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How is the increase on fuel prices affecting your flight operations? What measures is your flight department taking to offset this issue?

Now, we are more strategic as to where we buy fuel. At some places, we just pay the ramp fee and tanker fuel. We’re also flying less these days. Today, the fuel rate looks like $5 at the low end and $7 as the average. And, of course, some FBOs are charging $13.75 per gallon. I don’t understand how that is legal. CAA membership is a must today.

avgasJohn Corbitt
ATP. Falcon 2000 & Citation CJ4
V1 Aviation Services
Ocala FL


Fuel price increases have had no effect on our operation. I think it’s just the cost of doing business.

Jim Skelton
ATP. Citation Sovereign+
Chief Pilot & Manager
J D Stauffer
Centennial CO


As a result of higher fuel prices, we tanker as much home base fuel as possible.

John Rich
ATP. Citation Excel
Manager & Pilot
H2C Air
Cincinnati OH


Obviously, fuel price increases affect our bottom line and cause us to consider tankering. I feel that none of this would have happened if the world hadn’t lost its marbles over the past couple of years.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Senior Director
San Diego CA


Just like we always do, we shop around for the best fuel price. I believe that contract fuel programs are always important in this process.

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 604
KMR Aviation
Denair CA


Higher fuel prices have us considering different FBOs and also tankering fuel.

David Caum
ATP/CFI. Citation Latitude
Your Jet Aircraft Management
Shelbyville KY


Our operations continue as usual despite the fuel price increase. We just have to shop a bit harder for good fuel prices, though.

David Keys
ATP. Praetor 500
Chief Pilot
Peace River Citrus Products
Vero Beach FL


My flight department has had to reduce the number of flights by 40%.

D Strahle
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFI. King Air 200
Pres & CEO
Flint MI


We’re still flying the same amount, even with higher fuel prices. However, we continue to look harder for CAA or discounted fuel prices.

Frank Hale
ATP/Helo. Citation CJ2
Independent Corporate Pilot
Kalispell MT


Due to fuel prices, we are now trying to purchase courtesy fuel at destination. In addition, we’re now tankering more than we ever have.

Loren Hofer
ATP/CFI. Falcon 2000 EASy
Chief Pilot
Englewood CO


In order to find better fuel prices near our destination, our very frugal principal is willing to drive 1 1/2 hours. We’re also making intermediate fuel stops to tanker lower-priced fuel into expensive – read coastal – markets. So much for transcontinental-capable airplanes. We’re back to the mid-continent fuel stops of decades ago.

Keith Gordon
ATP. Falcon 50/20
Dir of Aviation
The Hangar
Henderson NV


Our operation continues to be the same. However, as fuel prices increase, we are looking closely for the best price around in any possible way. If we find any fuel company offering a good fuel price, we buy it. We don’t care what brand it is.

Savio Montenegro Zamboni
ATP. Phenom 300/100
Chief Pilot
Rotorfly Air Taxi & Specialized Air Services
São Paulo SP, Brazil


We continue to operate our normal trips. However, we do use CAA, which has been very helpful.

Bryan Morgan
ATP. Citation Bravo
Chief Pilot
Henry VA


As the price at some locations has hit $10 per gallon, our dispatchers are searching through all possible locations/FBOs for the best fuel deals. Furthermore, flight operators are doing computations to find out the best balance point for fuel tankering vs overpriced fuel purchases.

Morris Silverman
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Intl Captain
VISA Aviation
Oakland CA


We’ve revived our interest in efficiency as a consequence of fuel price increases. We’re now comparing tankering vs fueling at destinations, and practicing cruise speeds when possible.

Anthony Complo
ATP/CFII. Falcon 7X/2000LX & Global 6500
VRF-2 Inc
Fort Lauderdale FL


Have explored additional fuel contracts to deal with price increases. We’re also buying fuel strategically at locations that offer greater discount and tankering where it makes sense for the mission.

Stephen Polk
ATP/Helo. Falcon 2000LX & Airbus H130/H120
Dir of Aviation
Central Romana Corp
Miami FL


Trip volume continues to be the same in our operations for now. And we’re always looking to find the best fuel rates at each airport when taking on fuel.

