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Upgrade milestone: 50+ Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft upgraded with Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® avionics



ORLANDO, FL (October 18, 2022) – Collins Aerospace announced it has surpassed 50 installation upgrades of its Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system for the Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft.


Collins’ popular Venue™ cabin management system, the interface used to control and monitor aircraft functions related to the cabin, is also available for upgrade on the Challenger 604.

Fusion is an update to the factory-installed avionics suite, replacing difficult to repair cathode ray tube (CRT) displays with dependable, high-resolution touchscreens and making the Challenger 604 compliant with national airspace modernization requirements. The Collins 604 aircraft Pro Line Fusion upgrade is currently available for customers throughout Bombardier’s service centre network.

“Pro Line Fusion seamlessly integrates everything a pilot needs into the touchscreen displays, bringing new levels of simplicity, flexibility and predictability to flight operations,” said Marc Ayala, senior director of sales for Business and Regional Avionics at Collins Aerospace.

“This powerful flight deck technology not only complies with regulatory standards, but lowers pilot workload, enables greater situational awareness and brings pilot’s eyes up and out from CDUs and keyboards to perform their critical tasks quickly, more efficiently and with increased reliability on Fusion’s three large displays.”

With 56 total Challenger 604 upgrades completed by Collins’ network of installation dealers, Fusion’s all-in-one, cost-efficient solution utilizes advanced technology to provide outsized benefits to operators.

  • Customizable cockpit experience – Three 14.1-inch touchscreen LCD displays are tailorable to individual pilot preferences. Flight planning, navigation, charting and everything in between is simplified as pilots simply touch what they want to change, allowing for heads-up and eyes-forward operation.
  • Safety and peace of mind in all weather conditions – Enhanced, high-definition synthetic vision systems allow pilots to confidently navigate unknown terrain, obstacles and challenging airports – clearly, efficiently and in all weather conditions.
  • Earlier arrivals and more efficient routing – Fusion is equipped with Future Air Navigation System 1/A (FANS 1/A) and Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), improving operational communications and meeting airspace mandates required for many preferred oceanic and international routes. This technology grants equipped aircraft with faster departure clearances and access to preferred airspace – saving fuel, time and operational costs.
  • Lighter weight and less fuel burn – Converting to the Pro Line Fusion system reduces the useful load of the Challenger 604 by about 163 pounds, significantly reducing fuel burn and associated carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft.