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What makes a good leader

Professional Pilot
By Scott Moore Human Leadership Guru Leadership can take many forms, from inspirational to quietly encouraging. Effective leadership pays dividends when it comes to personnel retention and motivation, and is also extremely valuable in non-group settings, such as one-on-one mentoring. o, aviation professional, can I ask you a personal question?  Are you a good leader? […]

August 2019

Analyzing residual value

Professional Pilot
What is the aircraft you’re considering buying or selling actually worth? By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight y any standard, an aircraft acquisition represents a ma­jor investment. But it is also a depreciating asset and, as such, its Residual Value (RV) is an important factor for anyone with a fi nancial interest in the aircraft, […]

August 2021

Understanding how Asset Quality affects value of an aircraft offered for sale

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight ou may be considering replacing your aircraft. How will its Asset Quality affect the value? Asset Quality summarizes an aircraft’s overall technical condition by taking into account everything – from the condition of the aircraft’s paint to its passenger interior – while principally focusing on the aircraft’s maintenance condition. […]

Daher joins the United Aerial Firefighters Association as this new organization’s first airframe manufacturer member