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Corporate survey comments




Very pleased with Tom Richardson at Embraer. He is the finest customer service representative I’ve ever dealt with. This guy gets it. He knows our airplane from radar to tail cones, and we can speak pilot or maintenance tech. One in a million!

Mike Beaver
ATP. Legacy 600
Chief Pilot
Big South Fork Aero
Huntsville TN


I’ve been operating the Embraer 170 and Lineage 1000 for the past 11 years. They’re the most reliable and pleasant-to-fly aircraft I’ve ever flown. They always get the job done, and product support received from the company is top-notch!

Bernard Schvartz
ATP. Embraer Lineage 1000
ExecuJet Middle East
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Embraer’s responsiveness has been outstanding. We’ve had our Legacy 450 for 3 ½ years now, and have also operated a Phenom 300 for the same time frame. Previously, we had another Phenom 300 for 5 years, and the company’s response was similar. Hands down, Embraer tops the chart!

David O’Maley
ATP/A&P. Legacy 450/Phenom 300
Cincinnati OH


In my opinion Embraer is going through a tough year, carving out Executive Jets while the deal with Boeing fell through. And it shows. Hopefully they will recover from Covid-19 and return to their previous impressive support. Phenom 300 is still the perfect jet in its category.

Jim McIrvin
ATP/CFII. Phenom 300 & Boeing 737
Owner & Chief Pilot
McIrvin Aviation
Washingtonville NY


Embraer delivers outstanding product support. We are very pleased with Alessandro Rossi, our FSR. He’s professional, very useful, and always willing to help, no matter what it takes.

Giuliano Mota
ATP. Phenom 100
Horii Comércio e Empreendimentos
Mogi das Cruzes SP, Brazil


Praetor 600 is the aircraft we operate in our flight department. It’s a great machine to fly and highly economical when it comes to fuel burn and operating costs. With the very advanced systems in the cockpit, nav and approach capabilities of the Praetor, reaching more destinations and challenging airports has never been easier, and all at very reasonable cost. Every feature has been very well thought out and designed. Cabin environment is extremely comfortable and quiet. And with the entertainment and connectivity options available, it’s really hard not to enjoy every mission we do – short or long.

Anas Jankhout
ATP. Praetor 600
Aviation Mgr
Radic Holding
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Overall, Embraer has a great support team. Sorocaba has the most valuable aircraft executive team in Brazil. AOG is AOG even during the holidays, nights, or weekends. They are the best team in the entire continent of South America.

Thiago Magliano
A&P. Legacy 650
Maintenance Mgr
Sorocaba SP, Brazil


Couldn’t be happier with FSR Alessandro Rossi. He’s the most efficient and helpful professional. He’s always ready to support and attend your needs and questions with expertise.

Kleber de Miranda
ATP. Phenom 300/100
Construtora DADO
São José dos Campos SP, Brazil


Aftersale product support received from Embraer has been outstanding. AOG support is excellent and we’ve never been told there are no spare parts available.

T Mahendran
Comm-Multi-Inst. Phenom 300
Executive Pilot
Madurai Trans Carrier
Mylapore, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India




Gulfstream responded to our AOG support instantly and sent technicians the next day. Our aircraft was completely recovered the following day and flew its next mission without any restrictions. The product support team fixed everything within 36 hours.

Christian Waldmeier
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Dir of Technical Services/CAM
Kai Aviation
Basel, Switzerland


Having flown Gulfstream aircraft during the past 35 years, I can state how impressive they are – not only in terms of the product but also the OEM’s levels of aftersale product support. Not as cheap as going through a broker, but AOG items are dispatched within 24 hours. The service and knowledge of the technical support team is unquestionable. With Gulfstream you get what you pay for – excellence.

