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How have your responsibilities and schedules as a professional pilot changed due to the coronavirus epidemic? Also, how is the company you fly for managing the situation?

Each airplane is cleaned thoroughly by a professional cleaning crew. Masks, gloves, and antiseptic wipes are made available for each passenger and crew member. Before dispatch, each crew member has to file an electronic health assessment, similar to the FRAT. Passenger temperatures are taken when identification documents are verified. One can find the medical policies and procedures published on the company website for review by passengers and brokers.
James Smet
ATP/CFI. Challenger 300
Silver Air
Long Beach CA

My activity has come to a complete stop. Only those requirements related to keeping proficiency and currency are fulfilled. I try to offset the lack of flying with more hours of theoretical edification. My company is doing a good job keeping abreast of the myriad regulations and restrictions that are published almost daily.
Jorge Barroso
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Captain & Flight Safety Supervisor
Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Aircraft was on a scheduled maintenance inspection in Europe, and should have been picked up mid-March. However, all airspace crossings closed. The aircraft is still there, and I haven’t flown for the past 4 months.
Carlo Cesa
ATP. King Air 350
Nyon, Switzerland

Responsibilities have remained the same, but my work schedule has decreased. Throughout the company, employee activity has been reduced, including administrative work. Our FBO also has training and charter operations whose flying activities have diminished as well. FAA isn’t carrying out any base inspections. Instead, it’s all conducted via Facetime.
Edison Pazmino
ATP/CFI. Piper Cheyenne/Navajo
Asst Chief Flight Instructor
Paris Air
Vero Beach FL

We dropped off our aircraft on March 14 for a C check, and it wasn’t due to be ready until late July. Moving forward, we will be providing masks and sanitizers. We will also be implementing passenger screening by monitoring body temperatures.
Darrell Roper
ATP. Citation CE560+ & Falcon 2000LX
President & Director
Sovereign Aviation Services
Kelowna BC, Canada

Unfortunately, schedules have decreased drastically. My responsibility is and will always be to look after the safety of my crew and passengers. Also, the company has implemented a higher standard of cleaning procedures. After each flight, the airplane is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
Arnoldo Rojas
ATP. Legacy 500/Phenom 300
Elite Jets
Naples FL

There are zero flights on our schedule at the moment. That’s always scary. The flight department is still getting paid, but we’re all helping with the boss’s other companies. I just started driving a delivery truck for the food company my boss owns. I’ll be doing whatever I can until things pick up with flying to maintain my pay and benefits. I’m incredibly grateful my boss is flexible. Otherwise, I would be furloughed until further notice.
Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 601 & King Air 350
DC Air
Denair CA

Substantially reduced schedule. We’re now redirecting our focus and time to thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing our facility and aircraft.
Terry Alberta
ATP. Citation Excel/Citation II
Alberta Aviation
Wyoming MI

Responsibilities are the same, yet the schedule has been reduced significantly. I don’t foresee the timetable changing until there is a noticeable improvement in testing for the flying public. The company has expanded its cleaning procedures and policies to include cockpit fogging.
L Young
ATP/CFI. Airbus A320
American Airlines
Torrance CA

Not flying unless deemed necessary. Thankfully, the company has kept the pilots on salary and full benefits, although we took a pay cut. Upper management has also taken a 50% pay cut. Operating in the hospitality industry, I’ve seen there have been hundreds of layoffs. I hope restrictions are lifted soon.
Lloyd Sparrow
ATP. Challenger 350
Chief Pilot
Valley Jet II
Winnetka CA

Procedures that we’ve implemented include asking the relevant Covid-19 questions and taking the passengers’ temperatures. We also provide passengers with a mask because they’re required to wear it for the duration of the flight. Before and after a flight, the interior of the aircraft is disinfected using RMR-141 spray.
Larry D’Oench
ATP. Cessna 414
Dir of Operations
Montville NJ

Yes, schedules include cancelations and numerous reroutes. Our company has issued PPE to all crew members. Emergency time off is available voluntarily. Risk and resource management are highly emphasized and emphatically encouraged for flight ops. As employees, we appreciate the tremendous support of the company.
Gregory Ramallo
ATP/CFII. Boeing 737
Captain/Check Airman
Southwest Airlines
Phoenix AZ

My legacy airline has been affected immensely. Currently flying only 20% of a regular schedule, I’ve been given a 6-month leave of absence. No official word on furloughs, but I expect them late this year or early next year. The company is trying to conserve cash and survive.
Robert Winkelman
ATP/CFII. Boeing 737 & Citation Excel
First Officer
American Airlines
Tebbetts MO

As a regional airline pilot based in New York City, the schedules for April, May, and June have had zero flight lines. Also, they’ve released pilots from reserve responsibilities.
Joseph DeLuca
ATP. Embraer 145/140
First Officer
Envoy Air
Springfield NJ

I’m now a Part 91 pilot for 2 private Phenom 100 owners. One is a doctor, and the other runs a company that manages tours for shows and artists. Neither one has been flying at all since early March. Since the doctor runs his own back/pain clinics, he’s been forced to close his northern California locations until elective medicine is allowed. He is hoping to re-open them soon. It is more uncertain for the other owner, given that he is in the entertainment business. I pray the country lifts restrictions soon before my 2 employers lose their businesses entirely.
Jennifer Leland
ATP. Phenom 100
Corporate/Contract Pilot
GTC/CA Back & Pain Specialists
Corona CA

With Covid-19, responsibilities have changed at our company just as they have worldwide. As the virus continues its spread throughout the continental US, inflicting a negative effect on our industry, the business continues to see an impact through slowed sales, flight cancellations, and restrictions imposed by many states. Due to the financial burden triggered by the pandemic, the company considered many options in order not to close. Alternatives ranged from paycuts and unpaid leaves to the perhaps inevitable furloughs. Out of 34 aircraft, only 2 remain flying. Flight crews of 4 per airplane are now down to only 2 crew members per aircraft. The company is making every effort to recall the furloughed pilots and keep everyone on payroll with the aid of government economic assistance plans. During these times of hardship, the company has been doing its best to maintain the safety of passengers, crew, and everyone else involved.
Javier Lopez
ATP. Citation III, Falcon 200, Gulfstream IV/G200 & King Air 300
Jet Access Aviation
Wake Forest NC