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I Hart flying foundation led dual-scholarship oppportunity with girls love to fly advances 5 women in flight with scholarships



loveMay 15, 2023, Pasadena, CA. There are no bounds to aiding more women in flight with teamwork. Having led high-energy themed scholarship opportunities for more than six years, I Hart Flying Foundation (IHFF) recently partnered with Girls Love to Fly (GLTF) on their “All Hands on Deck” themed opportunity to award more than $18,000 in scholarship funding and pilot training packages.

As the aviation industry continues to combat a qualified pilot shortage and experience slow increases of female pilots, both IHFF and GLTF have devoted their programming to work the issue and bring resolution to the sector.

“At I Hart Flying we work hard, put in the effort and recognize the workforce issue across our industry. We have a hand in changing this story,” shared Rachelle Spector, founder of I Hart Flying Foundation. “We’re thrilled to aid these deserving women who showed up, put in the work and illustrated to our organizations that they strive to become professional pilots. Each winning scholar currently mentors, is involved in giving back in their communities and has plans to become airline, corporate or cargo pilots. They dream, they devote, they achieve!”

I Hart Flying welcomed four new Hart Scholars to their Hart Nation and Girls Love to Fly welcomed a new scholar from their Dedicated Aviator Program.

“As a 2019 ‘Ignite the Magic of Flight’ Hart Scholar now Hart Scholarship Committee member, it was nostalgic for me to review the many qualified applications with my fellow committee members,” shared Kristin Gibson, airline pilot for Horizon Air. “I’m honored I can pay it forward and continue seeing the impact we make on women’s lives, together. We all ‘have a hand’ in giving wings to others. Congratulations to the scholarship recipients of ‘All Hands on Deck.’”

foundationHart Scholar and private pilot, Allison Scholtthaur, is working toward her instrument rating with the goal to become an airline or cargo pilot. She resides in Purcell, Oklahoma, and trains at Chickasha Wings. Hart Scholar Megan McArthur, a mother who loves to mentor and teach, has a goal to become a career flight instructor.

She’s applying her award to complete her instrument rating and start on commercial. She trains at Blue Skies Flying Service near Fox Lake, Il. Having some tailwheel training under her belt, Hart Scholar Kate Olaf has plans to fly airlines or corporate, but first, earn her commercial, CFI and CFII with aid from the scholarship. A firefighter and paramedic by trade, Kate lives in Torrance, California, training with Sling Pilot Academy. Her story, as well as all the scholars, were so compelling.

“I am beyond thankful and excited to have been selected as a Hart Scholar! I made a huge decision to move across the country, invest all my money into flight school, and commit to a major career change in order to become a full-time aviatrix, which has come with many challenges,” shared Olaf. “This scholarship will be giving me so much peace of mind regarding my financial status, as I am continuing to work as a paramedic while completing my aviation ratings. I’m looking forward to inspiring others to believe in themselves in learning to fly, as well as honoring the IHF mission of giving back to the aviation community. This opportunity is truly an honor and a privilege.”

Having established ‘Girls Who Soar’ in her own community, Hart Scholar Pepper Rhodes is currently training in Fort Myers, Florida, at Jet Access Flight Training. The sky is not the limit for Pepper, it’s just the beginning. She has plans to become an astronaut after working as an airline pilot. Girls Love to Fly Dedicated Aviator and newest scholar, Monica Jageman, is just starting her flying journey as a student pilot using King Schools and the Girls Love to Fly training programs with plans to fly for the airlines. She’s based out of Granite Bay, California.

“Winning this scholarship, knowing the opportunities it has opened for me, literally left me speechless,” Jageman expressed. “Having the financial support to be able to pursue my dream career means so much to me. I am so grateful to Girls Love to Fly for helping me make my dreams come true. Thank you so much for helping to keep this girl’s head in the clouds!”

This themed collaboration was the preamble to IHFF’s larger multi-year programming that was announced in late 2022 called the H.A.N.D. (Hart Aviation Nation Delivers) Campaign.

I Hart Flying has plans to launch a second themed opportunity this year with even more opportunities for women of all ages to achieve flight.

Both organizations wish to thank their ongoing partners who help make each scholarship award possible. I Hart Flying thanks their donors and in-kind partners, King Schools, Sheltair, Go Rentals, Starbucks and On Final Aviation Apparel. Girls Love To Fly extends gratitude to their donors, members and in-kind partner, Flight Apprentice.

As of completing the “All Hands on Deck” themed scholarship opportunity, IHFF and GLTF combined have awarded more than $300,000 in scholarship funding, flight simulation, pilot supplies, equipment and ground school training to over 55 female pilots since 2017! This success illustrates the hard work and dedication these organizations have to diversity the skies, bridge the gender gap in aviation and collectively aid more women to soar.