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Now that much of the world has made massive vaccination efforts, how has your flight department returned to operating normally?

We are doing more business than ever due to the flying population wanting to avoid long lines, strip searches, and sitting next to strangers with God-only-knows-what diseases, while receiving personalized attention and care.

Lloyd Sharp
ATP. Citation XLS
Mountain Aviation
Eagle Point OR


Crew continues to practice mask mandates in the presence of passengers. We’ve also limited the passenger load on each aircraft to accommodate social distancing while on board. Individual discretion is given to our passengers as to whether or not a mask is warranted for their personal situation.

Greg Valdez
ATP/CFII/A&P. Gulfstream G550/IV & Learjet 60
Dir of Flight Ops & Chief Pilot
Weidner Property Management
Mukilteo WA


Our flight department has been functioning fairly normal for the most part throughout the pandemic. The differences consisted of making fewer trips and wearing masks. Trips have picked up this year, and with less mask wearing.

Jeff Perry
ATP/Helo/CFI. Challenger 650/300
Garvin Promotion Group
Scottsdale AZ


Satisfied with our operations. We barely slowed down and have been at full speed for 9 months now.

Joe Abrahamson
ATP/A&P. Challenger 350
Chief Pilot
Leucadia Air
Phoenix AZ


After anti-Covid vaccines became available, we started flying more often here in Mexico. Business is improving for us.

Enrique Canel Winder
ATP/CFII. Learjet 45XR/31 & Aero Commander 690A
Ops Dir & Chief Pilot
Estilos Modernos del Bajío
León, Guanajuato, Mexico


We are back to 50% of regular flying now, and expect to go back to 100% by the end of the summer.

Chip Winger
ATP. Citation Excel
Fruit of the Loom
Bowling Green KY


My flight department just started process of vaccinating personnel. I believe we’ll be done in the next 2 weeks. Our operation has been regaining its momentum slowly.

Thato Otisitswe
Comm-Multi-Inst. PC-24/PC-12 & King Air 350
Office of the President
Gaborone, Botswana


Yes, we’re completely back to pre-pandemic operations. Anyone traveling on corporate aircraft must either be fully vaccinated – and prove so – or must test negative via a rapid test prior to boarding. And they must use a mask on board.

H Holland
ATP/CFII. King Air 200
VP Flight Ops & Chief Pilot
Executive Aviation Group
Clearwater FL


We’ve moved from testing biweekly to only before the trip.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Senior Director, Aviation
Ladue MO


Our flight department is resuming flights to areas previously closed to travel. With Europe opening up, we expect to fly there soon.

David Mauer
ATP/CFI. Falcon 2000EX EASy II
Neurosurgery and Endovascular
West Bend WI


Most operations in Europe are back to what they used to be. In fact, ops are easier than before, as the sky is not congested by the pre-pandemic mass tourism. However, most governments seem to be using Covid-19 rules to generally tighten their border controls, despite EU and Schengen rules on the free movement of trade and personnel.

Andre Mueller
Comm-Multi-Inst. Piper Meridian
MSC in Mechanical Engineering
Weggis, Switzerland


At first, we saw a reduction in our flight hours. However, 2021 has seen us return to our normal flight operations.

Bryan Morgan
ATP. Citation Bravo
AMR Penco
Henry VA


Our pilots are professionals, and we treat them as such. They’re free to make their own decisions regarding their health. We provide documentation of testing or vaccination of pax when requested. Our operational processes have been unaffected, except for the addition of each respective state or country’s Covid-19 requirements.

Mark Couch
ATP. Challenger 605
Dir of Aviation
Lexington KY


Unfortunately, due to Asia remaining locked down, there has been little change in our region. While the rest of the world opens up, most of the countries in this region have imposed even longer quarantines, and this is deterring the owners from wishing to leave home.

Chas Hunt
ATP. Global Express
Operations Director
Austin Aviation
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong


Here in Brazil, everything is treated differently than in other countries. As a consequence, soon after the beginning of the vaccination process, our operations were increased by our flight department, and tight restrictions are enforced like in other countries in S America.

Paulo Da Silveira
ATP. Hawker 800
Captain & Training Supervisor
PVS Aviation Training/Operations
Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil


We did see some increase in our flights. Things continue to be a little bit slow, but we definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Flávio Estiphan
ATP. Hawker 400XP & Citation X
Chief Pilot
Jundiaí SP, Brazil


I work on a government contract in South America. We rotate every 30 days – 30 on/30 off. We get Covid-19 tests before we show up and before we return to the US. We are still wearing masks in the country. Other than that, it’s almost back to normal, especially when you compare now to a year ago.

Kortney Kropp
ATP. King Air 200
Pilot in Command
MAG Aerospace
Eugene OR


There has been an increase of 30–40% in light and midsize aircraft activity in domestic operations. On the other hand, we still have very few inquiries for international flights.

Michael Todd
Operator. Citation CE650/Citation II
CEO & Aircraft Charter Broker
Big Apple Jet
Stuart FL


Never stopped our operations, although flying was limited to the lower 48 states and territories. As things have started improving and requirements have relaxed, we’ve also started operating into some international destinations.

Ricardo González
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G150
Aviation Mgr
Dorado Aviation
Guaynabo PR


Our flight department has been operating normally since day 1 of the pandemic. We’ve never slowed or stopped. Busy, busy, busy!

James Stamps
ATP. Gulfstream V/G550/G200 & Citation X/II
Chief Pilot
Bangkok, Thailand