outside USA 1-248-960-2929).


Williams FJ44s continue to be very reliable engines. Also, tech reps are always exceptionally responsive whenever we need them. I have a great deal of confidence in these engines and the support from Williams.

Asa Russ
ATP/A&P. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Eagle Transport
Battleboro NC


My flight department operates a Pilatus PC-24 powered by Williams FJ44-4A engines. We only have about 200 hrs on them, but the few questions we’ve had were answered quickly by the Williams product support team.

Steven Scheiber
ATP. Pilatus PC-24/PC-12 & Citation II
Chief Pilot
Greenway Air
Winter Springs FL


Had an internal engine malfunction confirmed by borescope. Williams had a spare engine on a truck on its way for us that very evening. It arrived 2 days later, they installed the spare engine, and we were good to go. We had a 4-day downtime, and that’s simply unreal! I’ve been in this business for a long time now, and it’s no wonder Williams is kicking its competitors to the curb. We had TAP Blue, and the entire episode was covered by Williams. I give them a 10 out of 10!

Patrick Taylor
ATP/A&P. Citation CJ3
Dir of Maintenance & Captain
Southwest Gas
Las Vegas NV


Our Citation CJ3 is powered by a pair of Williams FJ44-3A engines. Our experience with Williams product support has been very good. The company really provides great service to its operators.

Eddie Yell
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ3
Aviation Mgr
Boyd Aviation
Springville AL


Great FJ44-3A engines are what we have installed in our Citation CJ4, and the customer service that backs them up is exceptional.

Clinton Ducote
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
D K Boyd Land and Cattle
Midland TX


Williams International has been easy to work with. It’s simple to download data and troubleshoot problems. This being said, we’ve rarely had a problem with these great engines.

Leslie Briggs
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Overland West
Ogden UT


Williams TAP Blue just requires scheduled service, and it keeps on going. I find these engines very reliable. And aftersale support is excellent.

Juan Rodriguez
ATP. Citation CJ3
Pro-Motion LLC
Houston TX


Reliability is what I find in the FJ44-2C engines powering our Citation CJ2. Although we’ve had no issues to date, we’ve received superb service from Williams.

Reed Lamb
A&P. Citation CJ2
Dir of Maintenance
Tamarack Flight Management
Kalispell MT


I think Williams exemplifies superior customer service and support.

Carl Griffiths
ATP. Citation CJ4
Flight Dept Mgr
GW Aviation
Mount Pocono PA
Pratt & Whitney


Pratt & Whitney


P&WC VP Customer Service Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam can be contacted at 450-647-7170or by e-mail at satheeshkumar. kumarasingam@pwc.ca. For 24/7 support, contact the Customer First Centre at 1-800-268­-8000 or by e-mail at cfirst@pwc.ca.


P&WC VP Customer Programs Tim Swail can be contacted at 450-647-2901 or by e-mail at tim.swail@pwc.ca. For 24/7 support, contact the Customer First Centre at 1-800-268-8000 or by e-mail at cfirst@pwc.ca.



Pratt & Whitney builds reliable powerplants. We’re very satisfied with the support we receive for the pair of PW210s that power the Sikorsky S-76D we operate. Its customer portal makes accessing tech pubs and ordering spares very easy.

Steve Pacifico
A&P. Sikorsky S-76D & Global 7500
Maintenance Tech
EWA Holdings
Flanders NJ


AVEX at CMA (Camarillo CA) is the maintenance facility that has provided all service for the PT6A-66D installed in our TBM 930. We’ve been very pleased with all support received from them. AVEX is a Daher-recommended service center, so we’ve never dealt with P&W directly.

Jon Anderson
Comm-Multi-Inst. TBM 930
Av Dept Mgr & Pilot
MACA Supply
Orem UT


Never had any problems with the PW610Fs powering our Eclipse 500. We’ve had over 3000 hrs during 10 years of operating these engines, and they’ve proved to be reliable.

James Dahlquist
ATP. Eclipse 500
Chief Pilot
National American University
Rapid City


Couldn’t be happier with our pair of PW308Cs and the support received from this OEM. Our FSR Flavio Gomes here in Brazil does an outstanding job.

Enio Beal
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Brasília DF, Brazil


We’re very satisfied with the pair of PW815GAs powering our Gulfstream G600. Pratt & Whitney has provided us with fantastic product support.

Christian Waldmeier
Operator. Gulfstream G600
Dir of Technical Service/CAM
Kai Aviation
Basel, Switzerland


Pratt & Whitney has good customer relations throughout its whole setup. Reps are always able to answer customer inquiries even while coordinating maintenance in another country.