Laurence Printie
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Flying Chauffeur
Hertford, United Kingdom


After taking delivery of 3 new Gulfstream G650s, with our first one being the 6th aircraft delivered to a customer, we’ve seen a marked improvement in product service entry and reliability. The G650 continues to meet or exceed GAC’s specifications and performance. We use these aircraft to their full performance parameters in both speed and range, and they have unmatched reliability in class. Besides, the G650 is a very easy plane to fly, and the faster you go, the better it flies.

Michael Meloche
ATP/Helo/CFII/A&P. Gulfstream G650
Dir of Flight Ops
Air Lease
Alpine CA


We’re satisfied with all aspects of the product support received from Gulfstream. It’s always been great!

James Booth
ATP/CFI. Gulfstream G650
Empire Aviation
Honolulu HI


I’m new to the Gulfstream G550, but I’ve been operating a G450 for the past 13 years. It’s been an amazing experience working with a support team that always tries to make good things happen. I’m very satisfied with Gulfstream’s products and the support behind them.

Rod Alston
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Chief Pilot
Orem UT


In my opinion, Gulfstream continues to earn its widely regarded reputation as the industry leader for all sectors of business aviation. They hold the top rank for production, innovation, performance, and customer support.

Brett Beasley
ATP. Gulfstream G550/G450
Dir of Aviation
Salt Lake City UT


Very pleased with Gulfstream’s product support. They’ve always been responsive to our Gulfstream V, G550, and G450 needs.

Patrick Dunn
ATP. Gulfstream V/G550/G450
Contract Pilot
One North Aircraft Support
Mt Prospect IL


Overall we’ve had exceptional support from Gulfstream on both types as we transitioned from the GIV to the G550. Entry into service was exceptional.

David Bjellos
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Aviation Mgr
Agro Industrial Management
West Palm Beach FL


Fortunately, due to Gulfstream’s high reliability and dispatch rate, AOG’s are all but non-existent. They produce great aircraft backed up by exceptional support.

Richard Goodhart
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G550/G450
Captain & Training Coordinator
Ameriprise Financial
New Fairfield CT




Very pleased with the product support received for our Falcon 900LX. Dassault continues to accelerate its already stellar strides in improving on its top-notch customer service and support.

John Alexander
A&P. Falcon 900LX & Citation Sovereign
Senior Aircraft Technician
Cincinnati OH


Our flight department has been able to operate our Falcon 2000LXS/2000S with 100% dispatch reliability for over 2 years. This accomplishment has only been possible because of Dassault’s excellent customer service, along with a great aircraft.

Drew Oetjen
A&P. Falcon 2000LXS/2000S
Mgr of Aircraft Maintenance
Union Pacific Railroad
Omaha NE


Dassault maintenance and spares support have reached new heights. Operational support also continues to be exceptional. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve been impressed with the level of care demonstrated by field service and spares teams, as well as DAS service centers and a host of other departments.

George Afordakos
A&P. Falcon 2000EX
Dir of Aircraft Maintenance
Philadelphia PA


This is the first year we’ve had our current Falcon 900C. Previously we flew a Falcon 50 and a 900B, so this is our 3rd Falcon jet. Dassault has always provided us with excellent product support.

Paul Ahern
ATP/CFII. Falcon 900C
Chief Pilot
John Fabick Tractor
Eureka MO


I’ve seen great improvement in DFJ product support. Service for our Falcon 7X/8X is far better than when we operated the legacy Falcon 900Bs. Covid-19 issues and protocols may have affected some service-related problems we’ve had recently, but, overall, Dassault has done a good job supporting our aircraft.

Stuart Swanson
ATP. Falcon 7X/8X
Chief Pilot
SC Johnson & Son
Racine WI


DFJ continues to meet and exceed our needs and expectations. Company response has been excellent. Our FSR David Bollow is on spot whenever he is needed, and he assists at any time with professionalism. We’re fortunate that he lives within an hour because he drops what he is doing to come to our facility. Yes, there have been several issues with our aircraft, but we have not missed a trip. We’re so glad to be a member of the Falcon family.

