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How has your operations manual helped your flight department become a safe organization? Is your manual revised regularly?

By adhering strictly to the regulations, our operations manual is of considerable help in keeping our flight department a safe organization. We take safety seriously and make sure we don’t take risks. And yes, our manual is revised regularly.

M Abah
ATP/CFII. Citation II/SP & King Air B350
Aviation Mgr
Yaoundé, Cameroon


Certainly, our operations manual is a key piece in our flight department. It’s updated with new technology and new procedures, especially during specific events such as Covid-19. We’re always checking it to keep it current.

Alex Panchana
ATP. Gulfstream V
Wislikofen, Switzerland


It helps by providing clear guidance of the company’s expectations and standards. We look to update the operations manual annually.

Jon-Michael Calhoun
ATP. Falcon 7X/900EX
Chief Pilot
Lowe’s Companies
Charlotte NC


My organization supports a culture of standard operating procedures that are FSDO user-friendly, which in turn enhances safety of  operations. We revise our manual regularly, and as dictated by pertinent events and/or new industry-available factual information.

Sidney Braverman
ATP/CFII. Citation 500/650 & Learjet 35
Dir of Ops & Line Pilot
Lanmar Aviation
Woodbury CT


Our operations manual defines structures of the organization, including the allocation of post holders, as well as their requirements, responsibilities, and reporting line. It determines the duty time limitations of the operating crew and the safety management system of the organization. It sets the flight operations structure, including the weather and the uplift of fuel down to minimum fuel requirements. Our ops manual also establishes what we are able to do regarding dangerous goods, what can be accepted on our aircraft, and what should be denied.

Akin George
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300 & Legacy 600
Managing Director & Pilot
Anap Business Jets
Lagos, Nigeria


I think operating manuals provide a yardstick for measuring performance as well as giving the flightcrews insight into how a company thinks about providing its services. A poorly written manual usually results in an equally poor performance. It should be a living document that is modified on a regular basis as operating conditions change. All good operating manuals have a sweet spot – not too restrictive but also not so general as to allow inconsistent performance. Safety requires tools, and an operations manual is the bedrock of a smooth-running machine.

Bo Corby
ATP. Citation CE650, Falcon 900/50 & Pilatus PC-12
Core Training Industries
Federal Way WA


Having a current manual gets rid of some of the “off-the-cuff” decision-making, allowing a more reasoned, safer, approach to unusual situations. For instance, I may believe I’m not tired in the middle of a trip. However, if I was actually not tired, I would think more clearly about a risky flight, so I’d go get rest instead. The manual allows me to defer to better thinking, but I must say it’s not revised often enough.

Douglas Osborn
ATP. King Air 350 & Pilatus PC-12
State of Wisconsin
Madison WI


Everything is kept organized and standard with the operations manual, so everyone knows what the expectations are. We do annual reviews to update the manual as needed, adding and removing content to better fit the organization going forward.

Ryan Blanchard
ATP. Phenom 300E
Av Dept Mgr
Luck Companies
Richmond VA


Absolutely. We reference the operations manual and its contents frequently. It describes how we’ll do business. Authored in a peaceful way, non-rushed, administrative setting, the manual governs all behaviors and actions, including chaotic and rapidly changing situations. Revised regularly? Yes. Currently we are using revision 25 of a manual which is just over a decade old.

Marty Rollinger
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Dir Flight Ops
Granger IN


Our operations manual is revised periodically by Embraer. And we make sure to update useful information to keep our operations safe.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Pilot Maintenance Coordinator
Avery Aviation Management
Laredo TX


Overall, our company’s operations manual has provided the culture of a safer organization.

Wilfredo Rebibis
ATP. King Air 300, Bell 429 & Leonardo AW139
Flight Ops Officer
Pacific Global One Aviation Co
Pasay City, Philippines


Definitely, our operations manual helps us greatly by outlining the responsibilities pertaining to the conduct of standardized flight operations. If adhered to, the general operations manual (GOM) inherently creates an operational safety culture. We review and revise our GOM whenever significant operational policy or procedures which affect safety of flight need to be amended.

Greg Valdez
ATP/CFII/A&P. Gulfstream IV/G550 & Learjet 60
Dir of Ops & Chief Pilot
Weidner Property Management
Mukilteo WA


It provides the framework to organize the department and includes policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, and training requirements. The document is a vital part of the safety management system, and a just safety culture embraces it. I believe an FOM increases safety and efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Sr Director, Corporate Aviation
Carlsbad CA


My company’s flight ops manual establishes the cornerstone of how we operate. It defines our standard operating procedures, safety management system, crew and maintenance procedures, enterprise resource planning, training, and security. We conduct an annual review on it, and also revise it when required, whichever occurs first.

Richard Ciaramella
ATP. Falcon 2000
Chief Pilot
Island Ventures
Rogers AR


Company’s standard operating procedure predicts all the aspects and particularities of our operations. In addition, it guides crews in case of abnormal situations, prescribing necessary actions to be taken. It’s revised regularly and expeditiously in case of an inadvertent event in order to ensure constant improvement.

Alessandro Medeiros
ATP/Helo. Leonardo AW139
Line Captain
Gulf Helicopters
Doha, Qatar


My company revises the operations manual regularly. All flight department personnel have to follow the same rules so the flight activities become more standard and safer. For instance, for some Cat B/C airports the minimum could be increased.

Alberto Grazioli
ATP. Global 5500, Falcon 2000 & Gulfstream G550
Milan, Italy