Jeff Perry
ATP. Challenger 350
Garvin Promotion Group
Scottsdale AZ


Fuel price increase is forcing us to operate smarter, planning the destination in a way that improves efficiency, by avoiding duplication of destination by another section of the company.

Wilfredo Rebibis
ATP. King Air 300
Flight Ops Officer
Pacific Global One Aviation Company
Manila, Philippines


Increased fuel prices have affected us hugely! It appears that large FBOs are taking advantage. At the same time, wholesale prices have not been rising at the same level.

Russ Appleton
ATP. Citation V/650, Falcon 50, King Air 200 & Pilatus PC-12
Dir of Ops
Grovetown GA


Higher fuel prices have not affected our operations.

James Carter
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Chief Pilot
Swanson Family Aviation
Fort Myers FL


Since we fly smaller aircraft with no more than 9 pax, fuel prices have had little effect on our business. In our pricing, we are good to go up to $10 per gallon. After that, we will have to adjust our prices to our customers.

Mark Blanton
Comm-Multi-Inst/A&P. Kodiak 100 & Cessna 172
President & CEO
Atlantic Airlines
Lakeland FL


At the moment, we’re absorbing the fuel price increases and/or invoking contractual clauses which allow for a fixed percentage increase under certain circumstances.

Ralph Oxbrow
ATP. Boeing 737-800
West Atlantic Cargo Airlines
Coventry, England


We’re putting even more emphasis on fuel conservation and tankering strategies. We cannot increase our hourly rates.

Michael Rainer
ATP. Falcon 900DX & Citation XLS/CJ4/CJ3/CJ2
Account Mgr
Jet Aviation Salzburg
Klagenfurt, Austria


Because of higher fuel prices, we are requesting a lot more visual approaches to the downwind or base leg instead of vectors to final.

Bert Zeller
ATP. Phenom 300E & Pilatus PC-12NG
Chief Pilot
Two Rivers Aviation
Cuba AL


Signature Status Platinum and Pentastar Aviation discount programs are now popular in our flight department. We tanker or purchase fuel at the lowest possible price point.

Gary Lafon
ATP. Gulfstream G550
International Pilot
Pentastar Aviation
Waterford MI


Fuel programs such as those offered by CAA and World Fuel Services have become very good tools for us. We also tanker when we can.

Jim Bell
ATP. King Air 300
Chief Pilot
Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance
Ridgeland MS


Fuel price increases are not really affecting us. Actually, we are flying more than last year. We’re just spending the extra money required for the fuel.

Chuck Platts
ATP. Citation I/X/Sovereign & Gulfstream V/G450/G550
Lowcountry Aircraft Mgmt
Hampton SC


Although fuel prices are going up, they have not changed our operating practices significantly. We still source fuel quotes and tanker as necessary to take advantage of lower per-unit costs. The general consensus is that, as long as the increases are short-term, business continues as usual. Should the price increases remain artificially high for a longer period (120+ days), then we would review operational requirements and perhaps reduce flights to those mission-critical movements.

David Bjellos
ATP. Gulfstream G650/G550
Senior Intl Captain
Solairus Aviation
West Palm Beach FL


There are several measures that we’re implementing due to higher fuel prices. Significantly, we’re optimizing ground taxiing, holding, and idle. We’re also tweaking routes with weather radar assistance, and optimizing cruising speed, levels, and load factors. Finally, we’re implementing low drag, delayed flaps, and idle thrust approaches.

Michael Collyer
ATP/CFII. Global 8000, Challenger 605, Phenom 300E, Pilatus PC-12NG & King Air 360ER
Chief Pilot
United Airlines
Maple Ridge BC, Canada


We are comparing pricing more and tankering when possible in order to reduce fuel costs. FuelerLinx has been a good tool for us to find the best fuel price and advise when to tanker.

Brent Keyes
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Dir of Aviation
Graham Capital Mgmt
Royal Palm Beach FL