Mark Jones
ATP/A&P. Falcon 2000EX EASy
Dir of Aviation
Neurosurgery and Endovascular Assoc
Milwaukee WI


Dassault has the best customer service of all manufacturers I’ve worked with during my career. The experience makes operating Falcon aircraft a real pleasure. 

David Nelson
ATP/CFII. Falcon 900EX EASy/2000
Chief Pilot
Gama Aviation
Kent WA


Had a fantastic experience with Dassault ILG (Wilmington DE). Crew chiefs kept everyone up to date during the entire process – simply the best! And Customer Project Mgr Jason Doerflein deserves all the credit for such a great experience.

Gary Render
ATP. Falcon 7X
Dir Flight Ops
RTL Carriers
Ocala FL


Textron (Including Citation & Hawker Beechcraft)

Currently we use Textron Service Center TPA (Tampa FL) for all scheduled maintenance. We always get the same team of mechanics and customer service assigned to our aircraft, so they’re familiar with it. I have a good working relationship with them. Communication is very good, and they always understand our concerns. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the service provided by Textron.

Robert Rogers
ATP. Citation CJ2
Aviation Mgr & Chief Pilot
BCL Aviation
Plant City FL


Textron Aviation has worked continuously to improve its customer service and parts availability. We operate a Citation CJ3, and our experience with them has been outstanding.

Michael Herman
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation CJ3
Owner & Pilot
Bear Air
Lansdale PA


Textron’s Mobile Service Unit (MSU) team at Lubbock TX is outstanding. We are very pleased with its services and product support.

Dana Longino
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Chief Pilot
Lee Lewis Construction
Lubbock TX


We operate a Citation CJ4 in Asia. The highlight is that Textron Aviation Singapore Service Center at XSP (Seletar, Singapore) is doing an excellent job at supporting the region. They’ve made great progress from 4 to 5 years ago. However, worldwide support and spares availability is not yet satisfactory in general. Most AOG parts are still only available in Wichita. Even if they’re not actually available in Asia, we wish that more parts would be held at least in Europe or US West Coast for faster shipping. Many times we’ve been told that parts are not available anywhere – even common parts like an alternator. And then, a part gets shipped without anyone telling us for a couple of days. We find out only when the part arrives.

Christian Von Strombeck
ATP. Citation CJ4
Lead Pilot
Springfield Air
Singapore, Singapore


Even though our Citation Encore is a legacy aircraft, Textron aftersale product support continues to be excellent.

Michael Lobstein
ATP/A&P. Citation Encore
Reserve Captain
Luhr Bros
Columbia IL


The Textron MSU at our home base of APA (Centennial, Denver CO) deserves much kudos! We’ve experienced excellent response to service requests and questions. And the techs are great – extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Overall I give them 10+.

Jan Cooper
ATP. Citation XLS+
Chief Pilot
Lario Oil & Gas
Greenwood Village CO


Our Citation CJ4 is such a great aircraft. And it’s backed up by an outstanding company and aftersale product support team.

Mauricio Rodriguez Barquet
ATP. Citation CJ4
Corporate Pilot
Westpoint Air
León, Mexico


Although our Citation V is out of production, product support provided by Textron continues to be good.

Harvey Martin
ATP. Citation V
Av Dept Mgr
Martin Landscape
Leeds AL


I think Citations are easy to come by. And that’s why I always wonder about the cost of parts. 

Kris Kolba
Chief Pilot & Aircraft Mgr
2141 Corporation
Decatur GA


Based on my experience operating Citation CJs for 15 years, I can state that they’re dependable when maintained well. Textron Service Center GSO (Greensboro NC) does all maintenance support for our CJ4, and they’ve always been quick and efficient. Very pleased with their support. 

Asa Russ
ATP/A&P. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Eagle Transport
Battleboro NC


Very satisfied with our reliable Citation II. Both Textron and Pratt & Whitney have always given us excellent service. They consistently provide exceptional technical support, and parts are always available.

