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MRO & Refurbishment


Where do you go for MRO (maintenance, repair & overhaul)? Which facilities are your favorites? Why?

Textron services centers are fantastic for our Citation Excel. They always have up-to-date technical information, great facilities, and parts availability.

Larry Waylan
ATP/CFII. Citation Excel
Dir of Ops & Chief Pilot
Crew Aviation
Louisville KY


Dassault offers MRO services for its bizjet operators around the world through the Falcon Service Network, which includes company-owned facilities, authorized service centers and training providers, and spare parts distribution facilities.
Dassault Falcon Service LBG (le Bourget, Paris, France) is our preferred provider. It’s been an excellent experience working with them. We also use the services provided by Jet Aviation DXB (Dubai, UAE) and TAG Aviation GVA (Geneva, Switzerland), and results are always satisfactory. We’re especially pleased with TAG since they were most helpful when we were AOG.

Simon Nash
ATP. Falcon 900LX
Commander & Captain
Middle East Dubai, UAE


Constant Aviation SFB (Sanford, Orlando FL) is my preferred MRO. It’s also where my former company most often sends its Phenom 300 and Legacy 500 for maintenance. Every time we picked up the jets they’d treat us very well and they were always ready to help in any way possible. The company has used their services for 4 years, and overall I experienced outstanding customer service from them. There were never any problems and I’d highly recommend them for anything.

Arnoldo Rojas
ATP. Phenom 300, Legacy 500 & Gulfstream G450
Noble Systems
Kennesaw GA


AvionAero at PWA (Wiley Post, Oklahoma City OK) is the maintenance facility of our choice. We’re very pleased with the services received from them.

Bob Brown
ATP. Falcon 900/50 & Learjet 45
Contract Pilot
Newcastle OK


Eagle Creek Aviation at EYE (Eagle Creek, Indianapolis IN) is our favorite service center. They perform excellent maintenance work. We’re very satisfied with all aspects of their service.

James Head
Pvt-Inst. Phenom 300
Head Inc
Columbus OH


Bombardier MRO provides a full range of component repair and aftermarket services for almost 30 different types of aircraft from various manufacturers
Bombardier’s service center at BDL (Hartford CT) and Associated Aircraft Group (AAG) at POU (Poughkeepsie NY) are my former company’s preferred MRO service centers. During my tenure with the flight department, both facilities delivered exceptional work in a timely manner.

James Moore
ATP. Global Express & Sikorsky S-76C+
Former SVP & Dir of Aviation
Citi Aviation
Moneta VA


Duncan Aviation PVU (Provo UT) is our MRO of choice. The staff are fantastic and their brand new facilities are first-class. Also, pricing is very reasonable.

Kevin Savord
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Allied Aircraft
Boulder City NV


PrivateSky at RSW (Fort Myers FL) is our preferred maintenance facility for getting scheduled and unscheduled maintenance performed on our Gulfstream G550. Their experts can disassemble and remove a custom VIP cabin and galley and install it again, looking better than when it came out. Their work is always on time, and on budget. Great staff to work with!

Keith Baird
Comm-Multi-Inst/A&P. Gulfstream G550
Asst Dir of Maintenance
Skyloft Aviation
Ocala FL


Textron Aviation service centers provide maintenance inspections, parts, repairs, avionics modifications, equipment installations, interior and exterior refurbishment, and other specialized services.
Textron Aviation Service Center at IWA (Mesa AZ) is my favorite facility. Service has always been professional and safety-oriented, with quick turnaround times. I highly recommend this service center!

Antoine Diorra
ATP. Citation Mustang
Chief Pilot
Bekins A1 Movers
Gainesville FL


Epps Aviation at PDK (Dekalb-Peachtree, Atlanta GA) is where we take our aircraft for service. We use their services for convenience and work ethics.

Fred Barasoain
ATP. Learjet 40/31
Chief Pilot
Remlat Aviation
Rome GA


Intercontinental Jet Service at TUL (Tulsa OK) is a factory owned and authorized service center for the Mitsubishi MU2. It’s our favorite center for our turboprop. For our Challenger 350, we use only factory service facilities, and we go to the Bombardier Service Center at FLL (Intl, Fort Lauderdale FL). We’re very pleased with both centers due to their quality of work.

Patrick Cannon
ATP/CFI. Challenger 350 & Mitsubishi MU2
Mission Air Service
Lewisville TX


Textron Service Center IND (Indianapolis IN) is our preferred center for big inspections. We do as much as possible in-house. That said, when it comes to big inspections we entrust our Hawker to Textron IND.

Jim Jacobi
ATP. Hawker 900XP
Dir of Ops
Executive Aero Charter Mgmt
Noblesville IN


StandardAero AGS (Augusta GA) is our favorite MRO. They’re located conveniently close to our home base. Also, their work is excellent and performed in a professional way.

