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2021 Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey


Jets: 1 Embraer, 2 Dassault, 3 Gulfstream, 4 Textron, 5 Bombardier.
Turboprops: 1 Daher TBM, 2 Pilatus, 3 Piper, 4 Textron

Embraer wins 1st place in jet division for 2nd consecutive year. Daher earns 1st place in TP support for 1st time. Results are based on 1082 line evaluations and 1257 survey forms received – a 16.1% return.

Pro Pilot staff report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker

Quality in aftersale product support is what operators and business owners need for their aircraft in order to accomplish their missions successfully. It’s the continuous efforts, diligent work, and focus on customers from OEMs that allow flight departments to achieve flawless operations and meet their goals in the most productive manner.

During these challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, manufacturers have become more innovative and developed new technologies to address and solve operators’ needs, in some cases even exceeding their expectations while providing the high standards of maintenance that are essential for keeping their aircraft in the air.


Embraer again takes the lead, keeping its crown for the 2nd consecutive year. Its overall score is 8.43 – down from 8.76 in 2020. This OEM places 1st in cost of parts, tech manuals, tech reps, and service satisfaction categories. It is 2nd in company response time and speed in AOG service, and 3rd in spares availability. Embraer’s customer support is available through its Contact Center, Customer Support Management, FSRs, and service centers network.

Dassault earns 2nd place, moving up from 3rd last year. They were 1st in 2019. Overall score is 8.28 this year – up from 8.22 in 2020. Dassault obtains 1st place in speed in AOG service, 2nd in spares availability, cost of parts, tech manuals, tech reps, and service satisfaction, and 3rd in company response time.

Best improvement is in cost of parts, with a 6.79 score this year compared to 6.61 in 2020 – an advance of 0.18. FalconResponse, the company’s worldwide suite for AOG support service, together with its Falcon Command Center tracking AOG events, are ready to provide solutions for any issues that may occur.

Gulfstream ranks 3rd in 2021 after placing 2nd in 2020, with an overall score of 8.24. Gulfstream takes the 1st spot in company response time and spares availability, and 3rd in cost of parts, speed in AOG service, tech manuals, tech reps, and service satisfaction.

Biggest improvement was in cost of parts, with 6.28 this year – a 0.22 increase from its 2020 score of 6.06. With its technicians, service centers, and Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST), Gulfstream Customer Support is ready to assist worldwide whenever the needs arise.

Textron, including Citation and Hawker Beechcraft, keeps the 4th spot, with an overall score of 7.71 this year – up from 7.67 in 2020. Best increase is in the company response time category, with a score of 8.14 – up 0.18 from 7.96 in 2020. Textron’s global service network, 1CALL, parts program, FSRs, and Mobile Service Units (MSUs) are ready to get operators back in the air quickly.

Bombardier is 5th with an overall score of 7.49 this year. Biggest improvement was in the spares availability category, where its score increased by 0.27 from 7.00 in 2020 to 7.27 this year. Bombardier’s Support Network, including its Mobile Response Team and service centers worldwide, is always on call to provide immediate solutions and get operators back in the air.


Daher earns the crown in the turboprop division for the 1st time. Its overall score is 9.05 this year – an increase of 0.32 from the 8.73 scored in 2020. This is the biggest overall score improvement achieved by any OEM in this survey. Daher takes 1st place in all categories.

Best category improvement is in cost of parts, with a score of 7.42 – up 1.16 from the 6.26 it received in 2020. This is the largest single score increase in the entire survey. Daher’s customer service and its TBM Care are available 24/7 to support customers and TBM operators worldwide.

Pilatus places 2nd after being 1st for 19 consecutive years. Overall score is 8.61 this year compared to 8.74 in 2020. Pilatus places 2nd in all categories, obtaining the strongest increase in tech reps, with 9.24 in 2021 – up 0.17 from 9.07 last year. Pilatus 24/7/365 Customer Support & Enquiries is available worldwide to solve any issues operators may have.

Piper moves up a notch, placing 3rd with an overall score of 7.80 – up from last year’s 7.68 – a 0.12 improvement. Best category increase is in spares availability – up by 0.62 from 7.53 in 2020 to 8.15 this year. Piper also improves in the AOG service category with a score of 7.77 this year compared with 7.33 in 2020 – an increase of 0.44.

Piper’s customer service center, together with 90 authorized service centers worldwide, are ready to assist and support customers and their aircraft.

