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Where do you go for MRO ? Which facilities are your favorites? Why?

By Pro Pilot staff

West Star Aviation has 4 full-service locations at ALN (East Alton IL), GJT (Grand Junction CO), PCD (Perryville MO), and CHA (Chattanooga TN), with satellite locations serving Aspen, Denver, Chicago, Houston, and Minneapolis.

West Star Aviation GJT (Grand Junction CO) is the MRO of our preference. We go to them because of the great people working there with loads of experience you can trust. Over the years, we’ve taken several aircraft to be serviced at West Star, and we’re convinced there is none better.

Gordon Williams
ATP. Falcon 2000EX/LX
Dir of Flight Ops
Logistics Management
Evergreen CO


Mather Aviation at MHR (Mather, Sacramento CA) and VNY (Van Nuys CA) are the maintenance facilities we go to. Historically, we’ve always received good service from them. Furthermore, they possess the technical knowledge and skills to service all of our fleet of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Ron Shintaku
ATP/Helo/CFII. King Air 200
State of California
La Verne CA


Covington Aircraft OKM (Okmulgee OK) is our favorite because of its high-quality service, workmanship, and honesty.

Carlo Cesa
ATP. King Air B350
Nyon, Switzerland


Jet Aviation XSP (Seletar, Singapore) and ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services TSN (Tianjin, China) are the facilities to which we take our Legacy 600 and Lineage 1000. Both organizations always do excellent maintenance work for our aircraft.

Robert Hutto
ATP. Legacy 600 & Lineage 1000
Head of Aviation
Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
Macau, China


Textron DUS (Düsseldorf, Germany) service center is our favorite MRO for our Citation XLS and CJ1. Work performed on our aircraft has been nicely done. Staff is very competent and supportive.

Michael Rainer
ATP. Citation XLS/CJ1 & Falcon 900DX
Accountable Mgr
Salzburg Jet Aviation
Klagenfurt, Austria


Bombardier’s boasts 33% more service facilities that its closest competitor. The worldwide network includes service centers, authorized service facilities, and line maintenance stations.

Bombardier TUS (Tucson AZ) is where our Challenger 350 gets serviced. This facility is typically pretty good. Whenever we take our aircraft to them, the work is usually done in the quoted time and in a professional manner. We don’t have problems with the work afterwards. As with most shops, they try to upsell additional services from time to time, but that’s to be expected. The convenience factor is a big plus for us because it’s close to our base.

Jeff Perry
ATP/CFI. Challenger 350
Garvin Promotions Group
Scottsdale AZ


Aero-Dienst NUE (Nürnberg, Germany) is the MRO of our selection. They always provide excellent service and quality work for our Falcon 900EX.

Markus Osswald
ATP. Falcon 900EX
Heron Aviation
Riedheim, Germany


Gulfstream SAV (Savannah GA) is our favorite maintenance facility. We favor taking our G650ER back to where it came from. They provide the best knowledge and resources available for our aircraft.

Jerry Harrington
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Av Dept Mgr & Chief Pilot
Benson Pacific
San Diego CA


ST Engineering Aerospace PNS (Pensacola FL) does our commercial heavy airframe work. They perform major structural assessment and overhaul. We observed a puzzling soft rattling sound in one of our aircraft when flaps deployed. ST Engineering Aerospace did an outstanding job troubleshooting and fixing the issue to our entire satisfaction. Also, the job was done on schedule and on budget.

Michael Collyer
ATP/CFII. Challenger 605 & King Air 360ER
Chief Pilot
United Airlines
Maple Ridge BC, Canada


Four Points Aero Services at DAL (Love, Dallas TX) is where we take our Phenom 300. They’ve always scheduled me on the dates I’ve requested, and the services provided have been excellent every time. Our maintenance rep Christopher Gleghorn is very knowledgeable, and he answers his phone every time I call him to ask questions.

Dave Goll
ATP. Phenom 300
Chief Pilot
CrownEye Partners
Midland TX


Houston Aviation and Western Airways at SGR (Sugar Land TX) are the maintenance shops that we use because they are local and capable of performing the work that our King Air 200 needs. They’re easy to work with, and they save us the flight to another airport. I’ve known and trusted these local maintenance shops for over 40 years.

Bruce Rainwater
ATP. King Air 200
Houston Sigma Technologies
Richmond TX


Banyan FXE is an authorized FAA and EASA repair station. Turbine airframe services include inspections, pre-purchase evaluations, routine mx, structural repairs, and aircraft modifications.

Banyan Air Service FXE (Exec, Fort Lauderdale FL) is our preferred MRO service center. They are excellent at what they do and very accommodating for all our needs.

Rob Devrnja
Comm-Multi-Inst. HondaJet
Corporate & Contract Pilot
Devrnja Aero
Knoxville TN


Naples Jet Center at APF (Naples FL) is where we take our Phenom 100 because it’s an Embraer-certified service center. We’re very pleased with the great team they have and the professional services they provide.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Pilot/Maintenance Coordinator
Avery Aviation Management
Laredo TX


West Star Aviation GJT has been our go-to for heavy maintenance and refurbishment since 2000. They’ve demonstrated a remarkable ability to strive for excellence throughout the years. They’ve repeatedly reinforced our confidence in their commitment to getting things done right the first time. We believe our aircraft has been more stable between large inspections, and maintenance induced has been nil. West Star has completed paint, interior, avionics modifications, and routine maintenance to our satisfaction. Gen Mgr Dave Krogman and his team always take very good care of their customers. Because of our location, it’s a 3.5-hr flight for us to get there, but we’ve always felt it’s worth it. We plan to do it again.

Bill Harvey
ATP. Citation 650
Chief Pilot
Top Flight
Princeton WV


Eagle Creek Aviation at EYE (Eagle Creek, Indianapolis IN) is the service facility selected for our Phenom 300. We’ve always had a very good experience with them whenever we’ve needed their maintenance services.

Jim Head
Comm-Multi-Inst. Phenom 300
Head Inc
Columbus OH


Spectra Jet at SGH (Springfield OH) is where we have our Learjet 60 serviced. I know our aircraft is in capable hands because they do exceptional work. They’re also very pleasant and knowledgeable people to work with when it comes to maintenance issues.

Joseph Marthaler
ATP. Learjet 60
Dir of Ops
Jet Air
Cincinnati OH


Gulfstream is our selected service facility. I fly a US Navy Gulfstream V, and we are contracted to them for MRO. We’ve been to ATW (Appleton WI), CPS (Downtown, St Louis IL), and SAV, and all 3 facilities have generally been satisfactory with their maintenance services.

Kyle Harken
ATP. Gulfstream V
Safety/Standarization Officer
US Navy
Kailua HI


Dassault supports its global fleet of business jets through a worldwide network of both company-owned and authorized service centers, and its Falcon Response program.

Dassault Falcon Service at LBG (le Bourget, Paris, France) is where we take our Falcon 900EX for maintenance. The services provided are very good, and the personnel are kind and friendly.

Kwabena Antwi
ATP. Falcon 900EX
Head of Operations
Ghana Air Force
Accra, Ghana


Mather Aviation at MHR is our preferred MRO. We are pleased with them due to the excellent service they’ve provided for our Hawker 800.

Daniel LaBass
ATP/CFII. Hawker 800
Core Projects
Fresno CA


Excel Aviation at GLE (Municipal, Gainesville TX) has been servicing our aircraft for the past 10 years, starting as a convenient nearby facility for light maintenance. Now we go to them more often for our maintenance needs. About 2 years ago we decided to replace our elderly Falcon 50. We negotiated with Excel to have 1 of their team members join us for the evaluation of our next aircraft. Their deep knowledge of Falcons proved to be of value in the purchase of a very clean Falcon 2000EX. Since then, we’ve just come out of 2 C-checks on that aircraft. Although it’s such a difficult process, our inspections came out ahead of schedule, within the projected budget, and with only 1 minor squawk, which was fixed immediately. Excel Aviation has always responded to any issues with our aircraft, and they’re always happy to help in any way they can. I’ve dealt with larger facilities that do great work. However, for a small operation such as our flight department, it’s nice to sit across the desk from the person who is personally overseeing your project and get actual results from the desk to the floor.

Sammy Daulong
ATP. Falcon 2000EX
Chief Pilot
JEB Aviation
Midland TX


Yingling Aviation, Textron Service Center and Bombardier Service Centre at ICT (Dwight D Eisenhower, Wichita KS) are our favorite facilities. We also use maintenance services provided by Textron’s mobile service units covering the Springfield MO area. These service centers are located close to our base at SGR and have the technical expertise, parts, and equipment to complete nearly any required maintenance event we may have.

Andrew Maroney
ATP. Citation CJ1 & Learjet 45
Dir of Ops
Burgess Aircraft Management
Springfield MO


AMAC Aerospace at MLH (Basel–Mulhouse, Switzerland) is our preferred MRO. They’re always ready for us and the service received is excellent without exception.

Alex Panchana
ATP. Gulfstream V
Wislikofen, Switzerland


Jet Aviation BSL (Basel, Switzerland) is our favorite MRO. They’re professionals who do a superior job. Their work assures me that safety is their main priority.

M Abah
ATP/CFII. Citation II/SP, King Air 350 & Pilatus PC-12
Aviation Mgr
Yaoundé, Cameroon


West Star CHA (Chattanooga TN) is where we take our Gulfstream G150. Experts can take care of our aircraft, providing quality work. They help us watch our maintenance budget and don’t attempt to make the entire year’s company profit every time we visit.

