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In headsets, what is your favorite brand and model? Why?

Bose ProFlight is the headset that I use. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sound quality is second to none, and it can be carried easily for safe keeping. Also, my wife tells me that I look very professional when I wear them.

Thomas Honzik
ATP. Learjet 75
Independent Financial Advisors
New Lenox IL


My favorite headset is David Clark PRO-X2. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and its noise cancelling is excellent, plus it has Bluetooth capabilities. A minor complaint is that the earcups rotate, so the headpiece could slip.

Robert Thompson
ATP/CFII. Challenger 300
Executive Jet Management
Antioch IL


Bose A20 is my preferred headset. Its active noise reduction (ANR) and sound quality can’t be beat. It’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve ever had. It is pricey, but for the number of hours I fly and how often I use it, it’s worth it!

Michael O’Brien
ATP/Helo/CFII. Leonardo AW139
AW139 Captain
PHI Aviation
Cantonment FL


Telex Airman 850 is the headset that I prefer. I’m very pleased with its comfort, light weight, and good value.

Jeffrey Artz
ATP/A&P. Gulfstream G650
Lead Captain
Jet Aviation
Hegins PA


Using Bose A20 for my flights has been a pleasure. It has held up very well, and it really does the job.

Allen Lambert
ATP. King Air 200 & Cessna 414A
Owner & Pilot
Allen Lambert Pilot Service
Roanoke VA


Had a great experience using my Bose headsets for over a decade. Overall, Bose makes great great products with good quality. I think that they’re a necessary tool, especially when flying any aircraft with a propeller.

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 601 & King Air B350
DC Air
Denair CA


Couldn’t have chosen any better than the Bose ProFlight aviation headset. I wanted a better noise-cancelling and lighter-weight option than a traditional on-ear headset. I took a chance with the ProFlight headset for my corporate jet cockpit. After a year of use, I’m very impressed.

Brad Boyd
ATP. Falcon 2000LXS
Corporate Jet Captain
Executive Jet Management
Wilmington DE


For the past 7 years, we’ve been using Lightspeed Sierra headsets. They’re not the most expensive, but they work extremely well. I’m pleased with the batteries, which last longer than a month. Operators can rotate the mic around so the wires are not in the way. And they also work with hearing aids.

Jack Hunt
ATP/CFII. Challenger 
Hunt Aviation
Cumming GA


Great decision to acquire my DC PRO-X2. It feels very light on my ears. It has excellent noise attenuation, and its passive mode is a win. In fact, it’s so good that I forget to flip the switch on. The Bluetooth is awesome, and its ability to cut out when ATC or the copilot speaks makes the hours go by effortlessly. No regrets!

Shane Murphy
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Santa Barbara CA


Very satisfied with my DC PRO-X2 headset. DC headsets are world famous for their customer service and warranty, as well as durability and audio quality. I use this headset in a Citation CJ4 and a Cessna 172, and never have any issues.

Carl Griffiths
ATP. Citation CJ4 & Cessna 172
Manager & Chief Pilot
GW Aviation
Lords Valley PA


I still use my old-model Bose A20 when I fly. I’ve owned it for more than 17 years and it still operates like new. Just need to replace the ear cushions once or twice a year, and I’m good to go.

André Denbesten
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Pilot in Command
Enterprise AL


Lightspeed is the headset of my selection because of its ANR feature. Ears never hurt, no matter how long duty day or legs are. I also enjoy its excellent Bluetooth feature. Battery latch would be the only weak point. Still, I’ve used Lightspeed headsets for a long time now.

Mark Fairless
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFII. Citation V/CJ1
Chief Pilot
Connair Consulting
Trenton TN


Comfort and quality are what I need in my headsets. Bose is outstanding!

Mark Williams
ATP/A&P. Phenom 300
Fort Collins CO


David Clark headsets are beautifully made. There are many advantages to wearing them, including good fit, reasonable comfort, decent sound, reliability, and their robust feel. Overall aftersale product support is also outstanding.

Sara Stearns
ATP. Airbus EC135P2+
Seaside CA


My Bose model A20 is excellent. It’s comfortable, lightweight and, most of all, quiet!

Fred Barasoain
ATP. Citation CJ1 & Learjet 40
Chief Pilot
Remlat Aviation
Rome GA


Been using DC PRO-X, and I’m glad I chose them. I like the headset’s size, Bluetooth feature, and battery life.

Byron Bourquein
ATP/CFII. Beechjet 400A
Chief Pilot
Reynolds Jet
Cincinnati OH


Quite pleased with David Clark headsets because of their comfort and durability.

Ted Mejia
ATP. Boeing 737/727 & L-382 Hercules
Program Mgr
MAG Aero
Cincinnati OH


My headset of choice is David Clark H10-30 for personal use as a single-engine piston aircraft flight instructor. It’s been designed with great quality, it’s reliable, and it provides good engine and cockpit noise reduction. It’s possible and easy to replace parts when necessary. In addition, this DC product can be acquired at a reasonable price.

Jean-Luc Pilotto
ATP. Falcon 200 & King Air 200T
Flight Instructor & Former Capt
French Aviation Administration IGN–CNRS–ENAC
Béthisy-Saint-Martin, France


In my opinion, Lightspeed Zulu and Zulu.2 are fantastic. They’re both lightweight and incredibly efficient at cancelling noisy helicopter turbine whines. On top of that, the superb support team located in Oregon provides unsurpassed service and turnaround time on repairs.

Jared Douglas
ATP/Helo. Bell 407
Line Pilot
Bend OR


Very content with my Bose A20. They provide great comfort, clarity of sound, and excellent noise cancelling.

