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What are the top 3 upgrades that you would like to have in your aircraft? What specific equipment/model do you want installed in your aircraft? Explain why.


Flying a Gulfstream G550 has been a great experience. However, the 3 upgrades that I consider would be helpful are synthetic vision system (SVS) to augment the head-up display (HUD), and enhanced flight vision system (EFVS). Faster Internet connectivity is also desirable. And, lastly, a larger crew rest area for long international flights.

Troy Moore
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Senior Captain
Colleen Corp
Nottingham PA


While wholly unnecessary for an airplane like the Pilatus PC-12, FADEC and autothrottle would be fun to have, and would reduce pilot workload just enough to be noticeable. On the PC-12 NGX, the Pratt & Whitney PT6E comes with both, making 2 for 1! Also quite unnecessary would be a spoiler system, but the addition could make the PC-12 a super-short-runway capable machine, adding to its already remarkable performance numbers.

Maxwell Marooned
Comm-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-12
Dir of Training
Tradewing Aviation
Danbury CT


I’d like the owner of the Citation CJ2 that I fly to install Tamarack active winglets for the performance increase and the cool ramp presence. And, since most pilots are gadget people, a Garmin G3000 would be nice in the CJ2 or my Citation Encore+. Lastly, Wi-Fi in the airplane would be fantastic, even though it would be difficult to justify the cost.

Kevin Weilein
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ2/Encore+/Westwind I/Cessna 310 & Piper Navajo
Chief Pilot
Corporate Aviation Services/
Silverado Aviation
Angola IN


Could use a couple of improvements for our Falcon 2000 – for example, LED landing lights and nav lights, which last longer and are brighter. In the cockpit, I’d add HUDs with EFVS for better situational awareness.

Ray Sparks
ATP/CFII. Falcon 2000
Aviation Mgr
The Cafaro Co
Vienna OH


FalconEye Combined Vision System (CVS)
Dassault’s FalconEye combined vision system (CVS) HUD is what I’d like to see in the Falcon 6X, which is coming into service soon. It improves situational awareness in all weather conditions and RNP AR approaches.

Bill Chambers
ATP. Falcon 2000LX & Hawker 900XP
Sr Jet Pilot
Aerolíneas Argentinas
Calgary AB, Canada


I’d like to see an updated flight management system (FMS) providing better interface with information presented on the nav display.

David Shafer
ATP. Embraer ERJ135
Contour Airlines
Moss Beach CA


Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion upgrade for our Citation CJ3 is what I’d like to see. This modern suite will enable us to fly with better situational awareness.

Brett Mahlo
ATP. Citation CJ3
Chief Pilot
Canobolas NSW, Australia


It’ll be phenomenal to have ADS-B In, and automatic transmission of engine trend data to the tracking company. Also, I’d also like to have consistent, reliable, affordable Internet service that works worldwide.

Jeff LaSalle
ATP/A&P. Gulfstream V
Chief Pilot
REG Equipment
Alexandria LA


Garmin G1000NXi.
Upgrades for my King Air B350i would start with the Garmin G1000NXi suite to increase capabilities and situational awareness. I’d upgrade the engines to Blackhawk XP67As to improve performance at altitude. Finally, I’d upgrade to Raisbeck’s composite 5-blade swept propellers for shorter takeoff and landing distances, higher climb rates, and quieter operation. In addition to the improvements specified, all these mods would increase aircraft value.

Carlo Cesa
ATP. King Air B350i/B350ER
Captain B350 & Contract Pilot
Nyon, Switzerland


My preference would be to start upgrading the P&WC PT6A engines powering our King Air 350i. Also, I’d like an electric freon air compressor that can run on a GPU. And, regarding avionics, if I didn’t have Collins Pro Line Fusion, I’d add the Garmin G1000 package.

Jon Norman
ATP. King Air 350i
Av Dept Mgr
Central Management
Alexandria LA


I operate a Falcon 10, and, if I had the chance of upgrading it, I’d choose a glass cockpit using a variety of multifunction displays (MFDs) to simplify operation and navigation. I’d also improve the heater and air conditioning systems, and I’d have reclining seats installed.

Kenneth Gonsalves
ATP/Falcon 10
Mississauga ON, Canada


I’d begin with avionics, upgrading to Universal FMS UNS-1L or better. This way, we’d operate a newer system, and have superior performance and updated navigation capabilities. I’d also like to have Wi-Fi installed in our aircraft from Gogo or another similar company in order to allow connectivity for both pilots and passengers.

Gary Nickell
ATP. Sabreliner 65
Fitness Management
Grand Rapids MI


There are a few upgrades that I’d like to see in our aircraft. First, an ergonomic cockpit. Second, more cargo space. Third, cup holders. And fourth, better sights and optics.

Patrick Montgomery
Comm-Multi-Inst/Helo/A&P. Boeing AH-64D/E
Chief Test Pilot
Murder Inc
El Paso TX


Autothrottles would be my choice of upgrade for the reduction in workload. The Phenom 300 almost got a rudimentary version. There is a CSC button on the autopilot control panel, but I’ve never heard an authoritative explanation as to why it was abandoned. Another improvement would be automated calculation of V-speeds, weight and balance, and takeoff/landing distance in our Garmin G3000. These are workload-reducing features available in many other aircraft.