Dwight Minor
ATP. Gulfstream G150
Dir of Aviation
Teall Capital
Winston-Salem NC


Gulfstream is the best at maintaining its own aircraft. They have experienced staff who know the aircraft very well and pay excellent attention to detail. We mainly use the PBI (West Palm Beach FL) location, where we are based. We also go to Gulfstream BAF (Westfield MA) and SAV. Our last inspection was done at SAV, and they did a superb job, as usual.

Brent Keyes
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Dir of Aviation
Graham Capital Management
Bethel CT


Freedom Aviation at LYH (Lynchburg VA) has been doing our inspections and maintenance for the past 2 years. They do very good work at a reasonable price. And the job is always done in the estimated time.

Allen Lambert
ATP. King Air 200
Newcomb Enterprises
Roanoke VA


Atlantic Beechcraft Services FXE is our favorite MRO facility. Pres William Ahern runs a top-notch facility for my Baron 58P. He’s always on time with routine maintenance and annual inspections. Prices are fair, too. He really knows Beech aircraft and his service is outstanding.

Elliott Solomon
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation I/SP, Cheyenne II & Baron 58P
ESol Aviation
Delray Beach FL


Textron’s service center at SMF (Intl, Sacramento CA) is the facility used for our Citation CJ4’s maintenance needs. The staff are outstanding, and the work they do is excellent.

Dave Bassignani
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Golden State Lumber
Petaluma CA


GE Aviation provides cost-effective protection against unexpected downtime with its OnPoint program, from program management and line maintenance to complete engine overhauls.

Textron’s service center at MCO (Intl, Orlando FL) is the facility we chose for our Citation Sovereign and Excel. We’ve been pleased with their service over the past 15 years. They’ve always given us competitive pricing and timely scheduling.

Peter Van Weele
ATP. Citation Sovereign & Excel
Chief Pilot
Brown & Brown
Port Orange FL


Apex Aviation HSH (Henderson, Las Vegas NV) provides maintenance service for our aircraft. They’re very responsive to our schedule and needs, and they’re located conveniently close to our southern California base.

Rich Pickett
ATP/CFII. Citation CJ3/Mustang, Premier I & Eclipse EA500
Personal Wings
San Diego CA


Duncan Aviation LNK (Lincoln NE) is the chosen service center for our Embraer Praetor 500. It provides fast and accurate service. We always maintain excellent communication with team members and knowledgeable technicians.

Sarah Walther
ATP. Praetor 500
Corporate Pilot
Kansas City MO


West Star Aviation GJT is the facility we selected to service our Citation CJ2. We’ve done most of our inspections in-house. However, the last few Doc 10 and some avionics upgrades have been done by West Star. Regional Sales Mgr Carl Hefner is our contact there and has been very easy to work with. He gets the information we need and connects us with the different departments to get the details worked out. When we arrive, we already know what is going to be done and how much it will cost. They have customer offices close to the project, so we can keep an eye on it. And, as issues arise, we can discuss them with the right person to make the appropriate decision on the best course of action, and they follow through while keeping me informed of the process. They also let me know where the bill is, and at the end the bill is not a surprise. They’re great at coordinating with us to do wheel overhaul and tire changes, which minimizes downtime and ensures cost-effectiveness.

Reed Lamb
A&P. Citation CJ2
Dir of Maintenance
Pegasus 1
Kalispell MT


Constant Aviation CLE (Hopkins, Cleveland OH) is our chosen maintenance facility. Staff there are great, and the technicians are knowledgeable. They focus on their mission and the job is done on time.

Scott Durkee
ATP. Praetor 500
Cincinnati OH


California Aero Components through Heli-Mart, adjacent to SNA (Santa Ana CA), is the company we use for our MD 500E airframe component overhaul and repair. And HEROS in Chandler AZ is the selected shop for our Rolls-Royce engine work. We’ve been very satisfied with both of them as far as quality, price, and delivery are concerned.

Wayne Young
A&P. MD 500E
Senior Aircraft Mechanic
Riverside PD Air Support Unit
Riverside CA


Textron GSO (Greensboro NC) service center takes care of our Citation CJ4 requirements. Our aircraft is still under warranty, and this location is very convenient.

Nolan Kirkman
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Insteel Industries
Mount Airy NC


Duncan Aviation BTL (Battle Creek MI) is the service facility that maintains our Citation CJ4. We’re very pleased with them since they are the ones who provide the best overall service for us.

James Loranger
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
CSI Tunnel Systems
Gorham ME


Inglewood Aviation at VUJ (Albemarle NC) is our preferred MRO. It’s a smaller shop, so I know all the technicians and owners, and I trust them to do their very best on my aircraft.

Joe Manis
ATP/CFII. Cessna 310
Owner & Pilot
Manis Custom Builders
Laurinburg NC


West Star GJT is amazing. And communications with their customers is outstanding. We’re also very pleased with their team leaders, pricing, work order, and other aspects of their maintenance work.

Jared Ringger
ATP. Challenger 300
Chief Pilot
Clyde Companies
Orem UT