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2022 Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey


Jets: 1 Gulfstream, 2 Embraer, 3 Textron, 4 Dassault, 5 Bombardier. Turboprops: 1 Daher TBM, 2 Pilatus, 3 Textron.

Gulfstream takes 1st place in jet division, as in 2017. Daher earns 1st place in TP support for 2nd year. Results are based on a total of 903 line evaluations and 1025 survey forms received – a 13.2% return.

Pro Pilot staff report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker

Aftersale product support provided by OEMs continues to be the main subject when owners, executives, and/or flight department managers make the decision to purchase a new aircraft.

Flight departments want to fly high-performance aircraft backed up with excellent support.

Manufacturers today face more difficulties than ever, including supply chain issues, especially in this post-pandemic era.

Nevertheless, OEMs are doing everything in their power to give operators the best support possible in order to achieve their missions flawlessly. Winners of the Pro Pilot 2022 Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey are as follows:



Gulfstream’s Customer Support team and service centers are ready to provide round-the-clock support worldwide. Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST), in coordination with company technicians, are available to solve AOG situations in a speedy and professional manner.


Embraer’s product support team is readily available to serve, deliver parts, and provide operators with the highest-quality support. Acting through the contact center, customer support management, field service representatives, and service center network experts are available to solve issues efficiently.

These include AOG events and flight ops support situations. Embraer’s global network of owned and authorized service centers, technicians and mechanics, parts distribution centers, and field service representatives are accessible worldwide 24/7 to ensure smooth operations for every customer.

Textron Aviation

Textron’s global service network is available to service each operator’s aircraft. For AOG situations, the 1CALL maintenance experts are ready to assist. Textron also offers parts availability and service programs to reduce expected maintenance costs.

Operators can count on locally-based FSRs to provide on-site support, and on Mobile Service Units (MSU) to receive factory-direct support in the field.


FalconResponse, Dassault’s AOG support service, is organized so as to get customers back in operation as soon as possible. A worldwide network of Falcon Command Center experts provide technical assistance in solving any issues.

Falcon Spares, coordinating with Falcon GoTeams, make sure to deliver directly spare parts or tooling in the event of an AOG situation. And the 2 dedicated Falcon 900s of Falcon Airborne Support are able to provide the fastest service to an AOG aircraft, while also ensuring that passengers have options if their trip is interrupted.


Bombardier’s Mobile Response Team, with its 30 trucks and skilled technicians, in coordination with its service centers, FSRs, and network of 16 parts distribution sites worldwide, are ready to solve any maintenance issues that may arise.

The Bombardier’s 24/7 customer response center, together with AOG support, can get operators back in the air quickly and with minimal disruption.



Daher’s field teams and TBM Total Care Program are available to support its customers and operators 24/7.

There are 2 primary maintenance centers working together with the online and telephone support team, dedicated to the TBM fleet in France and the US. In addition, Daher has a network of 54 service centers around the world to solve customers’ and operators’ needs.


Pilatus Customer Support & Enquiries team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues customers may encounter. Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, Pilatus operates maintenance facilities and authorized service centers around the world, and performs MRO services that cover the entire aircraft.

Textron (King Air, Caravan, Conquest)

Textron 1CALL provides immediate assistant to operators, especially in AOG situations. Its global service network, Quality Parts and Programs, FSRs and MSUs, are ready to solve any issues to keep its turboprops flying.


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