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Upset prevention and recovery training

Professional Pilot
With new regs enacted, pilots must develop and maintain UPRT skills. By Marty Rollinger ATP. Challenger 600 & 604, Falcon 2000 EASy and McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Contributing Writer The venerable Extra 300 aircraft operated by Prevailance Aerospace for UPRT. Clients are provided digital video documentation of their training experience. irst things first – let’s define […]

Understanding asset quality

Airborne radar

Professional Pilot
Using radar systems to identify and avoid adverse weather. By David Ison Professor, Graduate School Northcentral University Honeywell IntuVue RDR-4000 3D weather radar system reduces pilot workload and provides full situational awareness of weather, resulting in increased safety with improved routing around hazards. lthough experience has always been perceived as the key to being a […]

Know before you go

Synthetic vision for advanced air mobility

Professional Pilot
Recent advances in aeronautical databases enable a safer future for aviation. By Sean Connor Director of Unmanned Systems Discover Technology Intl The certified Saab-Maxar ultra-photorealistic 3D image terrain and elevation data of Manhattan from 7000 ft AGL provides an unparalleled perspective of the urban environment for low-altitude operations, improving situational awareness for helos, drones, and […]

June 2022

Unrealized benefits of ADS-B

Professional Pilot
Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast improves flight safety. Optional “In” equipment enables operators to see traffic around them. NTSB reconstruction of cockpit display in the Otter showing the Beaver on a converging flight path. The rectangle and aircraft labels are for reconstruction clarity and would not have been on actual aircraft displays. By Marty Rollinger […]

Reviewing 2021 aircraft transactions

Cockpit upgrades

Professional Pilot
Flight deck enhancements increase aircraft value and improve flight safety. Dassault FalconEye HUD offers 40 horizontal and 30 vertical field of view. Training is available at FlightSafety Intl’s Falcon 900LX, 8X, and 2000LXS simulators in Dallas, Teterboro, and Paris. By Shannon Forrest President, Turbine Mentor ATP/CFII. Challenger 604/605, Gulfstream IV, MU2B very primary flight student […]

Advanced flight decks

Advanced flight decks

Professional Pilot
Modernization of global airspace requires cockpits to meet operational demands with innovative technology that accommodates human factors to unprecedented levels. By Don Van Dyke ATP/Helo/CFII, F28, Bell 222. Pro Pilot Canadian Technical Editor Defining the capabilities, configurations, and designs of advanced flight decks demands vision, imagination, and the coordination of a wide range of disciplines. […]

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