Douglas Olson
ATP/CFI. Citation II
Tri-State Drilling
Buffalo MN



Very pleased with our Bombardier Tech Rep Greg Sealey. He’s only a phone call away, and if he doesn’t have an immediate answer for us, he gets the required information in a timely manner. We’ve been serviced by Bombardier BDL (Windsor Locks CT) for the past 5 years, and it’s been a good experience. Unfortunately, we had a couple of hangar rash incidents on our most recent visit for a 5-year inspection and Ka-band Internet. Other than that, it’s been very good.

Earl Larson
ATP. Global 5000
Lead Pilot
Delta Jet
Coventry CT


Our Challenger 350 is a very reliable aircraft. It’s equipped with a nice and capable avionics system. I find it a real pleasure to fly, plus it’s backed by an excellent product support network.

Wayne Sauls
ATP/CFI. Challenger 350
Eau Claire WI


We’ve flown our Global 6000 for a year now, and have logged about 425 hours. Everything is still under warranty, and all aspects of service have been AAA/star/gold medal!

Kevin Van Splunder
ATP. Global 6000
Solairus Aviation
Puyallup WA


Operating Bombardier Challenger 604/605/650s for more than 20 years has been an amazing experience. In my opinion, it’s the best bang for the buck with a 99.95% dispatch reliability. They’re amazing aircraft!

Daniel Wolfe
ATP/CFII/A&P. Challenger 605/650
VP & Gen Mgr
Columbus OH


Global 5000 is a fantastic platform, very capable with a great dispatch reliability. However, obtaining spares can sometimes become an issue. Also, 3rd-party vendor items such as avionics can be problematic when you require replacement components. It’s not uncommon for only available units to be refurbished or NFF items that have been sent back into service. Warranty items can at times lead to a protracted process. Nonetheless, Bombardier aftersale service, overall, is superior.

Joe Davitt
ATP. Global 5000
HBK Holding
Doha, Qatar





I’ve always had very quick resolutions to any issues with our PC-12. Our local service center has been outstanding and keeps our aircraft ready to go at a moment’s notice. I’m really happy with the new extended 300-hr service intervals. It saves a fortune. 

Kirk Grimes
Pvt-Inst. Pilatus PC-12NG
Grimes Well Servicing
Edmonton AB, Canada


Pilatus continues to exhibit superb customer service and it also shows  throughout its authorized service centers. Epps Aviation PDK (DeKalb–Peachtree, Atlanta GA) runs great airframe and avionics departments.

Bob Wilson
Comm-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-12
Memphis TN


Our PC-12 has been very reliable. Although it has had a few issues over the years, we are satisfied with the product support provided by Pilatus.

Chris Wegener
ATP/CFII. Pilatus PC-12
Flight Ops Mgr
MRV Services
Hiawatha KS


Pilatus has some very good authorized service centers across the US. Epps Aviation PDK (Atlanta GA) is one of the best. It has a great relationship with Pilatus in Switzerland. We’re very pleased with their mx support. 

Bert Zeller
ATP. Pilatus PC-12NG
Chief Pilot
McElroy Truck Lines
Meridian MS




Flying a TBM 940 has been fantastic. Daher‘s customer service is the best we’ve ever experienced. 

Lee Pillsbury
Comm-Multi-Inst. TBM 940 & Premier I
Managing Director
Business Management Services
Fort Lauderdale FL


My TBM 900 is in its 5th year of warranty. Fortunately, it’s been a very reliable aircraft. Whenever I’ve needed service for our aircraft, Daher and my local service center, Columbia Air, have both been outstanding. No effort has been spared to keep my aircraft in perfect condition. I highly recommend it!

