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A clear view of clouds

Professional Pilot
Clouds are indicators of atmospheric conditions. Identifying and understanding their formation can make flight operations safer. By Karsten Shein Comm-Inst. Climate Scientist Altocumulus standing lenticular clouds above Torres del Paine, Chile in December 2020. Lenticulars form as part of atmospheric waves generated by air flowing over terrain obstacles such as mountains. Such clouds indicate strong […]

Unrealized benefits of ADS-B

Density altitude

Professional Pilot
Hot air can create challenges for aircraft performance. By Karsten Shein Comm-Inst Climate Scientist Gulfstream climbs out on a hot summer day. Above-ISA temperature will reduce lift and thrust, necessitating a longer runway roll and shallower climb to altitude. ensity altitude is an important consideration, especially for summer flying. An aircraft’s ability to fly depends […]

March 2022

Mountain weather

Professional Pilot
Complex and hyperlocal conditions create challenges for mountain flying. By Karsten Shein Comm-Inst Climate Scientist Pilatus PC-24 cruises across the Swiss Alps. Mountain flying presents many weather dangers for unprepared pilots. he copilot had checked the numbers twice. They had taken on less fuel than they wanted due to the full passenger load and the […]

Falcon 10X Interior Receives Another Prestigious Product Design Award