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Does your company operate helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft? How does your company benefit from the use of these aircraft?

My company owns a fixed-wing aircraft – a Falcon 2000LX that allows the highest-level decision-maker in the organization to be in the right place at the right time, shortening distances and saving time.

Univaldo Sousa
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Chief Pilot
São Paulo SP, Brazil


Our company operates a Gulfstream V. We benefit greatly from it, since it’s an excellent bizjet. Costs are very good, maintenance is straightforward, and insurance is comfortable. It has good range, too.

Alex Panchana
ATP. Gulfstream V
Wislikofen, Switzerland


We operate business jets to our 26 rental car operations located at airports in western states. Our aircraft allows us to visit 1 or multiple locations in the same day, and return staff home at the end of the day without the constraints of airline schedules.

Leslie Briggs
ATP/CFI. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Overland West
Ogden UT


Currently flying 2 helos – a Bell 429 and a Leonardo AW109SP GrandNew. Both provide great benefits for our operations, saving time and keeping pax safe.

Sergio Lacerda de Almeida
ATP/Helo. Bell 429 & Leonardo AW109SP GrandNew
Chief Pilot
Banco Bradesco
Osasco SP, Brazil


Fixed-wing jet aircraft make up our fleet. They’re primarily used for business. Our properties are located in numerous countries, and, due to their locations, airline service is either not available or infrequent.

Robert Hutto
ATP/CFI. Embraer ERJ190/Legacy ERJ145 & Boeing 737
Head of Aviation
Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
Macau, China


Gulfstream G450 is what we operate in our company. I find it beneficial in many ways. First, it offers our passengers the security of traveling undetected by the public eye because it provides privacy that cannot be rendered by commercial aviation. Second, it gives pax the flexibility to travel on their schedule to be more productive. And third, by flying to smaller GA airports, we can get the passengers closer to meetings.

Daniel Hook
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G450
Dir of Aviation & Chief Pilot
Deeside Trading
Reno NV


Both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft make up our fleet. Our fixed-wing aircraft consist of 2 jets – a long-range machine for worldwide operations, and a midsize jet for continental flights. We also operate a Pilatus PC-12NG, which has great rough- and short-field performance. Lastly, we operate both twin- and single-engine helicopters. The single helicopter is used specifically for anti-poaching ops at our game lodge in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.   

Chris Kinghorn
ATP/CFII. Global 6500/6000/Challenger 350, Pilatus PC-12NG & Leonardo AW139/AW119
Chief of Training & Captain
Fireblade Aviation
Johannesburg, South Africa


Embraer Phenom 100 in the bizjet we own, for the benefit of getting an eye doctor from home at AUS (Austin TX) to work in LRD (Laredo TX), and back home.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Embraer Phenom 100
Avery Aviation Mgmt
Laredo TX


Citation Excel we own allows max flexibility of travel schedules and locations. We utilize many airports without commercial service that are close to our facilities. 

Dennis Phillips
ATP. Citation Excel
Phillips Consulting
Brownsburg IN


Our Airbus H225M is used for search and rescue operations. It provides tremendous support during disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and it provides logistic support when transporting army units into the jungle. 

Aliff Bin Latip
Helo. Airbus H225M
Maintenance Manager
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Labuan, Malaysia


My company is based in the Middle East, so the long-range business jet that we operate is very important to the owners and our business, since we have subsidiaries and suppliers that we visit in China and Europe.

Quintin Cairncross
ATP. Global Express
Lead Captain & Instructor
Jet Aviation
Knysna, South Africa


The company for which I work operates helicopters. We offer a wide range of missions, but most requests come from corporate companies that want to transport their leaders and officials to different locations. Whether they need to position a team of engineers in a remote mountain area or to visit a shipyard, we match their required mission profiles. We’ve also had some extremely wealthy people on board. When carrying passengers to remote areas we provide a summary of amenities, as we have no handling personnel or electronic devices to support landing. Sometimes, our personnel face excessive cold or warm conditions, so, during the winter, our company provides supplementary equipment to protect those on duty. Our personnel are capable of completing aircraft operations under inconvenient circumstances and at the highest standards, thus offering our passengers a pleasant trip.

Tatu Eugen
Helo. Airbus EC135/EC120
Flight Ops Dir
C&I Corporation
Tecuci, Galati County, Romania


We operate fixed-wing aircraft for a large pharmaceutical company. The 2 Gulfstream G550s aid in transporting our executive teams all over the globe, whenever and wherever they need to be, crossing multiple time zones. Our jets offer privacy and space to relax and rest, or conduct business as necessary. The aircraft are invaluable tools for our corporate teams. 

Troy Moore
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Senior Captain
Colleen Corp
Nottingham PA


Ioperate 2 fixed-wing jets. We’re in the entertainment field, and having the flexible travel pays big dividends for them, while also allowing recreational activities to revolve around their business travel.

Brent Myers
ATP. Hawker 800A
Green Chair Productions
Los Angeles CA


EMS is our field of operation, and we use helicopters to transport patients to/from remote islands. Our helicopters are stationed on those islands, and they can provide quick emergency response for local governments and hospitals when there is a case they can’t handle by themselves. Those communities benefit from our flight operations.

Brad Lee
Operator. Leonardo AW169
Executive Director
Emerald Pacific Airlines
Taichung, Taiwan


Primary transport to our customers worldwide is through our Gulfstream G650ER. We have airline customers in more than 60 different countries, and our corporate aircraft enables seamless access to them. There is no other means to complete this task with our compressed schedules.

Michael Meloche
ATP/Helo/CFII. Gulfstream G650ER
Dir Flight Ops
Air Lease
Alpine CA


The super-midsize jet we operate benefits the owner with the flexibility to travel at will to wherever he wants to go. He also offers travel to friends and relatives at no cost.

Brian Riis
ATP/CFII. Falcon 2000LXS
Boston Post Capital
Epson NH


Nearest commercial airport is a 3.5-hour drive from the company facilities, while the local GA airfield is less than 10 minutes away. Operating a business jet saves time to go and come back from locations. I can fly passengers to their place of business in less than 2 hours. And, if necessary, they can be back the same day within normal business hours.

John Schonhorst
ATP. Learjet 45
Chief Pilot
Basler Electric
Bozeman MT


We operate both categories – fixed-wing and helicopter. Each aircraft was purchased with a specific goal – Gulfstream G550 for long-range international travel, Sikorsky S-76C+ for overwater and local night flights, and Bell 407GX for all local daytime flights in south Florida. Aviation determines which aircraft is suitable for the mission, and all details are finalized by our aviation department staff. The flexibility of having 3 aircraft has helped immensely, and pre Covid-19 they all flew a great deal. The need for travel remains, as does the commensurate benefit they provide the company. That need will be served when confidence is restored for our passengers as the pandemic is overcome and under control.

David Bjellos
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G550, Sikorsky S-76C+ & Bell 407GX
Aviation Manager
Agro Industrial Management
West Palm Beach FL


Both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft take part in our operations. We use helicopters primarily for aeromedical transport, with a small contingent of light turboprop aircraft for long-distance, marginal weather, or large-capacity flights.

Clark Hickingbottom
ATP/Helo/CFII. Bell 206L4
Base Line Pilot & Base Safety Representative
Air Evac Lifeteam
New Braunfels TX


The large-cabin bizjet operated by our company allows our CEO and sales team to interact onsite in the most effective and productive way. Business travel is down, yet personal private aircraft travel is up. We are capitalizing on that to support our customers by shifting our business model focus. The corporate aircraft mission is still there!

Greg Kremer
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream III
VP Aviation & Chief Pilot
ONEflight International
Englewood CO


Pinellas County operates a helicopter to treat mangroves, cypress stands, and standing water for mosquito larvae. The citizens benefit by having fewer mosquitos, and the administration benefits from dedicating less labor to treat large acreage, which is a lost cause to treat by hand.

Daniel Funk
ATP/Helo. Bell TH-13T
Board of County Commissioners
Kenneth City FL


Operating a King Air E90 has been favorable for our company to achieve our missions. We fly to many cities that do not have airline service. 

Jeff Jones
ATP. King Air E90
Chief Pilot
Texas Pacific Land
Dallas TX


Our company operates both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. We use the helicopters for short-distance travel and observation, and the fixed-wing aircraft are used for executive transport. 

John Corbitt
ATP. Citation CJ4, Falcon 7X/2000, Learjet 60, MBB BO 105 & Bell 407
V1 Aviation Services
Ocala FL


Dassault Falcon 2000 and 900EX are the aircraft we fly. They permit safe and efficient transport of our executives and teams. 

Jeff Schneider
ATP. Falcon 2000/900EX
Dir Flight Ops
Chesterfield MO


Fixed-wing aircraft are what we operate. The boss has 2 planes – a King Air B350 used for shorter trips, and a Challenger 601 for longer-distance travel. Both airplanes are used primarily for business trips. The flexibility offered by both of them lets the boss schedule multiple meetings in a day at locations that are hundreds of miles apart. 

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 601 & King Air B350
DC Air
Denair CA


I find so many benefits to using fixed-wing aircraft. We go to places with limited airline service – therefore, reduced travel time is our biggest benefit. Also, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we can control exposure closely within our operation. Flexibility is also a big plus for us, as we can accomplish effective scheduling that is not available when flying commercial.

Glenn Michael
ATP/CFII. King Air 100, Sabreliner 80SC & Beech Duke
Aviation Mgr
Merrimack NH


Very pleased with both our helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. We leverage the benefit of airport-to-airport transportation with our fixed-wing fleet while taking advantage of door-to-door and airport-to-airport benefits with the use of our helicopter. 

Kelly La Pointe
ATP. Falcon 7X/2000LXS & Sikorsky S-76D
Transportation Director
Exelon Corp
St Charles IL


Since our passengers need to be on site in many different locations without wasting most of their time traveling, we provide them with transportation using a fixed-wing aircraft. In the words of Warren Buffett, “corporate aviation is the key to productivity,” and “humans are the scarce resource, not money, so you therefore want them working as productively as possible. Talent is too scarce to deploy it in less than an optimal manner.”

Keven Christopherson
ATP/CFI. King Air B200
Chief Pilot
South Jordan UT


Citation CJ3 is the business jet that makes things easier for our company. Time savings is the greatest benefit, since our business trips last half a day using private aviation, as opposed to 3 days driving. 

Peter Serodino
Pvt-Multi-Inst. Citation CJ3 & Beech Baron 58
Southern Marine Construction
Chattanooga TN


We operate 2 fixed-wing aircraft which provide numerous benefits to the company. They optimize time and reduce distance. They also deliver safe, secure, and comfortable service at a good value.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Sr Director, Aviation
Ladue MO