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What aviation headsets do you use? Why do you prefer this specific brand and model?

Bose A20 is the headset I use. It’s the best I’ve found, with the level of noise reduction and comfort needed for all-day use. The Bluetooth feature is fantastic as well.

Darren Mills
ATP/Helo/CFII. Sikorsky S-92A
Jet Aviation
Shohola PA


Clarity Aloft Pro Plus aviation headset is the one I use. It’s lightweight and comfortable. I fly about 7 to 10 hrs daily, and this is the only headset that does not give me a headache 6 hours into the flight.

Justin Turner
ATP. Boeing 767/757, Learjet 60,  Citation X/VII/Encore/Ultra, Hawker 800XP & Beechjet 400XP
Corapeake NC


Sennheiser HMEC 26-2 is the headset that I wear. It’s valuable to me, and it gives me great comfort. Unfortunately, HMEC 26-2s are no longer available.

Steve Ball
ATP. BAe Avro 146
Chief Pilot
Formula 1
Letchworth, England


David Clark DC PRO-X2 are my favorite. Of all the headsets I’ve used over the years, this is the best for jet cockpits. Its noise attenuation is outstanding and it’s very comfortable on long flights. The folding design allows the headsets to fit nicely in my flight bag too. I’ve used these headsets in a noisy single-recip airplane, and it was all right, but not ideal.

Brian Flax
ATP/CFII. McDonnell Douglas MD11
Memphis TN


Lightspeed Zulu 3 is my preferred headset. It’s the most comfortable fit I’ve had, and its active noise reduction (ANR) is excellent. Communication is very clear, and it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Bill Straw
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFI. Phenom 100
Osprey Aviation Group
Osprey FL


Wearing Bose A20 and the new small ProFlight Series 2 headsets has been a great experience. I used Sennheisers for almost 15 years. However, production of small active noise cancelling aviation headsets has stopped. Bose headsets were already used in my company, so I tried them and fell in love with them.  The A20 gives me maximum silence on short-haul trips or in noisy surroundings, such as corporate jet or single-engine aircraft cockpits, but a long 12-hr duty day makes it hard to enjoy sometimes. I had tried the new ProFlight 2 in stores many times, but couldn’t really fit it. Finally, after several days with 10–12-hour flights and my A20s pressing on my glasses and ears, I checked the ProFlight 2 again. Bose offered a good deal with trial and money back, so no worries. I bought them and used them for a month. Luckily, it was a very busy month, with lots of flights, including long and short trips on corporate jets, and even some hours in a Cessna 172. After a month of wearing them, it was clear I would never use anything else. Noise cancellation works well – not as great as in A20s, but still very good. The biggest bonus for pilots wearing glasses is that there’s no pain in the ears after a long day. I sometimes even forget to turn active noise on, and still enjoy the trip. I’ve never had any issues with the position/fitting on the headset. Even in very turbulent situations or turning my head around, they always stay in position. During the hot summer season, they don’t make my hair and ears sweat. They’re just comfortable.

Dennis Ronneburg
ATP. Hawker 400XP
Captain & Crew Training
Milan, Italy


Telex Airman 750 is my favored headset. First of all, they work great. And they don’t require batteries to perform.

Jack Gore
ATP. Gulfstream G450
Dir of Ops
Air Orange
Santa Ana CA


Have enjoyed wearing my Bose ProFlight headset for work, and A20 for general aviation. They are durable, and have fantastic sound quality. Furthermore, they are backed up with an excellent product support.

Ricardo Ferreira
ATP. Global 6000 Vision
Captain & Fleet Safety Officer
Rio Tinto, Portugal


I use Clarity Aloft because, overall, it’s the best out there. The company makes good quality headsets which are durable and very light weight.

Michael Bates
ATP/A&P. Gulfstream G200
Director of Maintenance
NEA Aviation
Roscoe IL


David Clark won my business when I was a student pilot and my dog chewed up my trusty H10-13S headset. When I inquired about the cost of repair, DC paid for the set to be shipped to their facility in Massachusetts, where they repaired and refurbished the headset to like-new condition. The best part? I had purchased the headset used on eBay from a man who had also acquired them used, meaning I had no idea how old the set was. Doubtless, it was out of warranty. However, DC helped me out all the same. This exceptional customer service is the reason I currently wear the DC ONE-X headset and plan to remain a faithful David Clark customer for my future needs.

Maxwell Maroney
ATP. Citation CJ3 & Pilatus PC-12
Dir of Training
Tradewind Aviation
Danbury CT


Lightspeed Tango is my favorite headset. It’s wireless, and customer service provided is excellent.

