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Messages from MRO service providers


TamaraBy Tamara Tigert
Senior director of MRO, Airbus Helicopters

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) team at Airbus Helicopters North America is committed to providing customers with the highest quality services, as we know that they rely on us to remain operational to save lives, protect communities, and transport goods and passengers safely when it’s needed most.

Our teams are busy – we manage, on average, 600 dynamic component repairs (DCRs), more than 120 tail boom repairs, and some 1000 blade repairs annually, and we are investing in new technologies and new team members in order to continue to streamline our services and reduce turnaround times.

As a worldwide benchmark for Airbus helicopter main gear box DCR, we’ve recently invested $10 million in a new, state-of-the-art DCR test bench which will be arriving this year in our Grand Prairie TX support facility. This new bench will increase efficiency, modernize our operations, and allow us to perform critical mechanical performance tests on a wide range of Airbus helicopter platforms.

AmentoBy Charles Amento
VP/Director of MRO Services, Banyan

Banyan’s MRO airframe services include inspections, pre-purchase evaluations, routine maintenance, structural repairs, aircraft modifications, avionics install, and specialized labor performed by qualified technicians. Our experienced technicians constantly receive formal and recurrent OEM factory training, giving our customers confidence in our quality of workmanship. Our team will work together to minimize aircraft downtime and perform services that are “Done right… On time… As quoted.” We can also assist our patrons with interior modifications and aircraft painting.

MirzakhanianBy Ed Mirzakhanian
Clay Lacy SVP Product Support & Van Nuys FBO

Clay Lacy’s comprehensive maintenance, avionics, parts, and interior services provide industry-leading support and care. Our award-winning training programs, AOG mobile response teams, and $3.4-million parts inventory add value to our full-service maintenance facility. We continue to invest in new authorizations, tooling, and capabilities to better serve our clients, and strengthen the relationships we’ve built over 50 years.

DaviesBy David Davies
CEO, Constant Aviation

At Constant Aviation we have raised the bar in aircraft maintenance expectations by always focusing on quality. Our ability to support 86 aircraft models from 14 manufacturers via facilities in Cleveland OH, Orlando FL, as well as 30 aircraft on ground mobile units deploying from 24 base stations nationwide ensures that we are there for our customers wherever and whenever an aircraft maintenance need may presents.

LakeBy Jeff Lake
President, Duncan Aviation

Repeat Duncan Aviation customers tell us that they return because Duncan Aviation provides excellent service value. We have technical experts who specialize in their aircraft model and system knowledge, and provide high-quality work that is completed on time and that exceeds customer expectations. Our large service facilities have extensive capabilities to minimize downtimes and ensure even the most complicated workscopes can be completed efficiently, yet our people are friendly and our communication is top-notch.

StevensBy Frank Stevens
VP Global MRO Centers,
Embraer Services & Support

Embraer has a vibrant network of service centers that spans the globe to support our business jets customers. Embraer-owned centers located in France, Fort Lauderdale FL, Melbourne FL, Mesa AZ, and Sorocaba, Brazil, plus OGMA in Portugal, provide our global fleet with MRO options. In addition, we have 67 authorized services centers which are strategically placed, giving our customers the flexibility to execute all aspects of support and services.

BenzBy Stefan Benz
SVP Regional Operations EMEA, Jet Aviation

For over half a century, Jet Aviation has been keeping its customers’ aircraft flying safely. Our dedicated technicians are experts in all aspects of aircraft maintenance, from fixed-wing to rotary-wing, scheduled line and base maintenance or RMU, to aftermarket and AOG. Some 20 maintenance locations across the globe offer all services for almost all models in production, on more than 80 regulatory approvals. Whatever, and wherever you fly, we can make it happen.

RankinBy Jim Rankin
CEO, West Star Aviation

As an industry-leading MRO services provider, West Star Aviation has adopted a proactive approach to how we do business into 2021 and beyond. As demand for world-class MRO services continues to increase, we are excited to share that we have begun to implement an enterprise-wide effort to increase the services we provide in all areas of our business. We all are focused on being able to meet our customers’ needs, and continue to exceed expectations.

KerryBy Kerry Heiss
Director of Sales & Marketing, Western Aircraft

For more than 60 years, Western Aircraft has provided a customer-centric approach to service backed by our capabilities and experience. We have grown significantly throughout the years, and are continuing to grow with another recent expansion, but we stay true to our roots of providing a personal touch, easy access and consistently putting our customers first. That’s why so many owners/operators return to us time after time.