Jerry Wharton
Comm-Multi-Inst. Hawker 800XP
Owner & Pilot
JW Construction Co
Wise VA


West Star Aviation specializes in airframe and engine repair and mx, major mods, avionics installation and repair, interior refurbishment, paint, parts, surplus avionics sales, window repair, and accessory services.
West Star ALN (East Alton IL) is the MRO we’ve selected to keep up with the maintenance needs of our Challenger 605. Mgr of Technical Sales Steve Bates, Dir of Bombardier Programs George Laiten, and Bombardier Global Program Mgr Jason Cohen are excellent people to work with. They have forgotten more about Challengers than I’ll ever know. They can always be counted on for quality maintenance at a fair price.

Chuck Deitrick
A&P. Challenger 605
Dir of Aircraft Maintenance
McCormick & Co
Baltimore MD


Duncan Aviation LNK (Lincoln NE) is where we go for our maintenance needs. It’s an outstanding repair facility. I wish service costs weren’t that high, though. I’m also impressed by the excellent work done by Silverhawk Aviation at LNK. However, it doesn’t service Learjets.

David Samani
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFII. Learjet 31A & Beechcraft Baron
CEO & Pilot
David Samani MD Inc
Lincoln NE


Western Aircraft at BOI (Boise ID) is our preferred MRO to service our aircraft. I’ve done numerous projects with them over the years and always been happy with the people and the quality of work they provide. They’ve delivered on time, and billing has been fair at all times. They’re very easy to work with. Communications is outstanding throughout the entire process. Whenever there is a part that needs replacement, an engineering requirement, or outside vendor services, they always present options and do what’s best for the customer. They truly understand the meaning of customer service. They also have amazing avionics and interior services. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for large or small services or inspections.

Kevin Baughman
A&P. Citation X/Excel, Falcon 2000/900, Global Express/Challenger 650/350, Gulfstream G550/G450/G280 & Phenom 300/100
Jet Aviation Services
Santa Ana CA


Duncan Aviation at LNK and PVU are our favorite facilities. They provide superb service for our aircraft. We also go to West Star GJT (Grand Junction CO), where we receive excellent maintenance support.

Steven Older
ATP/Helo. Pilatus PC-12
Pupakea Partners
Waikoloa HI


AMAC Aerospace BSL (Basel, Switzerland) is our favorite MRO. They’re always ready to help in a very professional manner and their prices are good. If they don’t have space for your aircraft, they’ll create it for you. We’re always very happy with their services and excellent attention.

Alex Panchana
ATP. Gulfstream V/IV
Alaxair Wislikofen, Aargau, Switzerland


Gulfstream’s customer service experience strives to reduce aircraft downtime. The manufacturer’s FAST (Field and Airborne Support Teams) and service centers ensure quick response to AOG situations.
Gulfstream FAB (Farnborough, UK) is the MRO we usually go to for short-term maintenance, while we use Gulfstream SAV (Savannah GA) for long-term overhauls. In my opinion, major repairs and inspections, as well as unexpected maintenance issues, are tackled more efficiently in big centers due to the availability of parts and specialists.

Jorge Barroso Vitar
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Captain & Flight Safety Supervisor SEAF
Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain


Eagle Creek Aviation EYE is our #1 choice, hands down! We’ve been going there for 10 years now and I’ve always received personalized service. All their scope of work, customization and down time meet our needs and they also have the best price. Quality of work is unmatched. Thanks, Eagle Creek!

Jim McIrvin
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300/100, Boeing 737 & Aero L39 Albatros
Chief Pilot
McIrvin Aviation
Washingtonville NY


Newton Aviation at YEG (Edmonton AB, Canada) is the chosen MRO to service our Pilatus PC-12NG. Pres Daryn Newton, Production Mgr Cory Ciochetti and their entire team have been taking care of our aircraft in a very professional manner. They’ve become a Pilatus authorized satellite service center, performing work on PC-24s as well as numerous PC-12s, delivering outstanding work.

Kirk Grimes
Pvt-Inst. Pilatus PC-12NG
President & Chief Pilot
Grimes Well Servicing
Edmonton AB, Canada


Houston Aviation at SGR (Sugar Land, Houston TX) is our favorite service center for the King Air 200 we fly. We’ve used the same shop for the entire time we’ve operated our aircraft—14 years. They’ve always given us good service and they know the King Air thoroughly. I find it very convenient to use the local shop, since I can be there during maintenance and avoid flying to another airport and incurring the extra flight time and cost associated with that trip. In a few cases when we’ve needed extra help, we’ve gone to Western Airways SGR. They’ve operated and maintained King Airs for over 20 years and are always available to help and provide excellent service.

Bruce Rainwater
ATP/CFII. King Air 200
Houston Sigma
Richmond TX


Embraer Executive Jets Services & Support FLL is my favorite maintenance facility. I go there because they are the manufacturer and their services are outstanding.

