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My experience flying with Clay Lacy

Professional Pilot
By Woody McClendon Contributing Writer Clay Lacy (L) and Woody McClendon at a forum hosted by Professional Pilot founder Murray Smith. lying for a living makes us part of a special fraternity. Often, there are secrets about flying which are too precious to put into text books, but hopefully we’ll meet mentors who pass along […]

Gogo AVANCE L5 with 5G Provisions. Now offered by Dassault Falcon Jet

Reviewing 2021 aircraft transactions

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Pre-owned aircraft availability decreased by 63% following the June 2020 peak inventory figure, and by 54% during CY2021. rom a statistical perspective, 2021 was a difficult period to rationalize. Demand ended the year at a record high level, pre-owned aircraft sales exceeded 2020 by over 40%, aircraft availability reached […]

June 2020

Optimizing value when acquiring an aircraft

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight rice and value are terms often used interchangeably to describe an aircraft’s worth. However, they actually have different meanings. Price is the monetary amount an aircraft buyer pays, while its value is the relative worth, utility, and/or importance they place on that asset. Emotions can overcome logic during the […]

Gulfstream completes latest strategic facility expansion in Appleton

Artificial Intelligence in use today within various parts of the aviation industry

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight AI applications in the aviation industry minimize aircraft down time by anticipating maintenance issues based on collected data. rtificial Intelligence (AI) is often associated with robots able to mimic human actions and some level of cognitive reasoning. It is true that ad vanced robotics utilize various forms of AI, […]

November 2015

Optimizing ROI in a depreciating asset

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight ach day, countless organizations collect and dissem inate vast amounts of data points relating to business aviation. The challenge has always been translating such data into useful, actionable and timely information. While computers can process immeasurable statistics at the speed of light, their analytical capability must be intelligently guided […]

EASA grants Hartzell engine tech OK for aircraft alternator upgrades

How maintenance facilities can affect aircraft value

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight When it comes to an aircraft’s value, maintenance facilities oversee the asset’s greatest “wild card” – its maintenance expense. Inexpensive services are available to help maintenance organizations identify the financial benefit impact of their work while creating a value-add service for their clients. hese 2 things are certain when […]

The difference between diminution of value and cost to cure

The year 2019 in review

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight usiness aviation operates within a data-rich environment. The challenge has always been collecting useful data in a timely fashion, and then deciphering it to create actionable information. As we do every year, Asset Insight collected a significant amount of data during 2019, and many industry professionals accessed the information […]

April 2021