Bee Ngak Tong
ATP. Learjet 60 & Citation Sovereign
Seletar Jet Center


By far the best product support in the industry is provided by Pratt & Whitney. We are very satisfied with the PT6C-67Cs installed in our Leonardo AW139, and the service received.

Gordon Dale
Comm-Multi-Inst. Leonardo AW139
Production Mgr
London Air Services
Richmond BC, Canada


Pratt & Whitney provides excellent engines that are reliable and efficient, and are backed up by awesome product support.

David Keys
ATP. Citation Latitude
Chief Pilot
Peace River Citrus Products
Daytona Beach FL


Aftersale product support received from Pratt & Whitney has been outstanding, and the PW308Cs installed in our Falcon 2000LX are super reliable.

Christopher Davis
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Av Dept Mgr
Speyer, Germany


Very pleased with our P&W PT6A-42s installed in the King Air B200 that we fly for the state. Aftersale product support we have received from Pratt & Whitney has been excellent.

Burak Kara
ATP/Helo. King Air B200
Turkish Armed Forces
Ankara, Turkey


Parts availability for the PW306As powering our Gulfstream G200 is very good. We’re also pleased with the response and service P&W provides when an issue arises.

Carlos Sala Igual
Comm-Multi-Inst. Gulfstream G200
Albal, Valencia, Spain


In my opinion, Pratt & Whitney engines have proved reliable, and customer service continues to maintain its earned benchmark. Any issues we’ve experienced have been corrected by the issuance and application of service bulletins. Technical support is sound and always available.

Steven Sharek
A&P. Leonardo AW139
Chief Inspector
MD State Police Aviation
Baltimore MD


We’ve been operating our 2018 Phenom 300 with PW535 engines installed for more than 21 months, and we love it. Engine thrust ratio is excellent for this jet. We’ve had no problems since new. Job well done, Pratt & Whitney!

Rick Lewis
Comm-Multi-Inst. Phenom 300 & King Air B200
Chief Pilot
Air Service
Spokane WA


Had an oil leak in our right PW545C. Textron tried to fix it. P&W told them what to do, but Textron said this was not the problem, and considered the issue fixed. However, the problem wasn’t resolved until P&W came to our hangar and fixed the issue in 3 hrs.

Robert Staib
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFII. Citation Excel
Weis Markets
Bloomsburg PA
General Electric

General Electric


Gen Mgr Commercial, Service & Support at GE Aviation’s Business and General Aviation unit Jim Stoker can be contacted at 513-552­-3800 or by e-mail at jim.stoker@ge.com. For 24/7 support, contact the GE Aviation Business Jets Operations Center at 513­-552-JETS (5387) or toll free at 877-456-JETS (5387), or e-mail bizjetops@ge.com.


Very pleased with my Challenger 604 powered by a pair of GE CF34-3Bs. The engines have performed very well, and overall the service from the OEM has been great.

Richard Lane-Poole
ATP. Challenger 604
Chief Pilot
Executive Airlines
Lusaka, Zambia


The CF34s powering our Challenger 604 are very reliable, their performance is outstanding, and they’re backed up by excellent product support from GE.

Brian Smith
ATP. Challenger 604
Columbus Capital Partners
Lake St Louis MO


Have to consider that the GE Passport 20 is new to the Global 7500. Growing pains are certain, but GE has been responsive. However, the limited number of engines in use on the Bombardier platforms has been responsible for the limited availability of parts. I think that these issues will go away as the program develops.

Henry Gerken
ATP. Global 7500 & Sikorsky S-76D
Chief Pilot
EWA Holdings
Sherman CT


I find the CF34s installed on our Challenger 605 to be superb. I find them very dependable. In more than 20 years of operation, we’ve never had any issues.

Mitchell Olbrys
ATP/CFII. Challenger 605
Lead Captain
Jet Aviation
Victor NY


GE CF34 is one of the most maintenance-free engines ever, not to mention reliable. I’ve been operating CF34s for over 20 years and I couldn’t be happier with the support received from the manufacturer.

Daniel Wolf
ATP/CFII. Challenger 650/605
VP & GM Aviation
Columbus OH


We operate a Global 7500 with GE Passport 20 engines installed. I think onboard data logging allows for preventive maintenance before an AOG develops. I’d like to see an app to enable pilots to use engine data for more efficient maintenance event planning, like that used by Qantas & GE.

Travis Kuntz
ATP. Global 7500
Savoy IL


My flight department operates a Challenger 650 powered by CF34s. I’ve been very pleased with those engines because they’re highly reliable, and the product support received has been very good.