Textron (King Air, Caravan, Conquest) takes the 4th spot, rounding out the survey with an overall score of 7.75 this year. A score of 8.11 in service satisfaction represents Textron’s biggest category improvement – up 0.18 from the 7.93 obtained in 2020. Textron’s 1CALL, service centers network, and MSUs are available for operators and their inquiries.



Johann Bordais is president & CEO of Embraer Services & Support – the business unit that integrates the capabilities of commercial aviation, executive, defense divisions, and OGMA to provide customers with the best solutions. He can be reached at +55 12 3927 3518 or by e-mail at jbordais@embraer.com.br.

We operate a Legacy 500, and I must say that it’s an excellent aircraft which is also backed up by an outstanding OEM.

Peter Warriner
ATP/CFI. Legacy a500
Chief Pilot
Springsure QLD, Australia

In my opinion, Embraer is on the right way to the top in product support.

Newton Monteiro
ATP. Praetor 600
Chief Pilot
JAJ Brasil Investimentos e Participações
São Paulo SP, Brazil

Very impressed with Embraer’s support team. They’re incredible and extremely attentive. I feel that Phenom 100s and 300s are the best bizjets.

Cesar dos Santos
ATP. Phenom 100
TMA Taxi Aéreo
São José dos Pinhais PR, Brazil

Excellent response is what I’ve received from Embraer. I’ve had this aircraft for about 18 months and have not had the need to replace parts, so I can’t give scores or comment on that. However, every other aspect of product support has been superb.

Lance Ferguson
ATP. Phenom 300E
Commonwealth Eye Surgery
Lexington KY

Our Praetor 500 has been extraordinary. Embraer has stood behind its product 100%. Recently we completed an SB to convert a Legacy 450 to a Praetor 500. No other OEM would have done this. It shows a true commitment to their customers. Another OEM would have said “Great, we’ll sell you a new airplane!” Amazing customer-centricity!

David O’Malley
ATP/A&P. Praetor 500
Member, Managing
Cincinnati OH

Embraer Phenom 300 is an outstanding workhorse. It’s very reliable and easy to fly and maintain. It’s worth mentioning the great work of FSR Andre Seixas, who delivers all his technical expertise in a very personal and friendly way.

Andre Evangelista
ATP. Phenom 300
Chief Pilot
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil

Product support has been good for us. I wish Embraer had not cut back FSRs and other customer service employees.

Edwin Bird
ATP. Phenom 300 & Legacy 500
Global Aircraft Consulting
Keller TX

Tremendously pleased with our Embraer FSR Alessandro Rossi. He’s very useful and always ready to help with any issues, no matter what it takes.

Giuliano Mota
ATP. Phenom 100
Horii Comércio e Empreendimentos
Mogi das Cruzes SP, Brazil

Very satisfied with Embraer’s tech reps and tech manuals. However, parts availability needs to be improved, as well as overall product support.

Bryan Berkbigler
ATP/A&P. Legacy 500
The Scotts Co
Grove City OH

Our Phenom 300E is such a great airplane. I wish Embraer’s tech service were better when calling to get some help.

Kelly Ross
ATP. Phenom 300E
Aviation Mgr & Chief Pilot
Sterling Computers
Sioux City IA

Flying our Phenom 100 has been an amazing experience. Embraer’s product support is always reliable and available to operators.

Dov Kribus
ATP/CFII/A&P. Phenom 100
Pilot & Maintenance Technician
Avery Aviation Management
Laredo TX


Dassault Aviation Senior VP of Worldwide Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network Jean Kayanakis can be contacted at +33 67 506 1747 or at jean.kayanakis@dassault-aviation.com.


Dassault is superior by design! We’re so pleased with our Falcon 2000LX and the product support that comes with it.

Andrew Erdle
ATP/CFI/A&P. Falcon 2000LX
Contract Pilot
Brookeville MD

Ithink Dassault does a superb job supporting their aircraft. They’re a pleasure to work with whenever we need assistance.

David Nelson
ATP/A&P. Falcon 2000 & 900EX EASy
Chief Pilot
Gama Aviation
Kent WA

Our flight department has operated Falcon aircraft since 1983. I’ve been with them since 2000. We replaced a Falcon 50 with our Falcon 2000EX last year.