Bruce Feldstein
Pvt-Inst. TBM 900
Owner & Operator
Bruce M Feldstein DDS, PC
West Lebanon NH


Our TBM 850 is a well-built aircraft. It’s both fast and strong. Other than inspections, tires, and brakes, there are no surprises. It always impresses me when I bring it in for its annual inspection and I have only 1 or 2 write-ups. It’s an amazingly efficient aircraft backed up by great product support from the manufacturer and its affiliates.

Bob Bordes
ATP. TBM 850
Corporate Aircraft Association
New Orleans LA


Very satisfied with Daher’s product support. It’s such a great company. Our TBM 940 is our 4th TBM, and it’s been awesome.

Jim Thorpe
Pvt-Inst. TBM 940
President & Chief Pilot
JTS Consultants
Naperville IL


We’re currently under the manufacturer’s warranty with extended services offered by AVEX at CMA (Camarillo CA). They’ve provided an amazing service and have resolved problems quickly, especially those that have been pilot-induced. Our TBM 930, with its excess power, speed, safety, and comfort, has been an amazing aircraft, but the deciding factor that keeps us in a TBM over a King Air, Pilatus, or very light jet, is the community of service providers, owners, and manufacturer. TBMOPA is not just a chat room for owners, but a strong collaboration with the manufacturer, training organizations, and service centers. They’re all working with one another to keep everyone flying, from the oldest TBM 700A model to the newest 940 aircraft. I feel safe, comfortable, and happy in the French bird.

Jon Anderson
Comm-Multi-Inst. TBM 930
Av Mgr & Chief Pilot
MACA Transportation
Orem UT


I think the Daher service center at PMP (Pompano Beach FL) is excellent. The Canadian TBM facility has been outstanding, although it’s remotely located. This situation has created the need to coordinate carefully with both the Canadian and US service providers for effective service.

David Metcalfe
ATP. TBM 930
Corporate Pilot
SWT Group
Windsor ON, Canada


Daher is very responsive to owner suggestions and concerns, and it strongly supports TBMOPA—the TBM owners association. Support is available promptly by phone. A good selection of factory-designed retrofits is available. And the 5-year broad warranty on new aircraft makes purchase attractive. I feel that these are good reasons to now own my 4th TBM.

Ian Fries
Wilmington DE


Textron Aviation (including King Air, Caravan & Conquest)


Love Beechcraft aircraft! We fly a King Air 200 and couldn’t be happier with the levels of product support we receive. 

David Strahle
Comm-Multi-Inst. King Air 200
Fenton MI


Have been flying King Airs and other products for over 18 years, and I believe Textron’s policy of hiring tech reps and CSRs with little or no experience is affecting product and service support satisfaction.

Adrians Santos
ATP. King Air 350/200/90GTx, Beechjet 400 & Citation CJ1
President & Chief Pilot
Global Flight Support
Tampa FL


I operate King Air 200 & 350 turboprops. My experience has been excellent both with the aircraft and service received from the support team. Can’t beat a King Air!

Bradford Peterson
ATP. King Air 200/350
Chief Pilot
Plymouth MN




Excellent support across the board is what I always receive from Piper. Particularly outstanding is the support provided by Skytech at DMW (Westminster MD), a Piper authorized service center.

Philip Soucy
Comm-Multi-Inst. Piper M600
Owner & CEO
P and P Services
Springfield VA


I’ve been operating our Piper Meridian for the past 12 years with no major issues. 

Ronald Ziller
ATP. Piper Meridian 
Airworthy Services
Pompano Beach FL


My experience with the Piper factory has been very satisfactory, just as with my Swiss Piper maintenance provider, MécanAir. I prefer to work with them rather than use the European Piper service agent in Germany.

André Mueller
Comm-Multi-Inst. Piper Meridian
Owner & Pilot
Weggis, Switzerland


Piper M600 is a great airplane. And we’ve received superb product support from the manufacturer.

Kirby Chambliss
ATP. Piper M600
Chambliss Aerobatics
Eloy AZ