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OEMs offer customized business jets and TPs

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Readily available business aircraft excel in specialized operations. Pro Pilot staff compilation Bombardier Challenger 650 has space for up to 6 workstations and maximum endurance exceeding 11 hours. opular business aircraft platforms equipped with advanced technologies enable government agencies and civilian operators to perform missions such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), head-of-state transport, search […]

November 2019

Search-and-rescue helicopters

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Turbine-powered rotary-wing aircraft enable public safety agencies to perform rescue missions from harsh environments. By Woody McClendon ATP/Helo/CFI Contributing Writer he search and rescue (SAR) helicopter community spans the entire civilized world. Tasked with retrieving accident and trauma victims from ships at sea, from offshore oil platforms, and from many other challenging environments, helicopter crews […]

Modern Aviation expands into the midwest with the acquisition of the Elliott Aviation FBO at Des Moines International Airport

Purpose-built turboprops serve host of duties

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From medical emergencies to law enforcement, these machines enable agencies to protect and save lives. By Woody McClendon ATP/Helo/CFI Contributing Writer he airborne public service community performs vital missions within society which demand much of their flightcrews and require reliable aircraft so their missions aren’t compromised by mechanical problems. Popular turboprop manufacturers serving this community […]

Helicopter Pioneer Frank Robinson Passes