John Perrys
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300
Professional Aviation Solutions
Delray Beach FL


West Star Aviation GJT (Grand Junction CO) is our choice to maintain our Citation Excel. We really like their quality of work, they’re always on schedule as promised, and their qualified personnel are very friendly.

Jeff Muntis
ATP. Citation Excel
Captain ZMK Management
Las Vegas NV


Skytech UZA (Rock Hill SC) is the service center we selected for our Pilatus PC-24. They’ve been top-notch since it was delivered a year ago. We’ve had a long relationship with Pilatus and Skytech operating PC-12s for about 10 years prior.

Chris Anderson
ATP/CFI. Pilatus PC-24
Joint Implant Surgeons
Indianapolis IN


Duncan Aviation BTL (Battle Creek MI) performs major and minor airframe inspections, engine maintenance, major retrofits for cabin and cockpit systems, full paint, and interior services.
Duncan Aviation BTL is our choice to maintain our Citation Bravo. Excellent quality maintenance work is performed with consistency and attention to detail. They provide advice between visits and their warranty coverage is really good. Communications with my Project Mgr Jarek Jones are clear and honest, and are always in a timely manner.

David Gifford
ATP. Citation Bravo
Managing Partner
Gifford Laboratories
Newton MA


ExecuJet MRO Services HLA (Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa) is the facility we’ve chosen for our aircraft. It’s the closest Bombardier authorized service facility in the region and we have confidence in the great maintenance work they do on our Challenger 604.

Richard Lane-Poole
ATP. Challenger 604
Chief Pilot
Executive Airlines
Lusaka, Zambia


West Star just performed an avionics and paint work on our Falcon 900EX. They did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them. For our previous aircraft – a Falcon 50 – we used Duncan BTL for an avionics upgrade, and they were excellent.

Lawrence Myers
ATP. Falcon 900EX
Head of Aviation
Harron Entertainment Co
Lititz PA


Textron Service Centre LBG is where we take our CitationJet. Their personnel are extremely professional and competent, and are friendly and approachable at the same time. They’re always available for us, and they respect the timelines.

Alain Gautron
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation CJ1
Stephenson Harwood
Paris, France


Elliott Aviation’s DSM (Des Moines IA) facility is an FAA and EASA-approved repair station for all 525-series Citations. The facility is also an authorized service center for most Williams engine models.
Elliott Aviation MLI (Moline IL) is an authorized sales, service, and repair center for an extensive list of products, modifications, inspections, and services. The paint and interior shop is one of the best in the country. Elliott is a 1-stop shop for everything you need to accomplish at inspection time.

Eric Smith
ATP. Citation CJ3+ & Beechcraft Baron
Managing Pilot
CB Air
Newtown PA


Eagle Creek Aviation EYE is the MRO we typically use. We’re very pleased with the maintenance service they performed on our Phenom 100.

William Straw
Comm-Multi-Inst/CFII. Phenom 100
Osprey Aviation Group
Osprey FL


Flightstar at CMI (Champaign/Urbana IL) is the maintenance provider for our Learjet 45. It’s a Bombardier authorized service facility and it does great work. It’s so comforting to see a hangar full of Lear 45 and 75s on our arrival. These guys know their Lears and strive for ontime delivery.

Keith Cook
ATP/CFII. Learjet 45
Chief Pilot
Basler Electric
Highland IL


KCAC Aviation at OJC (Olathe KS) is where we take our Pilatus PC-12/47E for maintenance. Communication during the whole process is outstanding and the service provided is exceptional.

Don Yager
Comm-Multi-Inst/A&P. Pilatus PC-12/47E
Pure Air Ventures
Columbus IN


OCR Aviation at LGB (Long Beach CA) is the maintenance facility of our choice. We’re satisfied with the services that our Piper Saratoga has received.

Ray Grimes
Comm-Multi-Inst. Piper Turbo Saratoga
Los Alamitos CA


Spectra Jet SGH (Springfield OH) is our preferred maintenance service center. They’re the best independent shop that provides attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire process. Cutter Aviation’s southwestern network is tops for a chain MRO. We’re very pleased with the work that both companies deliver.

Steve Cirino
ATP/CFII. Pilatus PC-24, PC-12
Supervisory Pilot
U-Haul Inc
Desert Hills AZ


StandardAero AGS is where we have our Falcon 2000LX serviced. The location works really well for us, their prices are reasonable, and the maintenance service provided for our aircraft is exceptional.

Ben Brewer
ATP. Falcon 2000LX
Chief Pilot
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
Atlanta GA


Textron Service Center MKE (Milwaukee WI) is our preferred MRO facility. They’ve proved repeatedly that they are reliable and efficient. We’ve had issues with some other service centers in the past. We’ve also used West Star Aviation ALN (East Alton IL), and they’ve been dependable, efficient, and professional as well.

Glen Jackson
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Chief Pilot
Savannah Ops CC Industries
Midway GA