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Showcasing the latest in avionics

By Geoff Hill
Director of Communications, AEA



Are you a pilot or aircraft owner who is always looking for the latest and greatest innovations when it comes to avionics? Want to learn more about situational awareness, inflight entertainment, ADS-B, connectivity solutions, and new and emerging safety-enhancing technologies?

The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) is at your service. For starters, the association recently published the 18th annual edition of its AEA Pilot’s Guide, a consumer’s directory loaded with educational articles, timely information, and data about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies.

GA pilots and aircraft owners may request a free copy of this year’s AEA Pilot’s Guide at aeapilotsguide.net.

This free publication is distributed annually to thousands of aviators, and is intended to help them make informed buying decisions when it comes to avionics.

It assists pilots and aircraft owners locate nearly 1300 AEA member companies in more than 40 countries, including government-certified repair stations specializing in maintenance, repair, and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation (GA) aircraft.

The publication includes the manufacturers and distributors of these products, as well as technical schools and universities, engineers and consultants for the industry. Want this for your personal reading pleasure? No problem.

Individuals residing in the United States may request a free copy of this year’s edition – while supplies last – at aeapilotsguide.net. Take a few seconds and make your request today.

In addition, AEA recently introduced the Pilot’s Guide Showcase, an all-new digital stage highlighting everything, from features and functions of the latest avionics equipment, to the installation and service available from AEA-member repair stations.

Specifically designed for avionics consumers such as GA pilots and aircraft owners, this solution can be found online at pilotsguideshowcase.net. And, in addition to featuring product demonstrations, how-to videos, and select tutorials via recorded flight demonstrations, this digital platform spotlights AEA’s network of technology experts.

In the absence of industry trade shows during the past year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, avionics consumers did not have the opportunity to discover innovative avionics technologies in person at fly-ins, air shows, and aviation events across the globe.

To help offset that lost personal interaction, the Pilot’s Guide Showcase is an evolving platform and a new way for aviators to learn about safety-enhancing technologies on the market in one convenient location.

Both the AEA Pilot’s Guide and the brand-new Pilot’s Guide Showcase website can help serve as a lifeline that connects pilots and aircraft owners to the technical experts in the avionics industry. After all, AEA member repair stations routinely help pilots make informed decisions based on budget, compatibility, integration, certification, hull value, and other parameters.

Ultimately, it is the experts at these AEA shops who can best showcase the latest avionics, and help aircraft owners determine what’s best for their airplane. Simply put, AEA members are aviation’s technology experts.

Their expertise doesn’t stop with the technical specifications – they are masters of their craft who understand the complexities of fitting big investments into panels and avionics bays full of disparate systems. They continually pursue training and education on these new systems to make sure they get it right.

If you have any questions about your equipment needs or its fitment into your airplane, the government-certified AEA member repair stations listed in the current AEA Pilot’s Guide should be your first call. They, too, can showcase the latest avionics and help you determine what’s best for your airplane.

Until we are able to gather again at aviation industry events to see, touch, and experience these new safety-enhancing technologies face to face, I want to extend a personal invitation to help you stay connected with aviation’s technology experts through a brand-new podcast called AEA Amplified. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Podbean, or Spotify.

You can also listen to all previous episodes by visiting aea.net/podcast. In the meantime, enjoy perusing the pages of this special edition of Professional Pilot magazine. Here’s to safe flying and a healthy and prosperous new year!