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AVFlight upgrades cargo operations at DTW airfield



PeopleROMULUS, Mich. / August 29, 2023– There is a new presence at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) as Avflight moves its cargo operations from an off-field location to the airfield, enhancing the airport’s cargo capabilities.

Avflight took over the lease of the Nomads Building—a 20,000-square-foot facility—to house its handling operation for Lufthansa Cargo, a leading network carrier in Michigan. The move comes as Avflight and Lufthansa Cargo continue to grow import and export operations—including special cargo shipments like animals, valuables and dangerous goods—at Michigan’s largest airport.

“Taking over the lease of the Nomads Building will help both Avflight and Lufthansa Cargo streamline operations as we support both the local economy and global trade,” said Garrett Hain, Avflight’s vice president of finance. “Avflight is committed to investing in infrastructure that drives our initiatives, our communities and our industry forward.”

The move to the airfield is the first in a series of tactical expansions for Avflight as the company also has a contract with the airport to develop a new cargo handling facility next to the existing structure. It will design the new facility in collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo to ensure the building will meet special cargo requirements. Discussions on that development are in the initial stages, but the move to the airfield and existing contract are representative of Avflight’s dedication to supporting the vitality of international trade out of DTW.

Avflight Corporation operates at strategically-located airports in North America and Europe; the company specializes in corporate, commercial, and military traffic and services, including a network of 25 full-service FBOs.