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Business aviation faces new challenges as international flying resumes

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Ed Bolen President & CEO, NBAA t’s very encouraging to see international business aviation flight operations climbing once again to more typical levels following 2 years of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, while this is certainly cause for optimism, we must also acknowledge the challenges that remain in this particular moment for our […]

Gulfstream expanding Appleton facility to meet demand and growth of fleet

Bizav engine manufacturers highlight the advantages of enrolling in powerplant maintenance plans.

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By Safran Helicopter Engines The 1100-shp Arrano engine is designed to power helicopters in the 4- to 6-ton class. afran Helicopter Engines is dedicated exclusively to manufacturing rotorcraft turbines, with more than 2500 customers in 155 countries, and 22,000 engines in service. Our top priority is to provide safe, reliable, and high-performance engines, to help […]

ATR paves way for next generation of its best-selling aircraft

Messages from MRO service providers

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By Tamara Tigert Senior director of MRO, Airbus Helicopters he maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) team at Airbus Helicopters North America is committed to providing customers with the highest quality services, as we know that they rely on us to remain operational to save lives, protect communities, and transport goods and passengers safely when it’s […]

TCab Tech partners with Safran on the electric motors for the E20 eVTOL

Messages from OEM customer support representatives to their business aircraft operators regarding aftersale service.

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By Anthony Cox VP Customer Support, Bombardier At Bombardier, consistently delivering an outstanding service experience has always been our goal, because we know our customers’ aircraft best. We provide exceptional, around-the-clock support to customers who fly our in-service fleet of more than 4900 aircraft, and our extensive worldwide expansion and digital transformation is all about […]

Cabotage considerations

Analyzing residual value

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What is the aircraft you’re considering buying or selling actually worth? By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight y any standard, an aircraft acquisition represents a ma­jor investment. But it is also a depreciating asset and, as such, its Residual Value (RV) is an important factor for anyone with a fi nancial interest in the aircraft, […]

Bizav engine manufacturers highlight the advantages of enrolling in powerplant maintenance plans.

Understanding how Asset Quality affects value of an aircraft offered for sale

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By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight ou may be considering replacing your aircraft. How will its Asset Quality affect the value? Asset Quality summarizes an aircraft’s overall technical condition by taking into account everything – from the condition of the aircraft’s paint to its passenger interior – while principally focusing on the aircraft’s maintenance condition. […]

New vs certified pre-owned assets


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By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Snake oil merchants in early America would travel from town to town and make impossible claims for their products. With music to draw them in, crowds formed as these unprinci­pled salesmen would lie to the assembly. Whatever malady an unsuspecting prospect might want to alleviate was said to be […]

Aftermarket MRO