TODAY'S HEADLINES: April 20, 2015

SOUTH KOREA: Violent Clashes At South Korea Ferry Rally

BRAZIL: Eight Members of Radical Soccer Fan Club Shot Dead in Brazil

MEXICO: Mexican Security Forces Capture Juarez Drug Cartel's Top Leader

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa arrests hundreds accused of anti-immigration violence


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International ops

SE Asia update

Documentation requirements, plan in advance with all paperwork in order.

Wx Brief


Strong winds continue to be a leading contributor to weather related accidents.

The road to zero-zero

Low viz landings are nonevents with new technology EFVS

NASA Langley researchers test combined vision systems with IR, MMW and SVS for landing experiments.

Learning from bird wings

Wing morphing experiment takes flight

USAF and NASA Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge program revisits the concepts of nature and early pioneers of flight.