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Reviewing 2021 aircraft transactions

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Pre-owned aircraft availability decreased by 63% following the June 2020 peak inventory figure, and by 54% during CY2021. rom a statistical perspective, 2021 was a difficult period to rationalize. Demand ended the year at a record high level, pre-owned aircraft sales exceeded 2020 by over 40%, aircraft availability reached […]

How maintenance facilities can affect aircraft value

Analyzing residual value

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What is the aircraft you’re considering buying or selling actually worth? By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight y any standard, an aircraft acquisition represents a ma­jor investment. But it is also a depreciating asset and, as such, its Residual Value (RV) is an important factor for anyone with a fi nancial interest in the aircraft, […]

September 2022

Understanding how Asset Quality affects value of an aircraft offered for sale

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By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight ou may be considering replacing your aircraft. How will its Asset Quality affect the value? Asset Quality summarizes an aircraft’s overall technical condition by taking into account everything – from the condition of the aircraft’s paint to its passenger interior – while principally focusing on the aircraft’s maintenance condition. […]

June 2021


Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Snake oil merchants in early America would travel from town to town and make impossible claims for their products. With music to draw them in, crowds formed as these unprinci­pled salesmen would lie to the assembly. Whatever malady an unsuspecting prospect might want to alleviate was said to be […]

July 2020

Understanding asset quality

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By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight t’s been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that can certainly hold true for aircraft. Regretta­bly, a nice-looking aircraft may be in worse mainte nance condition than an asset in serious need of repaint­ing, hence the need to objectively understand an aircraft’s Asset Quality. […]

December 2019

The difference between diminution of value and cost to cure

Professional Pilot
Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight A Gulfstream G550 plowed into a Beechcraft King Air at Nashville International Airport. These 2 aircraft will fly again but the accident entry into the logbook will reduce their resale values. hen an aircraft sustains any form of damage, its effect on the asset’s value must be considered. True “value […]

AirplaneManager and FltPlan.com announce a new industry integration to help streamline operations.

Optimizing value when acquiring an aircraft

Professional Pilot
By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight rice and value are terms often used interchangeably to describe an aircraft’s worth. However, they actually have different meanings. Price is the monetary amount an aircraft buyer pays, while its value is the relative worth, utility, and/or importance they place on that asset. Emotions can overcome logic during the […]

Squawk ident

Maintaining objectivity in a subjective world

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By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Average life expectancy of a paint job is 7 years. Offer prices will adjust to compensate for repainting poor or oudated paint schemes. e occasionally receive telephone calls that start with (what we call) the famous 4 words: “This can’t be right.” The caller then proceeds to explain why […]

Rolls-Royce and Alder Fuels join forces to fuel the race to Net Zero