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Who’s your inflight connectivity provider? What’s the connectivity plan that suits your flight ops needs? Tell us about your experience with these products and services.

gogoGogo is my favorite connectivity provider. We use the hourly option. Even though it’s a limited option that’s only valid above 10,000 ft, it works well.

David Morris
Comm-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-24
Senior Pilot
Chandler AZ


Collins ARINC à la carte plan is what we use, but we’re open to try other providers offering more cost-effective plans.

Jerry Harrington
ATP/CFI. Gulfstream G650ER
Av Dept Mgr & Chief Pilot
Benson Pacific
San Diego CA


Gogo’s Biz 4G 2500 plan is what we use. It provides 2500 MB monthly. My experience on domestic flights has been very good – better than for international flights.

Jeff Perry
ATP/CFI. Challenger 350/650 & Beechjet 400A
Garvin Promotions Group
Scottsdale AZ


FalconConnect program through Honeywell Forge takes care of our needs. It’s an excellent service from Honeywell. Several plans are offered and it all depends on your needs and budget. Although we’ve had a small complaint, Honeywell came with strong support, and the issue was cleared, understood, and resolved. We’re currently working with the JX3 plan, and I totally recommend it.

Jorge Lara
ATP. Falcon 7X
Flight Ops Dir
Quito, Ecuador


Currently on Gogo Biz unlimited plan with no data caps. It works well for our pax and crew to e-mail, text, and make phone calls. Sometimes, connection upload/download speeds can suffer when several users are connected at the same time. However, those examples are few and far between.

Garth Collins
ATP/CFI. Challenger 604
Chief Pilot
Columbus Capital Partners
Chesterfield MO


Satcom Direct is our preferred connectivity provider. We have enjoyed our relationship with them for 1½ years since we purchased our Embraer Legacy 500. The company has been responsive and easy to work with on set-up. Also, its website has a lot of useful information and is easy to navigate.

Dave Keys
ATP. Legacy 500
Chief Pilot
Peace River Citrus Products
Daytona Beach FL


Having Gogo on our fleet has been good for us. We’re not on the fast Gogo 5G plan, but it keeps our operation connected. In the cockpit, we’re able to get the most current weather information. Even delayed, this is way better than having only wx radar and ATIS.

William Rodriguez
ATP. Gulfstream G200
Jet Access Aviation
West Palm Beach FL


We are pleased with Gogo Biz ATG. We’re subscribed to the unlimited plan. It does the job for now, but upgrading to Gogo Avance L5 system would be an excellent choice.

Loren Hofer
ATP/CFI. Falcon 2000
Chief Pilot
Centennial CO


Ka-band and Gogo Aircell are available in our Challenger 650, while the Challenger 604 has Gogo Aircell. Ka-band is preferred by most of our passenger. Pilots, on the other hand, request to be on the Aircell Wi-Fi when available.

James Martin
ATP. Challenger 650/604
Manassas VA


Gogo unlimited data is what suits our operations. While it is somewhat pricey, the unlimited plan keeps our passengers connected to the office, and allows for productivity while traveling.

Mark Weaver
ATP. Phenom 300
Captain & Dir of Maintenance
Luck Companies
Richmond VA


We use Gogo Iridium Silver Voice and Pay-As-You-Go data plans. Gogo Silver is functional. However, we’ve found it very easy to have our phones not configured properly and thus accrue a large Internet bill unintentionally. If background apps are not disabled appropriately, they will update without our knowledge, resulting in a large amount of data being used. As a result, I’ve found we don’t use it much, but rather rely on our satellite phone. We find the service useful if there is an absolute need, but not practical on a day-to-day basis. It would be helpful if the Gogo app addressed this issue by disabling background apps while it’s in use.

John Foster
ATP/CFII. Learjet 40XR
Chief Pilot
Home State Insurance Group
Waco TX


Gogo is our selected provider, and we have the ATG-4000 system in our aircraft. It works well for basic e-mail, messaging, and Web browsing. We have the unlimited data plan, because overages were fairly routine on low- and mid-tier plans. Coverage is excellent, and we haven’t had an outage or had any in-flight issues in years. We plan on updating to Avance L5 in the coming year to allow greater speeds with multiple users. Avance L5 has had very positive reviews. Aircraft downtime is about 3 weeks and can be scheduled concurrently with inspections, and the price wasn’t completely out of line with the advertised benefits. Productivity is key, so upgrading to Gogo Avance L5 appears to be a worthwhile investment.

Christopher Rozum
ATP. Hawker 800XP
Kaman Corporation
Windsor Locks CT



ur aircraft has Gogo Avance L3 with unlimited data installed. It allows our team members fast and solid connectivity without fear of going over data or being limited by the number of devices that can be connected at the same time. The service has been great from day 1. Very few times have we had a signal issue, and Gogo’s customer service has been great to work with every time.

Nick Lambert
ATP. Citation CJ3+
Chief Pilot
Casey’s General Stores
Ankeny IA


Have had great experience using Gogo for domestic inflight Internet access. It works well and has been very reliable.

Brent Keyes
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Dir of Aviation
Graham Capital Management
Royal Palm Beach FL



e have used Gogo Avance L5 for domestic ops, and Gulfstream BBML for international. Gogo L5 is exceptional, and supports multiple users and platforms. The pilots especially like the connectivity for their iPad/ForeFlight needs, and they can get digital ATIS, notams, and airport data faster than using the FMS interface. Service and support from both providers have been excellent. Ka-band connectivity may be a possibility in the future, but for now the Ku BBML/Avance L5 is cost-efficient, reliable, and well received by crew and passengers.

David Bjellos
ATP. Gulfstream G550
G550 International Pilot
West Palm Beach FL


Satcom Direct is our preferred connectivity provider. Although the system is very solid, we’d like more speed. However, you can hardly notice any difference from a ground-based service. We’re all pleased here in my flight department with the service level and knowledge of the company representatives.

Morris Silverman
ATP. Gulfstream G650
International Captain
Oakland CA