John Kusianovich
ATP/CFII. Learjet 35/31/25/24
Chief Pilot
Kusianovich Aviation
LaBelle FL


Been using my Sennheiser HME 26-2 for a while now, and I think it’s fantastic, very comfortable, and able to be worn for hours. Also, they have an adjustable arm which allows you to keep 1 ear piece on and lift the other to communicate with cabin crew.

Gavin Watson
ATP. Global Express
Johannesburg, South Africa


Telex Airman 850 is my selected headset. It’s lightweight, small, and easy to use. I’ve used several other headsets, but keep coming back to my Telex 850. They do enough noise canceling for most jets, and do not require batteries or external power.

Doug Herbert
ATP. Challenger 604 & Beechjet 400A
Doug Herbert Racing
Concord NC


I prefer Bose A20s because the brand is very reliable and this model gives me excellent noise reduction. In addition, it has Bluetooth, so I can use it in combination with my cellphone. Bose A20 is the best aviation headset.

Sergio Lacerda de Almeida
ATP/Helo. Bell 429 & Leonardo AW109SP
Chief Helicopter Pilot
Banco Bradesco
Osasco SP, Brazil


My preference goes to Clarity Aloft headsets. I use them because they’re compact and very comfortable.

Jacen Puerta
ATP. Gulfstream G200/G150
Houston TX


Bought my David Clark H10-40 in 1985 and have used it ever since. I had it repaired twice, and the service was prompt and as quoted over the phone. During the last repair, they replaced everything for $135 and gave me a 5-year warranty on the repair. I’m very impressed with David Clark.

Jim Seeds
ATP. Embraer 145
Captain/Check Airman/APD
Envoy Air
Corinth TX


I’ve been using Lightspeed Zulu 2 for the past 6 years. I like its build quality and competitive pricing, as well as Lightspeed’s trade-in and upgrade program.

Mike Becker
ATP. Pilatus PC-12 & Eclipse 500
Charter Pilot
Davinci Jets
Charlotte NC


Had a great experience wearing my Telex Airman 8. They’re lightweight and comfortable during extended use, and communications are clear. Furthermore, support received from Telex is always excellent.

Tito Aquilina
ATP. Boeing 777
Dubai, UAE


Sennheiser SC 260 USB MS II and David Clark PRO-X2 are my favorite headsets. I chose Sennheiser due to its excellent noise cancellation, and David Clark because of its quality at a reasonable price.

Willy Carroll
ATP. Citation CJ1
Chief Pilot
Arimak WSC
Kerrville SC


Bose ProFlight is my preferred headset. It’s lightweight, so it’s more comfortable for longer flights than over-the-ears headsets, even when wearing sunglasses. I also like wearing Bose A20 when flying louder aircraft because it is quieter.

Brent Sutton
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation I/Excel & Falcon 2000
SPF Management
Tampa FL


David Clark PRO-X2 with ANR is my preferred headset. For our jet aircraft, they provide the best combination of comfort, noise reduction, and price.

Jeff Wanke
ATP/Helo. Citation V
Chief Pilot
Orion Aviation Solutions
Appleton WI


I use Lightspeed Zulu 2. About 10 years ago, they were cheaper than the competitors. They have Bluetooth and awesome noise cancelling. They fit over ears as opposed to sitting on the ears, so they’re way more comfortable for longer trips.

Sergey Usovich
ATP/CFII. Boeing 747, CRJ 900/700 & Beech 99
First Officer
Atlas Air
Detroit Lakes MN


My Telex Airman 750 has been delightful. It’s very comfortable and lightweight.

Claude Renaud
ATP. Challenger 604 & Citation II
Transport Canada
Deux-Montagnes QC, Canada


Bose A20 is my preferred aviation headset. I have tried a lot of different styles and brands, and Bose just seems to make the most comfortable for longer flights, which don’t leave your head feeling like it’s been in a vise. The fact that the A20s are so quiet helps with fatigue and stress management.

Mark Andersen
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Chief Pilot
Tuthill Corp
Huntley IL


Quality, ANR, and Bluetooth capability make the DC ONE-X a great choice. It fits my head and seals around each ear very well. It’s a lightweight headset. In addition, it’s quite compact, so it fits into my small flight bag easily. Bluetooth works perfectly, with very clear outgoing and incoming sound. Based on my experience, David Clark stands behind its products and provides superior support.

Al Robinson
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFI. Cessna 172
Flight Instructor
Toronto Airways – Canadian Flight Academy
Oshawa ON, Canada


Clarity Aloft Classic is my favorite headset. It rests on my ears and doesn’t squeeze my head. Also, I’m very satisfied with the earplugs since they cut out most cockpit noise and still allow ATC to be clear.

