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The Av8 Group Now Offering Phenom 100/300 Landing Gear Exchanges



Houston, TX, October 12, 2021 – Av8 Group is pleased to announce they will now be offering Landing Gear Overhaul Exchange Program for Embraer Phenom 100/300 operators. The Av8 Group is renowned in the industry for their Hawker Landing Gear Overhaul program and is now focusing on Embraer 100 and 300 models with the same emphasis on innovation.

Available now, this new exchange program offers Phenom operators the unique opportunity to virtually eliminate turn times when waits and parts delays are common industry-wide for these overhauls. The company currently has one set of Phenom 300 gear and two sets of Phenom 100 gear available for exchange and plans to add more as opportunities arise. There is a small exchange fee required but exchange participation does not affect the overhaul price.

“Our focus on landing gear overhaul for the Phenom 100 and 300 make this exchange program the next logical step in making The Av8 Group the “go-to” resource for these operators,” said Yoel Arnoni, CEO, The Av8 Group. “We will continue to offer operators innovative solutions when it comes to landing gear overhaul. Our FIXED Price Overhaul programs are already unique in the industry, where the estimated cost equals the invoice cost, with no additional billings,” he continued.

The Av8 Group’s FIXED price program uses The Av8 Group’s deep on-staff engineering resources along with their FAA-PMA to develop alternative piece part options as well as repair options for the Phenom gear.

Located in Houston, Texas, Av8 Group, an FAA and EASA Authorized Repair Station and FAA PMA authority, combines four distinct subsidiary units: Av8 MRO, Av8 PMA, Av8 AOG and Av8 Aviation. Each unit provides an unprecedented level of experience and capability, from PMA parts and engineering, accessory and component MRO to AOG parts sales, distribution and managed repair services.

Av8 Aviation specializes in aircraft sales, with focus on Embraer 100 and 300 series aircraft. Together as the Av8 Group, these capabilities and extensive experience in the design, certification and manufacture of PMA parts allow the company to provide exceptional value in the overhaul of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic components, landing gear and preowned aircraft sales. For more information, please visit av8grp.com, or call 713-589.2668.