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2024 Avionics Manufacturers Product Support


1 Garmin, 2 Collins Aerospace, 3 Universal Avionics, 4 Honeywell

Garmin keeps 1st place for 20 consecutive years, Collins remains 2nd for 2 yrs in a row, Universal stays 3rd and Honeywell 4th for 8 years in a row. Survey results based on 446 forms returned, and a total of 501 line evaluations provided by operators.

Pro Pilot Staff Report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker


Avionics systems and displays are improving constantly, as OEMs introduce new technological developments that provide operators with more situational awareness, more efficient communication, and enhanced safety.

Wonderful products are available today. However, they need to be taught and supported in the best ways possible and at all times, since we live now in a world that keeps moving and doesn’t stop.

Pro Pilot Avionics Mfrs Product Support Survey is designed to measure the product support provided by OEMs to operators. This is the 29th year that our readers have shared with us their ratings on product support categories – product reliability, speed in AOG service, cost of parts, manuals or CDs, tech reps, and support from manufacturers. Participants also provided comments about OEM performance.

Garmin has remained 1st for 20 consecutive years now, with an overall score of 8.55 this year, down from 8.71 earned in 2023. It places 1st in all survey categories. Garmin’s best category improvement was in manuals or CDs, slightly up this year to 8.50 from 8.44 last year.

Garmin’s Aviation Support Center is available to address AOG events, account management, database, troubleshooting, basic operations, order status and warranty, service literature, software management, training, and weather radar. They provide alerts, advisory and bulletin notifications, and guidance on how to update operating software on certified avionics. Personnel are available for AOG situations, with an AOG Expedite Service Line available for immediate solutions.

Collins Aerospace stays in 2nd place for 2 years in a row, with an overall score of 8.13, slightly up from 8.10 in 2023. Collins earns 2nd in all categories of the survey, obtaining the greatest improvement in cost of parts with a 6.79 score, compared to 6.49 in 2023 – an increase of 0.30 and the best in the entire survey. It also improved in the support from the manufacturer category with an 8.39 score, up from 8.18 in 2023 – an increase of 0.21.

Collins customer service is available 24/7, providing assistance on technical publications and service bulletins, tech requests, order placement and status, account information, customer self-help, repair and supplier information, service solutions, and warranty claims. This OEM offers Web-based tools and customer portals to help operators find solutions.

Universal Avionics ranks 3rd for the 2nd consecutive year, with an overall score of 7.71, versus last year’s 8.05. This OEM takes 3rd place in product reliability, speed in AOG service, cost of parts, and support from the manufacturer. Largest category improvement is in product reliability with 8.93 this year, up from 8.84 in 2023.

Universal customer support is available through a worldwide network of regional offices, field tech reps, service centers, and repair stations. Its online service center is active 24/7. UniNet, a free secure service, gives operators access to navigation database, service bulletins, tech manuals, operator/user manuals, and other account information.

Honeywell rounds out the survey, placing 4th with an overall score of 7.47. It places 3rd in the categories of tech reps and manuals or CDs.

Honeywell operators can visit aerospace.honeywell.com for access to service, including help with AOG situations, technical support, maintenance service plans, warranty and claims, billing and invoices, pricing and online ordering, software and data services, and BendixKing solutions. Honeywell’s worldwide network includes authorized sales and service partners.

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