Ed Thayres
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Lavallette NJ


Telex Airman 850 is my chosen headset. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and it has superior noise cancelling. I like the fact that they don’t need batteries. I’ve tried Bose headsets, and although the noise cancelling is better, they require batteries. I’ve flown with pilots who use Bose, and the batteries died while in use.

Don Roller
ATP. Learjet 60
Chief Pilot
Haven Health Management
Lake Worth FL


I use Bose A20 due to its comfort and quietness.

Clint Creson
ATP/A&P. Citation V
Chief Pilot
Statewide Transportation
Yukon OK


My favorite is the Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset. They’re light and comfortable, and the noise cancelling feature is marvelous.

Johnny McKenney
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300
Contract Pilot
England AR


Comfort and quietness are what I appreciate in my David Clark PRO-X. Moreover, it’s nice having the Bluetooth feature.

Todd Ratzlaff
ATP/A&P. McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Embraer 175, Hawker 800XP & Citation CJ1
Carmel IN


Very pleased with my Lightspeed Zulu. They work better with the bigger muffs in loud and cold conditions. Also, the Bluetooth comes in very handy.

James MacGregor
ATP/Helo/CFI. Pilatus PC-12, Cessna 185 Skywagon & Robinson R44
Life Net of New York
Madrid NY


My preference goes to Telex 5X5 Pro III. This is the lightest and most comfortable headset for our operations. I’m very pleased with it.

Cliff Whiteley
ATP. Falcon 7X
Aviation Manager
Reno NV


Using Lightspeed Zulu has been a nice experience. I really enjoy this headset due to the comfort during long trips, plus the clarity of communications experienced.

Jeff Perry
ATP. Challenger 350
Garvin Promotions Group
Scottsdale AZ


I’ve been using company-supplied Telex Airman 850s in our jet aircraft operation. This headset works fine, and is fairly comfortable on my head. However, my favorite headset by far is the Lightspeed Mach 1 that I used exclusively for over 13 years. It’s still the most comfortable headset I’ve worn, with excellent noise attenuation and sound quality. Unfortunately, one of the cables developed a break, and Lightspeed decided not to support the model any longer. Otherwise, I’d still be using them. In piston aircraft, I use David Clark ONE-Xs. They’re durable, the fit is very comfortable on long flights, and the ANR works well. They have long battery life and they’re supported by David Clark’s excellent customer service.

Kevin Delmolino
ATP/CFII. Challenger 350 & Hawker 900XP
Select Medical
Walkersville MD


Bose ProFlight Series 2 is the headset of my preference. Its clarity allows a better understanding of foreign controllers.

Glenn Jones
ATP. Boeing 767
First Officer
Omni Air International
Cape Coral FL


Telex Airman 850 is the headset of my preference because it is lightweight, has active noise reduction, and doesn’t require batteries.

Marc Miller
ATP. Learjet 45
Dir of Aviation
Leesburg VA


Bose ProFlight is my selected headset because of its excellent quality.

Blagoj Petkovski
ATP. Challenger 650
Emperor Aviation
Bitola, Macedonia


Lightspeed Tango and Bose A20 are my headsets of choice. Both are amazing. The wireless capability of the Tango is really great for us since some of our helicopter operations require us to be out of the helicopter with rotors turning. This increases safety, since we’re able to remain in contact with the other crew member on board.

Xolani Vundla
ATP. Pilatus PC-12NG & Leonardo AW139/AW119KX/AW109
Fireblade Aviation
Pretoria, South Africa


My favorite headsets are David Clark ONE-X with ANR and dual plugs. They’re light and comfortable with outstanding noise cancelling qualities.

John Cuneo
ATP/Helo. Falcon 900EX EASy, Gulfstream G650 & Leonardo AW109E
Starr Equipment
Newburgh NY


I fly a Sikorsky S-92 offshore in Rio de Janeiro, and I always use my Bose A20. My flights take up about 6 hours every day during 15 days per month. Therefore, I enjoy the comfort, silence, and advanced technology provided by my Bose A20 headset. It makes my flying days less tiring.

Luiz Azevedo
ATP/Helo. Sikorsky S-92
First Officer
Líder Aviação
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil


Currently, I use David Clark H10-26 for helicopter flights, and I find them comfortable. They are also very reliable and strong under all weather conditions. I had to change the gel ear seals once, but spare parts are easily available from different online dealers, depending on the region where you are located.

Dario Ferrini
ATP/Helo. Sikorsky S-92/S-76
Offshore Helicopter Pilot
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand