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The forecast calls for a radar refresher

Professional Pilot
Knowing the ins and outs of your radar will keep you out of danger. By David Ison Professor, Graduate School Northcentral University Fig 1. The cell directly ahead would be considered highly contoured and would be one to circumvent. The cell to the near right is less contoured and would require more evaluation. Part 135 […]

EASA grants Hartzell engine tech OK for aircraft alternator upgrades

Reducing pilot workload and improving SA

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Tactile technology, modular avionics, compact HUDs, voice-control, and aircraft health monitoring systems. By Jake Carpenter Contributing Writer nboard flight controls connect pilots to the aircraft they operate. From the advent of aviation, these controls have evolved rapidly from simple levers and cables to advanced constructs of augmented reality, haptic interfaces, voice recognition, and proactive aircraft […]

March 2016

Vision systems, shared user interfaces, and connected flight decks

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Intuitive avionics reduce pilot workload and improve SA. By Jake Carpenter Contributing Writer ircraft flight controls constitute the essential interface between pilots and machine. Since the beginnings of aviation, such controls have evolved from the most rudimentary manual levers and cables to those that now comprise highly sophisticated augmented reality (AR), haptic interface, fly-by-light, intelligent […]

Annual aircraft sales report