Alain Gautron
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation Mustang/CJ1
Stephenson Harwood
Paris, France


I was a David Clark user before noise cancelling came about. I have 2 headsets, and had DC service both without charge – only asking for a donation. I sent 1 set in to have a mic bracket repaired, and they updated everything with new earcups, phone cords, volume control. However, they didn’t touch the bracket. I couldn’t complain as they didn’t submit a bill. I’ve been using other headsets for a few years and recently called the service department to request a new mic plug, and was told that they no longer support that model and have no parts, so I’m now back to my DC headsets.

Sonny Volz
ATP. Citation V & Cessna Conquest II/421
Contract Pilot
Lewisville TX


Sennheiser headsets are excellent. They’re comfortable and lightweight, and communication is clear with no interference.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Avery Aviation Mgmt
Laredo TX


Really like my Bose A20 headset. It performs very well during my instruction flights and many other trips that I make.

Perry McCollom
ATP/CFI. Baron G58 & Bonanza G36
PCM Associates
Louisville KY


David Clark PRO-X2 is the headset that I use. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and it has noise cancelling and Bluetooth capabilities. The David Clark team in Worcester MA sent me free ear pad replacements. How nice of them! In fact, encouraged by my experience, my son bought his own DC headset, just like mine, for his flight lessons in Lantana FL.

Keith Krebs
ATP. Boeing 737 & Cessna 172
Captain Intl
American Airlines
Delray Beach FL


Couldn’t be more satisfied with my David Clark headsets. They’ve always been durable and extremely reliable.

Larry Farnsworth
ATP/CFII. Citation II
Florence OR


I’ve been using Bose A20s for a long time. I’m so pleased with them that I don’t think I will ever change them. They’re the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn.

Joe Kobiela
ATP. King Air 300
Wheels Up
Auburn IN


My David Clark headset is amazing. It folds up small and travels easily. I also find its ANR to be fantastic. Quality is unbeatable, and aftersale product support is outstanding. And it’s a David Clark product, so you know it’s awesome!

Martha Morris
ATP/CFII. Citation Excel
Du Jour Aviation
Tempe AZ


Quietness is what I need in my headsets, and my Clarity Aloft equipment is as quiet as my David Clarks. My baseball cap can go on after and come off before the headset. It comes with 3 sizes of ear tips, and the smallest fit me best. Also, I can store my headset in its nice small sturdy case, which has room for other items. I prefer to use the non-noise-cancelling feature because I want to be able to hear the exhaust on some of the airplanes.

Clare Patterson
Contract Flight Instructor
Oshkosh WI


David Clarks are my preferred headsets. I’ve been using them for more than 40 years. I especially like their ANR models.

Paul Buller
ATP. Maule M-7
Paul Buller Enterprises
Laguna Hills CA


Extremely pleased with my DC  headsets. I have a set that I’ve been using since 1986. They’ve never failed on me and continue to work great. 

Brian Page
ATP/CFII. Citation Encore
Chief Pilot
Betteravia Farms
Lompoc CA


Best headset for the aircraft I operate is the Telex Airman 850. It is light enough for long days, and the noise cancelling it provides is good enough for my Learjet 75. Parts are easy to find, but I have only needed new ear pads and a mic wind cover in the past 8 years.

Kent Weiss
ATP. Learjet 75
Lead Pilot Learjet 75 & Training Captain
Skyservice Business Aviation YYC
Airdrie AB, Canada


Have had the Bose ProFlight Series 2 for 4 months now, and they are fantastic. You can have them on your head for up to 10 hours and feel no discomfort. They’re easy to work with. I tried the Bose headsets thinking I’d end up returning them – but, to my surprise, I’m very happy with them.

Glen Hicks
ATP. Learjet 75/45 & Challenger 350/300
Contract Pilot
Dallas TX


I use Telex Airman 7 to listen only, along with the Telex 38T, which is a hand-held mic. They’re both built rugged and have long life. I appreciate their excellent voice quality, and cleaning them is very easy. They’re both FAA TSO-C58 and TSO-C139A approved.

N Kellman
ATP. Boeing 727
Former Captain
Al-Fattoah Investments
Bothell WA


I believe that Clarity Aloft headsets are superior. They have excellent noise suppression, superb quality, and, most importantly, they’re extremely comfortable both for short flights and all-day wear.

Scott Alperin
Pvt-Inst. Daher TBM 700C2
Sla flyer LLC
Steamboat Springs CO


DC ONE-X is the headset I prefer. It fits perfectly fine. What I like most is the comfort it provides during long flight hours.

Ted Hughes
ATP/CFII. Legacy 500/Phenom 300
Corporate Pilot
CMH Homes
Maryville TN


Very pleased with my Bose ProFlight Series 2 aviation headset. I enjoy its light weight construction and clarity in communications. Also, it permits excellent handling in the cockpit.

Harvey Duarte
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER/G550
Dir of Operations & Chief Pilot
ALN (Bermuda)
Teterboro NJ


Clarity Aloft – hands down! Why? If you wear one of these for a while and then put on any other headset, you’ll notice the difference. The others become annoying quickly. Clarity Aloft has perfect sound and excellent noise protection. It weighs almost nothing, and doesn’t have a headband. What’s not to like?

Jim McIrvin
ATP/CFII. Boeing 737, Phenom 300, & Aero L-39 Albatros
Chief Pilot
McIrvin Aviation
Washingtonville NY


Love my Bose ProFlight Series 2 aviation headset. It’s lightweight, has 3 modes of noise canceling which are very helpful since I fly 2 aircraft with different noise profiles. 

Herman Ross
ATP/CFII. King Air 90
Sr Technical Advisor
FAA Flight Standards
Hansville WA