Mac Tichenor
ATP. Phenom 300
Owner & President
Tichenor Ventures
Dallas TX


Raisbeck’s Ram Air Recovery System (RARS).
Raisbeck’s ram air recovery system (RARS), together with the enhanced performance leading edges (EPLE) kit, are the upgrades I’d have for the King Air B200 that I fly. They would improve climb and cruise performance in all conditions. I’d also consider adding the Garmin autopilot once it’s certified.

Charles Hackett
Comm-Multi-Inst. King Air B200
Chief Pilot
Blue Sevens
Denton TX


First, I’d like to see EFVS-to-land capability in my Falcon 2000LX. It would mean a better chance of landing under low ceilings. Second, inflight Internet connectivity would be extremely helpful. It’d be good for both passenger productivity and crew flexibility. Other than that, I’m very pleased with my current aircraft configuration.

Enio Beal
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Brasília, Brazil


My upgrade preference for my Challenger 300 would be Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced. It would save time and reduce pilot workload and operating costs. However, in order to have Pro Line 21 Advanced, I’d need the dual-channel integrated flight information system (IFIS). I’d also add MultiScan weather radar to make operations safer for crew and passengers in case of severe weather.

John Rempel
ATP. Challenger 300
Operations Mgr
Flight North Holdings
Winnipeg MB, Canada


SiriusXM Weather.
Having the opportunity to upgrade my aircraft, I’d start by installing winglets and propeller and nacelle enhancements so as to improve speed. I’d also add SiriusXM Weather and ADS-B In for traffic only.

Dale Schneider
ATP/CFI. TBM 900 & Bell 407
Dir of Operations
ARC Aviation
Durham SC


I’d improve my Gulfstream G650ER by adding more range, better crew rest area, and, finally, SVS with EFVS on a HUD.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Senior Dir Aviation
St Louis MO


FalconEye CVS is the first upgrade that I’d install in the aircraft we operate. It allows pilots to have exceptional situational awareness. Another addition for my aircraft would be fast, inexpensive Internet connectivity that works globally, even in oceanic or remote areas.

Joseph Giles
ATP/CFII/A&P. Falcon 7X/900EX
Aviation Dir & Chief Pilot
Corporate Cowboy Jet
Honolulu HI


We operate a Gulfstream G450 and a G280 in our flight department. I feel that upgrading to SVS would be a great improvement for our operations.

Stephen Kosiarski
ATP/A&P. Gulfstream G450/G280
Chief Pilot
Dominion Energy
Richmond VA

Not a believer in full automation for aircraft. Automation is intended to ease pilot workload, not to take over from the pilot. Hence, upgrades I would favor are easier flightplan data input, because current platforms are still time-consuming. Another improvement would be expansion of TCAS coverage. With higher speeds, distances become effectively shorter, making longer-range TCAS desirable. Lastly, the cost of connectivity in the air needs to come down so as to make Internet access available for all aircraft.

Bee Ngak Tong
ATP. Citation Sovereign & Learjet 60
Seletar Jet Charter
Singapore, Singapore


If I had the chance to upgrade my aircraft, I would start by enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, I’d have installed the Garmin G5000 integrated flight deck. And, lastly, I’d renew my aircraft’s look by having it painted.

Peter Van Weele
ATP. Citation Excel/Sovereign
Chief Pilot
Brown & Brown
Port Orange FL


My preferred upgrades would be improved Wi-Fi connectivity for domestic ops, and more widely available satellite-based international coverage. Finally, more advanced avionics to make flights safer and more comfortable.

Mark Conrad
ATP. Gulfstream G550/G450/G-V/G-IV/G200 & Challenger 601
President, Consultant & Captain
MPC Aviation Services
Allen TX


Collins Pro Line fusion.
Upgrading my King Air 350 with Collins Pro Line Fusion would improve situational awareness. I find the Pro Line Fusion to be outstanding avionics equipment.

M Abah
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ3 & King Air 350
Aviation Mgr
Yaoundé, Cameroon


Top 3 upgrades that I’d like to have in our Gulfstream G200 are HUDs to make operations much easier for pilots. Second, better satellite signal and high-speed Internet would benefit pilots and passengers alike. And finally, more staff, like full-time flight attendants.

Lance Offill
ATP. Gulfstream G200
Jet Aviation
Lead Captain
Allen TX


Upgrades that I’d like to see in my Hawker 400XP are Garmin’s G5000 integrated flight deck. Also, upgrades on the pair of P&W JT15Ds turbofans that power our plane, and winglets to improve aircraft performance.

Harvey Meharry
ATP. Hawker 400XP
Chief Pilot
Rusk TX


I’d be very pleased if our aircraft could get an interior cabin update, newer avionics, and exterior paint.

Joseph Marthaler
ATP. Learjet 60
Dir of Ops
Jet Air
Shelbyville KY