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Compared to last year’s nature of operations, what positive changes have you noticed in business aviation this year? How would you improve bizav services?

So far, this calendar year has seen an increase in flight activities for our department. As more localities open up and vaccines become readily available, our management team is comfortable with getting in front of customers and visiting our processing facilities. Like all sectors in the economy, a government-induced labor shortage has created a void in staffing at FBOs. Patience is key among operators, and long-term relationships should be valued.

Andrew Kilgore
ATP/CFII. Learjet 70 & Pilatus PC-12NG
Dir Flight Ops
Peco Foods
Tuscaloosa AL

Pleased to see that we are getting back to flying more regularly. Bizav services need to get ramped back up to meet the increasing demand from travelers. Also, service providers need to train well and in advance in order to be able to satisfied customers’ requirements.

Jerry Harrington
ATP/CFI. Gulfstream G650ER
Av Dept Mgr & Chief Pilot
Benson Pacific
San Diego CA

Last year’s situation gave ATC the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the bizav world.

Marcelo Tolentino
ATP. Citation X
Indaiatuba SP, Brazil

With the Covid-19 slowdown, operators had a chance to spend time on internal operations and work on refinements of any past issues that needed to be addressed and had not been resolved. This was the time to take a breath of fresh air – no pun intended – and focus on these improvements. All those busy projects should have been taken care of, and given most of that time to start fresh.

James White
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G200 & Airbus AS350BA
Dir of Ops & Chief Pilot
Walsh Construction
Lake Villa IL

Ithink private flights are experiencing an increase in demand due to packed airline flights and fear of Covid-19 contamination.

Franco Billi
ATP. Hawker 400
Flight Ops Mgr
Kuanta Aviation
Cavriglia, Italy

People need to travel. And airlines continue cramming people into the same tube as allowed. Business aviation has to keep catering to private travel and and tailoring it as needed.

Chad Miller
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation CJ3+
Valley Transportation Service
Grand Meadow MN

Here in Brazil we have seen an increase in executive aviation, especially in helicopter missions operated primarily by Taxi Aéreo.

Edson Ashida
A&P. Airbus EC155/EC145/EC135/AS350, Bell 429/407/206, Leonardo AW169/AW119/ AW109S & Robinson R66/R44
Maintenance Mgr
São Paulo SP, Brazil

There have been several positive changes in business aviation, the most important being a better understanding of our needs and requirements.

Dave Mauldwin
ATP. Learjet 75 & King Air 350
Chief Pilot
Carolina CAT
Charlotte NC

With many states and cities allowing businesses to reopen, we’ve seen an increase in our charter operations and owner flights since last year. We remain committed to giving the best customer service and the safest flights, which leads to happy customers who tell others of our services.

James Hensley
ATP. Challenger 604/350, Learjet 60, Citation Encore/Bravo, King Air E90 & Baron 58
American Jet Charter
Bethany OK

Our charter business is way up now compared to last year’s operations. We’re doing a lot of broker trips.

Mike Halko
ATP. Citation Ultra
Northwest Flyers
West Chicago IL

I’ve seen more training emphasis on airmanship and flying the airplane. There is better and more comprehensive operational training.

Chuck Love
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G550/GV
Contract Pilot
Marine Aviation
Fort Pierce FL

An increase in attention to detail has definitely been one of the major changes I’ve seen industrywide. At the same time, most of the service providers have been using their SMS, especially the parts that deal with management of change and risk analysis, in order to identify new sources of revenue.

Eric Ilowski
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Captain & Dir of Safety & Security
Macau Jet International
Macau SAR, China

Corporate flight operations have seen a big improvement, and I hope it continues like this. I believe people favor executive flying over airline travel because of security, faster customs procedures, and time optimization.

Alex Panchana
ATP. Gulfstream V
Wislikofen, Switzerland

Looks like the airlines are doing an excellent job of moving people to the private sector. Frustration with airline travel has resulted in the purchase of 2 aircraft this year that we know of. More trips are coming, with more aircraft, in our view. I think that if FBOs can keep costs down, they will also be doing better.

Bo Corby
ATP/CFII. Falcon 50, Citation CE650, & Pilatus PC-12
Rhino Air
Federal Way WA

People are flying again. I find that people trust general aviation to be medically safer than the airlines.

Douglas Osborn
ATP. King Air 350 & Pilatus PC-12
State of Wisconsin DOA
Madison WI

We’re actually flying trips again! That’s a very positive change for our flight department. We definitely aren’t at a full flight schedule yet, but the future is looking better and better. After almost a year of barely flying enough to stay current, we are seeing more flights added to the schedule every day.

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 601 & King Air B350
DC Air
Denair CA

I’ve seen increased interest in access to sustainable aviation fuel.

Dirk Van Der Meyden
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Intl Captain
Mente LLC
Issaquah WA

Have noticed more of a positive attitude toward what business flights mean and how they can benefit the overall community.

Jay Stuve
ATP/CFII. Learjet 45 & Falcon 20 Dir of Ops
City Aviation Services
Detroit MI

There has been an increase in private and biz air travel. However, it has not affected our operation, which consists of shuttling my boss from AUS (Austin TX) to LRD (Laredo TX) and back twice a week.     

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Captain & Maintenance Dir
Avery Aviation Management
Laredo TX

Many changes have taken place lately. First, salaries have slowly come back. Second, more job openings are available. And third, aircraft sales are up.

Alexander Miskell
ATP. Learjet 55/45/35
Boca Raton FL

Comparing last year’s operations with 2021, I’ve seen a significant increase in aircraft sales.

Javier Hinojosa
ATP. Citation Latitude
Chief Pilot
L & F Arrow
Brownsville TX

I’ve noticed that more software is now in use. Also, more companies are working together to bring out better products that improve safety protocols.

Terry Cooper
ATP. Gulfstream G450
Charter Matrix
Vancouver WA

Service providers continue to offer safety as a main priority. In my opinion, more people are flying privately.

Terry Trip
ATP. Global 6000
Canton GA

Operations have settled into the new normal. Volume is still low in Germany and Europe in general. However, I see some operations increase in the near future due to the effects of vaccination and dropping numbers of Covid-19 infections.

Erik Bodura
ATP. Falcon 7X & Citation XLS
Captain & Nominated Person Compliance and Safety
Adolf Würth GmbH & Co KG
Murrhardt, Germany

I’ve noticed more cohesiveness within the bizav industry. Most of our associates are making efforts to pull in the same direction with very little opposition. Fortunately, in the business aviation community we are conditioned to deal with change daily. The uncertainties created by the pandemic require a more reactive posture to deal with issues on a case-by-case basis. This has the potential to create resistance and stress in the workplace, but I think the bizav industry has adapted well and will continue to overcome the challenges.

Greg Valdez
ATP/CFII/A&P. Gulfstream G550/IV & Learjet 60
Av Dept Mgr & Chief Pilot
Weidner Property Management
Mukilteo WA

Compared to last year’s operations, I have seen more weekly meetings, more briefings, and better planning and communications in flight departments overall.

Randy Meyer
ATP. Challenger 601
Rhema Bible
Sperry OK

Last year was a difficult year for us here in Rio de Janeiro, as we were grounded. This year, operations have improved, and we’ve had a few more flights. I hope
this trend will continue as demand increases.

João Bonatto
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Aero Rio
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil