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Bizav engine manufacturers highlight the advantages of enrolling in powerplant maintenance plans.


By Safran Helicopter Engines

The 1100-shp Arrano engine is designed to power helicopters in the 4- to 6-ton class.
Safran Helicopter Engines is dedicated exclusively to manufacturing rotorcraft turbines, with more than 2500 customers in 155 countries, and 22,000 engines in service. Our top priority is to provide safe, reliable, and high-performance engines, to help our customers stay focused on their missions and to keep their helicopters flying every day, wherever they may be.

And our customer support teams around the world are paramount to this mission. In our 12 different sites, our front office teams work hard to answer all customer needs.

Furthermore, our network of partners, certified distribution centers, and certified maintenance centers are also part of the success with their proximity-based services and their knowledge of our products and services.

Lastly, our corporate support teams ensure that all improvement and innovation projects are driven by customer expectations, and provide non-stop support and information to our front offices.

Our latest generation of engines has been designed with simple maintenance in mind – they feature fewer scheduled tasks and longer service intervals, with components and accessories which are easy to access, disassemble, and exchange.

For example, on our recently-certified Arrano, which powers the Airbus H160, servicing time is half that of previous-generation engines.

In parallel, operators benefit from our new digital services, such as Health Monitoring – an engine life data tracking system enabling predictive maintenance; and Expert Link – a remote visual assistance service.

All our digital services are available via our EngineLife customer portal. By-the-hour and digital services are trends that contribute to improving support. Safran Helicopter Engines invests in digital solutions for customers, and they are proving their worth.

Services such as Expert Link, Health Monitoring, and SBH on-line have seen a lot of success with customers. Today, more than 600 customers use Health Monitoring for more than 4000 engines.

Those who subscribe to the Premium level of Health Monitoring obtain detailed reports that provide advice on engine maintenance based on health trends and operations.

Feedback from customers highlights how our services save time and help to avoid errors. Our by-the-hour contracts continue to bring satisfaction to our customers, and more operators are signing up. Today, 50% of our customer base has either an SBH contract or Global Support Package that brings them guarantees in terms of cost control.

The combination of the EngineLife range of services and our front offices’ knowledge of the customer enables Safran Helicopter Engines to propose and provide customized services that are designed to answer operator needs.

By Kumar Satheeshkumar
VP of Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada

The low-emissions PW617F is in service on Embraer Phenom 100 twinjets. FADEC gives pilots better control and information about the engines.
Demand for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s engine maintenance programs remains robust. It’s common wisdom in aviation that pay-per-hour (PPH) engine maintenance plans help sustain an aircraft’s value and achieve higher prices at resale.

To ensure that our plans have broad appeal, we tailor them to specific customers, missions, and operational needs.

For example, to address mission requirements, we created a Platinum level of ESP (Eagle Service Plan) coverage for our owners of Embraer Phenom 300 (PW535E engines) and Phenom 100 (PW617F engines) business jets.

Platinum even includes environmental damage repair. And there’s our P&WCSMART portfolio, which has become a popular choice for mature engines.

The P&WCSMART portfolio for PT6A engines has further expanded to include a hot section inspection (HSI) program and a new offering for subscription services which support customers post-HSI right through overhaul, with cost-effective maintenance solutions for their PT6A powerplants. At Pratt & Whitney Canada, we care for every customer at every moment.

By Steve Shettler
Senior VP Product Support, Williams International

Williams reports flight testing its FJ44-4 engine using 100% sustainable aviation fuel. With more than 5700 FJ44 engines in service, the company offers a complete maintenance plan through its TAP Blue program.

Williams International’s TAP Blue program is the industry’s leading all-encompassing engine maintenance plan. It covers all maintenance required for Williams International engines, in addition to providing a lifetime warranty.

The program’s comprehensive coverage includes foreign object damage (FOD), lightning strikes, and corrosion discovered at major periodic inspections.

For engines protected with TAP Blue, since all of the above costs are covered, there is no need to contact insurance or other entities for engine-related items, and there is no debating who is covering the cost.

This coverage helps keep insurance rates down, since claims are not needed for FOD or similar events, for example. There are no deductibles or other additional unforeseen expenses on the engines.

The program also ensures that the capital value of the aircraft is maximized, since TAP Blue coverage transfers to new purchasers of the aircraft.

Used aircraft enrolled in TAP Blue achieve a significantly higher resale price than those not on the program at time of sale.

The value of TAP Blue is so compelling that most financial institutions recommend it, and many require it to obtain financing. TAP Blue covers routine periodic inspections, major periodic inspections (MPIs), life limited components, line replaceable unit (LR

U) overhauls, unscheduled maintenance, all Service Bulletins, FOD, lightning damage, corrosion found at MPIs, rental engine coverage, repair station priority for quick turns (option to rental), and airframe consumables related to engine and rental R&R.