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Professional Pilot
The complexities of flight planning, weather routing, and navigation are easier to manage with pilot-centric apps. By J Peter Berendsen ATP/CFI. B747-8i, B737, MD11 Contributing Writer The ForeFlight app usually gives very good situational awareness. However, to actually see the information on the back of the chart, as in this Detroit TAC chart, involves a […]

March 2015

Head-up displays

Professional Pilot
HUD technology improves safety and enables more efficient flight ops. By Shannon Forrest President, Turbine Mentor ATP/CFII. Challenger 604/605, Gulfstream IV, MU2B The FalconEye HUD design complements the advanced flight deck of the Falcon 8x. It allows pilots to descend to lower minimums in IMC. ilots fight a constant battle between “need to have” and […]

June 2016

Synthetic and enhanced vision systems reduce pilot workload and improve situational awareness.

Professional Pilot
By Shannon Forrest President, Turbine Mentor ATP/CFII. Challenger 604/605,Gulfstream IV, MU2B Combined vision system on Gulfstream G700 shows synthetic and enhanced imagery on dual head-up displays, increases pilot situational awareness and providing access to more airports. n approach in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) is a difficult task for a pilot to perform flawlessly. The most […]

Fog and visibility

Reducing pilot workload and improving SA

Professional Pilot
Tactile technology, modular avionics, compact HUDs, voice-control, and aircraft health monitoring systems. By Jake Carpenter Contributing Writer nboard flight controls connect pilots to the aircraft they operate. From the advent of aviation, these controls have evolved rapidly from simple levers and cables to advanced constructs of augmented reality, haptic interfaces, voice recognition, and proactive aircraft […]

Squawk Ident