Matthew Hall
ATP. Challenger 650
Winnipeg MB, Canada


GE Business and General Aviation Regional Account Leader Greg Norwood has always been a great asset to GE. He’s very customer-oriented, and provides full- circle follow-up on all our requests. Kudos to Greg and his team!

Edmund Spencer
ATP. Challenger 601
Chief Pilot
Flying M
Aurora CO


Operating our Sikorsky S-92 powered by a couple of GE CT7-8As has been a nice experience. GE has provided excellent customer service, and its response to problems has been outstanding.

Dario Ferrini
ATP/Helo. Sikorsky S-92/S-76
S-92 Fleet Pilot & Flight Safety Officer
Thai Aviation Services
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand




Rolls-Royce SVP Customers & Services, Business Avi­ation Andy Robinson can be contacted in US at 571-294-9232. Operators can also e-mail him at andrew.m.robinson@ rolls-royce.com.


Rolls-Royce Director of Helicop­ter Services Scott Cunningham. Operators can e-mail him at scott.cunningham@rolls-royce.com.



I’ve had a great experience operating our Global 6000/5000, both powered by R-R BR710-A2-20s. In my opinion, Rolls-Royce has always done the job well.

Terry Tripp
ATP. Global 6000/5000
Canton GA


Hard to beat the reliability of the R-R BR710s. I’m also pleased with the product support backing up these engines.

Robert Kerr
ATP. Global Express & Challenger 604
Flight Operations
Glenmoore PA


Our R-R Regional Customer Mgr Paul Tracy is excellent. He’s very responsive and quick to coordinate parts and support any time we have an issue or inquiry.

Jim McCormick
ATP. Gulfstream V
Chief Pilot
Traxxas LP
Trophy Club TX


Great reliability, aftersale service and response is what we receive from Rolls-Royce whenever or wherever required. Rolls-Royce and Gulfstream are always there when we need them.

Gary Lafon
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G550
G550 Pilot & Special Training
Pentastar Aviation
Milford MI


We’re very pleased with the BR710s powering our Gulfstream G550. Rolls-Royce does an amazing job of supporting its engines.

Steven Sutton
ATP/A&P. Gulfstream G650ER/G550
Dir of Maintenance & Captain
LFG Services
Sydney NSW, Australia


Rolls-Royce has always been there for us, whether for scheduled maintenance or mechanical failures, which are rare. These engines just perform day after day to a very high standard. R-R has proved itself by putting a highly dependable engine on a great platform. Speed and fuel efficiency are unmatched. We have over 4500 hrs on this G650ER with the extreme reliability and performance that R-R promised and delivered.

Michael Meloche
ATP/Helo/CFII. Gulfstream G650ER
Dir Flight Ops
Air Lease
Alpine CA


Very impressed with Rolls-Royce and its product support. When we had an issue with our engines, they went the extra mile to get the aircraft out and back into service with 0% loss of dispatch reliability.

Kevin Van Splunder
ATP. Global 6000
Solairus Aviation
Puyallup WA


Product support provided by R-R has been good. However, tech manuals are costly. They used to be available free of charge.

William Bolin
Helo/CFII. MD 500 & Bell 206
Vista I Inc
Smithville OH


Rolls-Royce provides excellent technical support. Even in remote regions, R-R engines are very reliable. In my opinion, its costs are low compared with other engines.

Antonio Costa
Comm-Multi-Inst/Helo/A&P. Airbus AS355
Sunflower Aviation
Nadi, Fiji


Our Gulfstream G650ER and G550 are enrolled in the CorporateCare and Power-by-the-Hour plans that R-R offers. We’ve been very pleased with them and the service provided for our engines. Thanks, Rolls-Royce!

Harvey Duarte
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER/G550
Dir of Ops & Chief Pilot
ALN Bermuda
Teterboro NJ


We have found that accounting is slow its process and uncooperative when billing issues are involved. They have offices in London and in Germany. However, it’s as though they don’t communicate with each other. As a result, we need to send e-mails to their offices in London and Germany to solve the same issue. On the other hand, technical support is coordinated perfectly.

Demetrio Foiadelli
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Dir Flight Dept
Platinum Equity Flight Dept
Irvine CA


My flight department operates a Bell 407GX powered by a R-R 250-C47B. We’re happy with spares availability and the good service received from the OEM.