Sammy Daulong
ATP. Falcon 2000EX
Chief Pilot
JEB Aviation
Midland TX

Very pleased with Dassault. It continues to set the standard that all OEMs should want to reach. During 2020 and 2021 we’ve been at 100% reliability. Even in the middle of the night,  Command Center has people on the phone who help with any problem. Our FSR David Bollow continues to give great service.

Mark Jones
ATP/A&P. Falcon 2000EX EASy
Dir of Aviation
Neurosurgery & Endovascular Assn
Milwaukee WI

Dassault is by far the finest aircraft manufacturer in the industry. The OEM has improved its customer support immensely, and now its AOG service is the best in the industry. Cost of original parts through Falcon Spares is fair, warranties provided on parts are excellent, and tech reps are very friendly and always available. Also, manuals have improved over the years, and the company is catching up with the industry while innovating with apps and electronic features. Despite all this, however, Dassault’s bureaucracy makes all of us dependent on its Command Center, whose responses are normally not immediate. Overall, Dassault aircraft are reliable, sturdy machines. The only weak point lies in the factory-owned centers, some of which reflect poorly on the brand and the manufacturer, but Dassault is working to make improvements in this matter.

Jorge Lara
ATP. Falcon 7X & 2000LX
Flight Ops Dir
Quito, Ecuador

Falcon Spares continues to strive to enhance customer support initiatives, lower the cost of parts, and increase value to the customer. Tech Rep Tim Adobo is exceptional. He’s always  available,  prompt  with  responses, knowledgable, and honest The entire DFJ tech support is superb! I wish the TEB (Teterboro NJ) base would look more at the situation, circumstances or scenario, and be more customer-centric with requests. It always has to be a battle. Typically, they always do the right thing at the end, but it takes it out of everyone involved to get there.

John Alexander
A&P. Falcon 900 & Citation Sovereign
Senior Aircraft Technician
CDS Equipment
Cincinnati OH

Excellent customer support is what we receive from Dassault Falcon Jet. Our Falcon 2000LXS provides very high reliability.

Christoph Probst
ATP. Falcon 2000LXS
Head of Training & Captain
Bertelsmann Aviation
Paderborn, Germany

Airframe has been 99.9% reliable, so we’ve had very few problems or issues that needed support.

Brian Riis
ATP/CFII. Falcon 2000LXS
BostonPost Capital
Epsom NH


Gulfstream Customer Support President Derek Zimmerman can be reached at 912-395-0856, or via e-mail at derek.zimmerman@ gulfstream.com.


Very pleased with Gulfstream and all aspects of product support. I believe its service centers worldwide are top notch.

John O’Meara
ATP/Helo. Gulfstream G650
O’Meara Aviation Services
Savannah GA

Flying our Gulfstream G550 has been exceptional. Service and support received from Gulfstream have always been outstanding.

William Bergan
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G550
Captain & Check Airman
Gama Aviation
St Augustine FL

Gulfstream provides great product support for all its aircraft. As with any business jet, I wish cost of parts was more reasonable. Our FSR David Winkler and Regional Sales Mgr Ross Pritchard are top notch!

Rick Stoulil
ATP. Gulfstream G280
Chief Pilot
Hormel Foods
Austin MN

As our aircraft has aged, Gulfstream’s tech reps and maintenance facilities have gone all out to support our operations. Hats off to FSR Jim Beebe and Service Team Mgr Joe Onesto for such an excellent job.

Richard Ferland
ATP. Gulfstream IVSP
Flight Ops Mgr
Marsico Aviation
Englewood CO

What a pleasure to work with the new Gulfstream service center at PBI (West Palm Beach FL). The facility is very nice and customer service is outstanding. They were able to identify a difficult issue and get our aircraft back in service quickly.

Brent Keyes
ATP. Gulfstream G550
Dir of Aviation
Graham Capital Management
Bethel CT

Our Gulfstream G280 TR parts/engineering issue held us up over 2 weeks. But, all said and done, I’d still rather deal with Gulfstream than any other OEM.

Stephen Kosiarski
ATP. Gulfstream G450 & G280
Chief Pilot
Dominion Energy
Chesterfield VA

In my opinion, Gulfstream G650 is a very reliable bizjet. In 6 years of operating it, we’ve never had to cancel a flight.

João Bonatto
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Aero Rio
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil

Gulfstream continues to set the gold standard in product support for our operations!

Kenneth Francomano
ATP. Gulfstream G650 & G280
Chief Pilot
The Kraft Group
Bedford MA

Having flown our G650ER for just under a year now, I’d like to express our great satisfaction, not only with the aircraft itself but also with the entire Gulfstream product support network.

Greg Dyer
ATP. Gulfstream G650ER
Solairus Aviation
Tracy CA

Here in the US West Coast we miss Gulfstream’s service centers at LGB (Long Beach CA) and LAS (McCarraran, Las Vegas NV). We are very disappointed that they closed. Many operators based in this area feel orphaned by this decision, in spite of the opening of Gulfstream’s service center at VNY (Van Nuys CA).

Morris Silverman
ATP. Gulfstream G650
Intl Captain
Hayward CA

What can I say? It’s a Gulfstream! We’ve been operating Gulfstreams for years, and their service support and reliability are second to none.

Jeffery King
ATP/CFII. Gulfstream G280
Swanton OH

TEXTRON AVIATION (including Citation & Hawker Beechcraft)

Textron Aviation Senior VP of Customer Support Brian Rohloff is responsible for all aftermarket service and support for Beechcraft and Cessna brands. He can be reached at brohloff@txtav.com or 316-517-7995.


Very pleased with our Citation Sovereign+ and product support received from Textron. A US-made bizjet is leading the way!

David Kobu
ATP. Citation Sovereign+
Chief Pilot
CP Air
Kensington CT

Textron continues to slam it out of the park with its mobile service units (MSUs). The MSU at LAS has 2 superior mechanics who are true craftsmen. Mesa Service Center IWA (Mesa Gateway, Phoenix AZ) continues to get more business than capacity. You might wait a few days for scheduled maintenance, but they’ll get you on your way the day promised. Cost of OEM parts is still high, but now they’re trending down.

Patrick Taylor
ATP/A&P. Citation CJ3
Dir of Maintenance & Captain
Southwest Gas
Las Vegas NV

Prices for parts have been lowered in many instances. At the same time, I’ve noticed a great improvement in response from the manufacturer over the past 2 years. We operators are lucky for Textron’s support wherever we fly.

Michael Herman
Comm-Multi-Inst/Helo. Citation CJ3
Owner & Pilot
Bear Air
Lansdale PA

We’ve only owned our Citation CJ1 for about a year. And Textron Aviation GSO (Greensboro NC) has been great supporting our aircraft.

Corwin Lindstrom
ATP. Citation CJ1
Aircraft Mgr & Chief Pilot
Flying Hare
Kernersville NC

Textron service center at MCO (Intl, Orlando FL) is excellent. We’re also very pleased with services provided by the MSU teams. They do a superb job.

Sidney Lassen
Comm-Multi-Inst. Citation CJ1+
Sizeler Companies
Metairie LA

I’ve owned and flown a Citation Mustang for 8 years. It’s by far the best aircraft I’ve ever owned. The Mustang is an incredibly well engineered design, and it’s a pity that Textron stopped making them.

Richard Lemon
ATP. Citation Mustang
Owner & Pilot
Middleton WI

Couldn’t be happier with our Citation Latitude. It’s an exceptional airplane, and product support provided by Textron is outstanding.

Gary Sides
ATP. Citation Latitude
Chief Pilot
Shamrock Capital
San Angelo TX

Our Citation Sovereign is a great airplane. It operates out of smaller airports, gets to altitude reasonably fast, and has good range. I give our aircraft and the OEM support a 10!

Daniel Carrigan
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Chief Pilot
Mikal C Watts
San Antonio TX

Have experienced a good response time on service calls, with minimal downtime. We’re very satisfied with Textron’s aftersale product support. Thanks, Textron!

William Hall
ATP. Citation Sovereign
Line Captain
Denver CO

Been flying Citations for more than 26 years, and I must state that the service and dependability of this aircraft have led our company to renew the fleet with the same bizjet manufacturer.

Mauricio Rodriguez Barquet
ATP. Citation CJ4
Westpoint Air
San Antonio TX

We purchased our Citation CJ4 new about 10 years ago. Textron has always been an excellent service partner. We frequent the ICT (Dwight D Eisenhower, Wichita KS) and IWA service centers, and have always had a good experience. If there is any point of contention, it would be with the hydrolock devices installed on the seats. They are expensive and have a short lifespan.

Kevin Savord
ATP. Citation CJ4
Chief Pilot
Allied Aircraft
Santa Ynez CA

Textron’s 1Call is just as its name suggests. I only need to dial 1 phone number to get information and be directed to the right people to get our issues solved.

Kent Yeager
ATP/CFI. Citation Excel
Granada Hills CA

Our Citation Latitude is such a great aircraft. It’s super popular among owners and pilots, and it also comes with excellent support from the manufacturer.

Rick Henson
ATP. Citation Latitude
Training Captain
Columbus OH


BombardierVP Customer Support Anthony Cox can be reached by phone at 438-374-4425, or by e-mail at anthony.cox@aero.bombardier.com.


Very pleased with our Global 6000. It’s such a great performer, and it comes with excellent support from Bombardier.

Terry Tripp
ATP. Global 6000
Canton GA

Our Challenger 650 may be an older frame, but it’s the most reliable of all of them. It’s an excellent aircraft at a fair price and well supported.

Daniel Wolfe
ATP/A&P. Challenger 650
VP & Gen Mgr
Columbus OH

Flying a Learjet 31A has been a nice experience, and the maintenance support received from the OEM has been outstanding. We’re fully satisfied with it.

Reinerio Amamio
ATP. Learjet 31A
Dir of Ops & Chief Pilot
Speedy & Reliable Transporter
Metro Manila, Philippines

Although our Challenger 601 is getting old, it’s still flying very well. We’re pleased with the product support received from Bombardier.

Lynn Allen
ATP/CFII. Challenger 601
Chief Pilot
Allen Aviation
Waxahachie TX

Spare parts have been taking longer than usual to arrive due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this is improving slowly as restrictions have been lifted.

Richard Lane Poole
ATP. Challenger 604
Executive Airlines
Lusaka, Zambia

We operate a Learjet 45 for our flight department. We find it to be a great product backed up with superb product support.

Lyman Thompson
ATP. Learjet 45 & Hawker 900XP
Gen Mgr
LET Flight Services
Grand Rapids MI

I’m very pleased with the service we have received, especially from our tech rep Chris Richards, who unfortunately is retiring. I hope the attention and quick response he gave us continues in the future.

Kevin Williams
ATP. Challenger 604
Chief Pilot
Smith, Vicars & Company
Charlottesville VA



Daher VP Customer & Network Care Charles Holomek is located in Pompano Beach FL. His email is c.holomek@ daher.com. The TBM Care team can be reached at 1-833-TBM CARE during office hours. For after-hours AOG support, the 24-hr Global AOG Hot Line is 1-844-4 TBM AOG.


Operating a TBM 940 has been an exceptional experience. It’s such a great aircraft, and the aftersale support received is excellent.

Jim Thorpe
Pvt-Inst. TBM 940
Spring Brook Marina
Naples FL

My experience with Daher could not be better. I’ve owned a Citation Mustang, CJ3, and now the TBM 940, and I’m very pleased with our TBM and the outstanding support received from the manufacturer.

Steven Birdwell
Pvt-Inst. TBM 940
GTL Aviation
Houston TX

Assistance from Daher in all operational and maintenance matters is available promptly. I’m pleased with flight and maintenance manuals that are all accessible online and without cost. I must add that new aircraft come with a 5-year or 1000-hour warranty that covers annual inspections, all repairs, and the vast majority of parts. Also, a large number of factory upgrades is available from Daher –  even for older TBMs.

Ian Fries
Wilmington DE

I bought my TBM 930 because of Daher’s excellent aftersale service.

Bob Verwey
Pvt-Inst. TBM 930
Oshawa ON, Canada

Have experience with Daher TBM 700/900 turboprops, and it’s been great. I’m fully satisfied with all services received from Daher.

Claudiney Vedoveto
Comm-Multi-Inst. Daher TBM900 /700 & King Air 300/200
Eloi Vitório Marchett
Rondonópolis MT, Brazil

Daher goes well beyond traditional definitions of customer service to ensure customer success. They look far away on how to maintain the aircraft to serve us. They see what we need to accomplish our mission and make it happen!

Lees Pillsbury
Comm-Multi-Inst. TBM 940
Managing Director
Business Management Services
Ft Lauderdale FL


Piotr “Pete” Wolak is Pilatus vp for customer service. Wolak welcomes calls from Pilatus customers. Operators can reach him at his office by calling 303-410-2720. Wolak’s cell phone is 720-201-3765 and his e-mail is piotr.wolak@pilatus-aircraft.com.


