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Are your aircraft enrolled in hourly cost maintenance programs (HCMP)? If so, what type of subscription do you have, and with whom? Tell us your experience with your HCMP provider.

We use Embraer Executive Care (EEC) and JSSI Premium Engine Program. Both services have worked very well for us.

Jim McIrvin
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300/100
Chief Pilot
McIrvin Aviation
Washingtonville NY


In the past, I’ve flown aircraft that were on Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP). It was a great plan for a specific aircraft that had  numerous avionics issues. I’m currently flying a plane that is not on any maintenance programs.

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 604
KMR Aviation
Denair CA


Collins Avionics Service Program (CASP) and Williams Intl TAP Blue are the programs we have our Citation CJ3 enrolled in. They’re both excellent plans and we’re very satisfied with them.

Leonard Rand
ATP. Citation CJ3
Owner & Chief Pilot
Rand Consulting
Santa Fe NM


Williams TAP program is what we have for our Citation CJ1 powered by a pair of Williams FJ44s. We’re pleased with the very good support received.

Corwin Lindstrom
ATP. Citation CJ1
Aircraft Mgr & Chief Pilot
Flying Hare
High Point NC


P&WC Eagle Service Plan (ESP) Gold is what we have for our Falcon 2000LX. As far as I’m concern, it’s mandatory to have this class of aircraft on an engine program. P&WC has treated us well. They have supply chain and labor issues like everyone these days, but we’ve never been AOG from an engine problem. We also operate a Pilatus PC-12 that is not on a program. The PT6 engine is very reliable and economical to maintain.

Loren Hofer
ATP/CFI. Falcon 2000LX  & Pilatus PC-12
Chief Pilot
Englewood CO


My flight department operates a Gulfstream IV-SP and a Learjet 60 that are enrolled in JSSI’s Engine Program. We are completely satisfied with the customer support and JSSI’s attentiveness to our needs. Our Learjet 31 and 45 are enrolled in Honeywell MSP. Most events are struggle at best. I wish Honeywell customer service were better.

Jim Karlovich
ATP/CFII/A&P. Gulfstream IVSP & Learjet 60/45/31
Av Dept Mgr
Jet Direct
Kingston GA


Good experience is what we’ve had with our Phenom 300 maintenance programs. For the engines we have P&WC’s ESP, and parts are enrolled in Embraer’s EEC Prime Parts. Both programs have been very helpful when we go in for maintenance.

Dave Goll
ATP. Phenom 300
Chief Pilot
CrownEye Partners
Midland TX


Our company uses FalconCare Essential (parts only) for our aircraft. This program is a good idea, although its terms and limitations need to be improved. It’s definitely a great plan, and a must for our operations and parts cost control. We didn’t sign up for the full coverage. Our company decided to pay for labor, and to control it during maintenance visits. FalconCare is a great plan, and well needed. However, it should be corrected constantly so that all subscribers and service centers are clear about its terms.

Jorge Lara
ATP. Falcon 7X
Flt Ops Dir
Quito, Ecuador


Textron ProAdvantage ProParts and Williams TAP are the programs we signed up for on our Citation CJ2. We’re pleased with them, since they work out just fine and avoid the big bills.

Craig McLeon
ATP. Citation CJ2
Chief Pilot
Western Precooling Systems
Pleasanton CA


Bombardier Smart Parts is the program we use for our Learjet 75. It’s been very helpful to manage our maintenance costs.

Tony Aiello
ATP. Learjet 75
Des Plaines IL


Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) and Engine Assurance Program (EAP) are the ones we use for our aircraft. MSP used to be fine. However, it’s very difficult to get an answer or parts these days. EAP is fantastic, and always provide answers any time you need them. They were amazing trying to get us back in the air while they were standing in their booth at NBAA. It doesn’t get any better than that. They’re always ease to deal with.

Russ Appleton
ATP/Helo. Citation 650/560 & Falcon 900/50
Dir of Ops
Grovetown GA


I fly a Citation CJ3+ with Williams Intl engines. I’m enrolled in the Textron ProAdvantage ProParts as well as Williams TAP Advantage Blue programs. Each of these programs has proved valuable to level out expenditures over more predictable payments. At the end of each month, I provide the hours and cycles for the preceding month using 2 different websites, Textron and Williams Intl. I receive an invoice and/or pay directly on the site depending on the program. ProParts covers most part replacements, with notable exceptions that are spelled out in the agreement. Textron has improved the program value by providing discounts on their pricing for customers who are on programs and there is now a price review request capability on the website so that customers can seek clarification on prices that seem unusually high. I have not yet had a dispute with Textron on any parts. The Williams Intl site is slow but functional. The TAP Advantage Blue program is their highest level and clearly they want people on this program. It has proved beneficial for me. For an unknown reason, FOD was detected on the inlet ring of 1 engine on a routine check. It would have cost about $50K without it. Williams allows only 1 year in the agreement for you to report hours below your contracted value.

Marc Dulude
ATP. Citation CJ3+
Chief Pilot & LLC Member
Mild Air
Bluffton SC


Our Citation Latitudes are enrolled in the Textron ProAdvantage program for engines and APU. Each engine is $328 per hour and the APU is $78 per hour. We’ve had no issues with the program. It’s great just to deal with Textron on this program instead of multiple accounts with different manufacturers. The program is very straightforward and easy to use.

Dean Eechaute
A&P. Citation Latitude
Dir of Aircraft Maintenance
Conagra Brands
Omaha NE


My flight department operates a Gulfstream G650ER. We are signed up on a couple of maintenance programs. Rolls-Royce Corporate Care is the maintenance plan for our engines. It’s been good, but I find it expensive. We have Honeywell MSP for our APU. Cost is reasonable, and, in my experience the  plan covers any problems without hesitation. We also have Honeywell MSP Avionics and Parts coverage. It works really well as long as it’s a Honeywell part that breaks.

Jerry Harrington
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Av Dept Mgr & Chief Pilot
Benson Pacific
San Diego CA

Engines are enrolled in Honeywell MSP Gold plan. Service through Duncan Aviation has been great. However, I think that Honeywell service is overpriced and difficult to deal with.

Gerry Ashore
ATP. Citation CE650
Excalibur Aviation
Inez TX


Our aircraft is supported by 2 maintenance programs, JSSI Engine Program, and Embraer EEC for parts and maintenance. The engine program is a must for resale. We view it as a prepayment for engine HSIs and overhauls, and a panacea for buyers. We don’t utilize it much between big events.
Parts programs are very expensive. We’ve had various aircraft over the years, some on programs and some not. We found out that the parts programs are 3 to 4x the cost of actual consumed parts, especially with new aircraft. Even adding back the cost of parts replaced during warranty, the price is 2 times that of actual cost. Your mileage may vary, but our maintenance team is able to keep our aircraft at a very high maintenance level without the need for a parts program.

Scott Durkee
ATP. Embraer Legacy 450
Cincinnati OH


We are enrolled in several programs, Honeywell MSP for the APU, HAPP for the avionics, and Pratt & Whitney ESP for the engines. While being very cost effective, there are issues with getting and receiving parts. This means the problem doesn’t get solved, so we have to get another part, which usually takes another day. I personally think companies should move all repair and production to the US, as it seems we get better parts when they carry a US-approved repair facility on the FAA 8130 certificate.

Mark Jones
ATP/A&P. Falcon 2000EX EASy
Dir of Aviation
Milwaukee WI