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What positive changes do you think business aviation will experience in the near future? What are your expectations for our industry in 2021 and beyond?

A lot of people will choose business jets for personal and business travels. The main reason is the sense of security offered by the corporate industry. I also see more technical developments and improvements in business aviation.

M Abah
ATP/CFII. Citation II/SP, King Air 350i & Pilatus PC-12 NG
Aviation Mgr
Yaounde, Cameroon


I think a more favorable perception of business aviation as a viable alternative to airline travel is in store. While there still is uncertainty in the economic forecast for next year due to Covid-19, almost everything points to bizav at least sustaining itself – if not growing slightly. Travel restrictions into 2021 could still be a factor in flying trends.

Greg West
ATP. Global Express & Citation V
Chief Pilot
Apogee Physicians
Scottsdale AZ


Based on current circumstances, I think that business aviation will improve in the near future. After Covid-19, people who can afford to spend more money will fly in private aircraft instead of using commercial airlines.

João Bonatto
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Aero Rio Táxi Aéreo
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil


Sales of small and midsize-cabin jets in the new and used market will show an improvement, as fewer executives will travel on the airlines. I predict an upturn for GA.

Demetrio Foiadelli
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G650
Dir of Flight Ops
Platinum Equity
Irvine CA


Business aviation and charter will have a boom in the near future because they’ll pick up the passengers who no longer want to be cooped up with hundreds of strangers on the airlines.

Rick Hurd
ATP. Citation VII & Hawker 800XP
Causey Aviation
Cary NC


What I see coming in the near future is an accelerated development in technologies that will enable supersonic bizjet flight.

Daniel Barros
ATP. Embraer Legacy 450 
Banco BMG
Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil


Business aviation will increase operations because people will try to avoid using congested airports and commercial aircraft packed with people. I expect the industry to continue slowing down through Q1 2021, but right after this it will bloom again due  to people’s need to travel safely and fast.

Christopher Bell
ATP. Embraer Legacy 500
Chief Pilot
Holding Intl Group
Puerto Vallarta JA, Mexico


Hopefully, air travel will increase next year, with corporate aviation seeing an uptick before the spring.

Dennis Piscitello
ATP/CFII. Citation Latitude
Chief Pilot
Whelen Engineering
Chester CT


In my opinion, things will get better in the corporate field. More people will choose to fly in business aviation due to safety considerations.

Jeff Miller
ATP. Gulfstream G500/G450/G280
Chief Pilot
Houston TX


Technology advancement is what’s coming up next, and that will result in better equipment for business aviation. Training will come together with this new technology. As a consequence, we’ll see a busier corporate field.

Charles Belanger
ATP. Falcon 7EX/900EX
Captain/Safety Officer
Future Electronics
Ste-Thérèse QC, Canada


Once the stringent Covid-19 quarantine regulations are eased, corporate flying will return stronger than ever. However, that may not be for several months. We’ll no doubt be greener, leaner, and cleaner going forward after this alarming global demonstration of our economic fragility.

Charles Hunt
ATP. Global Express
Ops Dir
Austin Aviation
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong


Given the fear of flying on airlines in the era of Covid-19, many believe business aviation will benefit with increased demand. Also, adverse impact on the airlines may exacerbate the already limited travel options for those served by smaller airports, further benefiting business aviation.

Greg Woods
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Senior Dir Aviation
Laude MO


I hope Covid-19 affects the industry in a way that means more people will prefer to travel in business jets for safety reasons. Everything is possible if the industry adjusts and adopts a fair scale that allows more people to be able to afford traveling on business jets.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Avery Aviation Mgmt
Laredo TX


For the near and midterm future, I feel business aviation will benefit from those people avoiding airline travel due to Covid-19.

Jim McIrvin
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300
Owner & Chief Pilot
McIrvin Aviation
Washingtonville NY


This is a strange moment for aviation. However, I feel like business and charter flying will lead the way to the recovery of our industry. We’re facing a time when now, more than ever, people can see the advantages of flying private. I hope this will encourage the public to be more receptive to private flying and to embrace it as a useful tool rather than a luxury.

Sara Walther
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ4
Corporate Pilot
Kansas City MO


Airline passengers who used to dominate first- and business-class cabins will contemplate private aviation in the future due to the reduced exposure to others. I also think more individuals who could previously afford private air travel, but considered it an unnecessary expense, may reconsider in this age of coronavirus. 

Maxwell Maroney
Comm-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-12
Dir of Training
Tradewind Aviation
Danbury CT


I see many aviation companies being established in the near future. Especially in Africa, many small aviation companies will come up, and some others will be in the planning process. It means that in 2021 and beyond, many employment opportunities will be created in the aviation field. At the same, I believe that many operational mechanisms will be invented.

Wandera Edmond
ATP. Embraer EMB-120 & Dornier 228
Flight Dispatcher
Ninesun Co
Busia, Kenya


Corporate aviation operations will improve. I think that more people realize the value of business aviation during times of crisis, like the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Claude Beliveau
ATP. Piaggio P.180
Ops Mgr
Cascades Inc
Drummondville QC, Canada


Because of the fear of contagious diseases, people will begin to use private aircraft as their first choice of travel more than ever. I believe those who have been using private aircraft will continue to do so at a greater rate. I can only see good news for private aircraft usage in 2021.

Dennis Hartsell
ATP/CFII. Learjet 60 & Beechjet 400A
Contract Pilot
Hartsell Hangar Services
Edwardsburg MI


I think the pandemic has been a positive force for business aviation. People still have to travel, and they’re avoiding the airlines. Once they experience private charter services, people will still want to continue using business aviation instead of airline services, even after the pandemic. My expectation is that the industry will continue to grow and improve in 2021.

Glenn Michael
ATP/CFII. King Air 100, Sabreliner 80SC & Beech Duke
Aviation Mgr
Merrimack NH


Due to Covid-19, I believe that more people and corporations will be using private aviation services more frequently. And this is good news for all of us corporate pilots.

Gregg Weitzman
Comm-Multi-Inst/Helo/CFII. Pilatus PC-12, Cirrus SR22, & Airbus EC135
Corporate Pilot
GW Aviation
Santa Ynez CA


Growth is what I see for our industry in 2021 and beyond. We’re very far behind a normal flight schedule in our flight department right now. As we all move past this Covid-19 nightmare, hopefully there will be nowhere to go but up. We can’t wait to get back to a busier flight schedule and help the boss do his business wherever he needs.

Ryan Johnson
ATP. Challenger 601 & King Air B350
DC Air
Denair CA


Business aviation seems to remain stable in spite of the pandemic. However, there has been a drastic decrease in operational hours for our managed Challenger 350. I’m unsure yet of 2021 until we see what damage 2020 will create, and what it will take to bring flight operations back up to normal.

Patrick Cannon
ATP/CFI. Challenger 350 & Mitsubishi MU300/MU2
Mission Air Services
Lewisville TX