Pilatus is a good company. It helps you when issues arise. The manufacturer has great knowledge of its products and aftersale services. And the fact that the employees have been with the company for years speaks well for Pilatus’s leadership.

Bob Wilson
Comm-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-12
Memphis TN

In my opinion, Pilatus still does a great job keeping its airplanes flying and its customers happy.

Christopher Anderson
ATP. Pilatus PC-24 & PC-12
Joint Implant Surgeons
Indianapolis IN

Have been a Pilatus PC-12 owner for 20 years out of the past 26 years of operations. I’m on my 4th PC-12, and I’ve loved every one of them. Local and headquarters services couldn’t be better.

H Henschel
Pvt-Multi-Inst. Pilatus PC-12 & Cirrus SR22
H S Air
Englewood NJ

Based on my experience, some vendor items are out of the control of Pilatus. That’s the reason why you wait for them. However, I must say Pilatus provides great support.

Tim Riley
ATP/CFII. Pilatus PC-12
Bay of Dreams Leasing
San Diego CA

I fly a Pilatus PC-12 for a large air ambulance company. It’s an ideal airplane for this mission in this part of the country. The PC-12 is a tough airplane that doesn’t break down very often, even though this kind of work is typically hard on aircraft. When it does break down, we can always count on Pilatus to help us solve the problem when we can’t just fix it ourselves. The required repair parts are rather expensive, and it can take a very long time to get them in Roswell if they have to come from the factory in Switzerland. However, we always receive the correct repair parts and/or troubleshooting and repair advice that we need.

Eric Allen
ATP/CFII/A&P. Pilatus PC-12
Air Ambulance Pilot
Air Methods
Roswell NM


Piper Aircraft VP of Sales, Marketing & Customer Support Ron Gunnarson can be reached at 772-299-­2000. Additional contact information is available online at www.piper.com. Contact your nearest Piper dealer for product support and service questions.


Operating our Cheyenne IIXL has been a fantastic experience. We’ve been pleased with the aircraft and the product support received from the manufacturer.

Steve Hahn
ATP. Piper Cheyenne IIXL
Chief Pilot
River Air Service
Omaha NE

Piper’s parts availability is good, but the price is usually high – as it is with most turbine aircraft manufacturers – but not outrageous. With the newer Piper M600, availability of some parts from the manufacturer or shops that can overhaul certain parts, such as starter generators, is somewhat limited. This situation causes a very long AOG for even routine maintenance and overhaul. On the other hand, Piper’s service center is fantastic! I use Mangon Aviation at O69 (Petaluma CA). They’re very knowledgeable on all Piper models, and they’re always helpful and give good and balanced advice on how to approach maintenance for our aircraft. The Piper M600 itself is a fantastic platform. Overall, it’s very reliable after the initial gremlins.

Derek Choy
Comm-Multi-Inst. Piper M600
KRMK & Derek Choy
Dublin CA


Have had very few issues with our King Air B350, and they were solved quickly. I’m very pleased with Textron because parts and service centers are readily available.

Tom Dempsey
ATP. King Air B350
Marietta OH

Still flying our King Air 350i heavily. It’s holding up despite its early days of trouble. We’re very satisfied with Textron’s service center at IND (Indianapolis IN). The team is prompt and reliable.

Anson Mount
Comm-Multi-Inst/A&P. King Air 350i & Gulfstream G650ER/G550/G450
Senior Aircraft Technician
Abbott Labs
Trout Valley IL

Our King Air 200 is 40 years old, so we don’t have a lot of interaction with the manufacturer. However, the contacts we’ve had with them are generally good, except when we deal with cost of parts. It’s a good thing there are so many 3rd-party suppliers. Otherwise, operating costs would become prohibitive.

Bruce Rainwater
ATP/CFI. King Air 200
Houston Sigma
Richmond TX

We’ve always received good service for our King Air 300.

Randy Mayfield
ATP. King Air 300
Contract Pilot
Taylors SC

Don’t have any tech rep we communicate with constantly. However, the Textron service centers in Australia and Singapore provide us with all the support we need to continue operating our King Air 300.

Wilfredo Rebibis
ATP. King Air 300
Flight Ops Officer & Pilot
Pacific Global One Aviation
Paranaque, Philippines