Scott Martray
Comm-Multi-Inst/Helo. Bell 407GX
Chief Pilot
Charleston County Sheriff’s Office
North Charleston SC



Honeywell Aerospace Business & General Aviation Dir of Customer and Product Support, Americas Megan Towne can be reached directly by phone at 602-300-8593. She can also be reached by e-mail at megan.towne@honeywell.com. Honeywell’s Direct Access app allows customers to talk to the company’s customer support experts, find their nearest support rep, and sign up for operator conferences.


Couldn’t be happier with our Gulfstream G280 powered by a couple of Honeywell HTF7250Gs. It suits our operation very well and the maintenance service received for our engines has been outstanding.

Scott Koloc
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G280
Chief Pilot
Sanderson Farms
Laurel MS


In my thankfully limited need for their attention, I’ve found that Honeywell tech reps are responsive and very knowledgeable. Also, while parts are by no means inexpensive, pricing is better than that of most other engine manufacturers. Parts availability, even for older engine models, is very good.

Stan Perkins
Comm-Multi-Inst. Turbo Commander 681
Sharp HealthCare
San Diego CA


Honeywell TFE731-60 engines installed in our Falcon 900EX EASy II have been extremely reliable. Once a slightly out-of-tolerance oil pressure indication was identified quickly with our tech rep’s assistance. It was corrected immediately without interruption to our flight schedule.

Franco Salluce
ATP/CFI. Falcon 900EX EASy & Global Express
Lexair Corporate Aviation
Oakland CA


My company operates an Embraer Legacy 500 powered by a pair of AS907-3-1Es. Couldn’t be more satisfied with the engines and support received from Honeywell.

Peter Warriner
ATP/CFII/A&P. Legacy 500
Chief Pilot
Avesco Aviation
Springsure QLD, Australia


West Star Aviation at GJT (Grand Junction CO) has serviced our Honeywell TFE731s. We couldn’t be happier with the excellent work done by its professional team.

Enrique Canel Winder
ATP. Learjet 45XR
Ops Dir & Chief Pilot
Estilos Modernos del Bajio
León, Mexico


Very pleased with our pair of Honeywell TFE731-3Cs powering the Astra we operate. Company response has been very good whenever we’ve had engine issues.

Curt Harms
ATP. IAI Astra
Chief Pilot
Pipersville PA


I’ve had great experience with the Honeywell TFE731-60s installed in our Falcon 900EX EASy. They’re very good engines and highly reliable.

Jonmichael Calhoun
ATP. Falcon 900EX EASy/Falcon 7X
Chief Pilot
Charlotte NC


Operating Honeywell TFE731-40 engines powering our Falcon 50EX has been a good experience. They’re very reliable engines.

Kamal Abed
ATP. Falcon 50EX
Chief Pilot
Englewood CO


Safran Helicopter Engines (Turbomeca)


Safran Helicopter Engines Executive VP, Support and Services Sébastien Jaulerry manages the company’s global support and services organization to ensure proximity service for every current Safran Helicopter Engines operator worldwide. He can be contacted by phone at +33 559 74 40 00 or by e-mail at sebastien.jaulerry@safrangroup.com. Info is also available on the company’s website, www.safran-helicopter-engines.com.


Very pleased with our FSR Tom Davis. He is quite knowledgeable and professional. Our Arriel engines have performed extremely well for our operations.

Joe Drummelsmith
ATP/Helo/CFI. Airbus AS365N3
Chief Helicopter Pilot
Drummelsmith Acquisitions
Maineville OH


Safran Arriel 2C engines are very reliable, in my opinion They come with excellent product support provided by the manufacturer.

Nikolay Nedev
Operator. Airbus AS565MB/AS365N3+
Bulgarian Navy
Varna, Bulgaria


We enjoy operating our Airbus AS350B2 powered by an Arriel 1D1, and we’re very satisfied with Safran’s aftersale product support.

J Mugnier
Helo. Airbus AS350B2
Alouette LLC
Grand Junction CO


I believe that Safran is head and shoulders above their competition. We’re satisfied with all aspects of their product support.

Mark Ferguson
A&P. Airbus EC120
Dir of Maintenance
Fresno Police Skywatch
Fresno CA


Our Arrius 2F installed in the H120 we fly has been very reliable, with few issues over the years of operation. We’re also satisfied with our tech rep, who has always been very helpful solving our issues or inquiries.

Pascal Brandys
Helo. Airbus H120
Del Mar CA


Couldn’t be more satisfied with Safran’s support for the Arriel 2D installed in the Airbus H130 we operate. Our FRS Mike Michelsen is excellent, and parts and customer service have been exceptional.

Josh Powell
A&P. Airbus H130/125 & Leonardo AW109
Dir of Maintenance
Sweet Helicopters
Fort Wayne IN