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2022 Turbine Powerplant Product Support Survey


Fixed-wing & helo combined: 1 Williams, 2 GE, 3 Pratt & Whitney, 4 Rolls-Royce, 5 Honeywell

Helo only: 1 Pratt & Whitney, 2 Rolls-Royce.

Pro Pilot staff report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker

Pro Pilot’s Powerplant Product Support Survey has been designed to measure operators’  satisfaction with aftersale product support provided by engine manufacturers. High quality of service is what keeps operators safely in the air and allows them to fulfill their missions. This is the 30th year Pro Pilot has conducted this survey, and results and commentaries are as follows.

GEWilliams continues at #1 for the 7th consecutive year, with an overall score of 8.69 this year, compared to 8.71 earned in 2021. Williams was also was #1 for 17 years in a row from 1998 to 2014. It earns 1st place in response to problems, cost of parts, tech reps and service satisfaction. It’s 2nd in spares availability and speed in AOG service, and 3rd in tech manuals. Best category improvement is in cost of parts, with a score of 8.10 this year compared to 7.57 in 2021 – a 0.53 score increase. Headquartered in Pontiac MI, Williams is ready to assist operators through its customer support network available 24/7.

GE places 2nd for 2 years in a row, obtaining an overall score of 8.56 this year, slightly higher than the 8.55 earned in 2021. GE is 1st in spares availability, speed in AOG service, and tech manuals. It takes 2nd spot in response to problems, cost of parts, and service satisfaction. Its largest category increase is in response to problems with a score of 8.91 this year, up from 8.74 in 2021 – a growth of 0.17. Operators with an AOG situation can submit requests using customer Web portals. Operators also have available technical documents, and can research and purchase engine parts, track orders and repairs, review engine health monitoring information, and submit inquiries to GE’s Fleet Support team.

Pratt & Whitney takes the 3rd spot for the 2nd year in succession. Overall score received is 8.36 this year, down from 8.44 received in 2021. P&W secures 2nd place in tech manuals, and 3rd in cost of parts, speed in AOG service, and tech reps. Best category advance was in response to problems, with 8.80 this year, compared to 8.68 – a 0.12 improvement. P&W Customer First Centre, with its worldwide service network and experienced service experts, is ready to assist customers 24/7 virtually anywhere in the world.

Rolls-Royce remains 4th for 3 years in a row, with an overall score of 8.33 in 2022, compared to 8.24 in 2021 – a 0.09 increase. R-R ranks 2nd in tech reps, and 3rd in response to problems, spares availability, and service satisfaction. Best category increase is in tech reps, with an 8.92 score this year – an uptick of 0.36 from 8.56 in 2021. R-R FIRST (Fully Integrated Rolls-Royce Support Team) network is available 24/7 worldwide and ready to serve M250 and RR300 engine operators.

Honeywell rounds out the survey, placing 5th in 2022. Overall score received this year is 7.74, up from 7.64 earned in 2021 – a 0.10 increase. This is the highest overall increase in the entire survey. Honeywell’s dedicated support teams are organized to assist operators 24/7 all around the world.

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