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Bizjet and TP modifiers

Professional Pilot
Mods and upgrades improve aircraft performance and add value. Owen Davies Contributing writer n recent editions of Professional Pilot magazine, we have looked at companies that maintain, repair, and overhaul executive aircraft. This time, we are going to examine firms that modify business jets and turboprops (TPs). These companies can improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, […]

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Bizjet and turboprop direct operating costs

Professional Pilot
Safety, utility, value, and risk management of business jet and turboprop aircraft operations are enhanced by monitoring, analyzing, managing  and understanding related expenditure. By Don Van Dyke ATP/Helo/CFII, F28, Bell 222. Pro Pilot Canadian Technical Editor Artificial intelligence will likely advance the financial and accounting systems under which aircraft are managed to gain new understanding […]

May 2022

In-house maintenance

Professional Pilot
Best practices from private aircraft maintenance departments. By Owen Davies Contributing Writer Duncan Aviation is a Dassault Falcon-authorized service center. Its techs can perform all major and minor inspections and repairs on all Falcon models. n the 3 previous installments of this series, we looked at the maintenance contracts available from business aircraft and engine […]

February 2014