Atlantic Aviation has filed a 2nd legal complaint against the City of San Jose for the handling of its airport development proposal bid process. The petition claims the city did not follow its own municipal code and state law for carrying out an RFP for development of a new FBO facility, hangar space, and associated buildings on up to 44 acres of vacant land at SJC (San Jose CA). In Feb 2013, the City of San Jose awarded the RFP to Signature after bids by Atlantic and Ross Aviation were deemed "nonresponsive" and disqualified them, citing material defects in both proposals.

There were only 3 respondents to the RFP. According to the complaint filed by Atlantic, the city allowed Signature to alter its bid 1 day prior to initial voting, eliminating protections relative to the airport's curfew, among other things. (Curfew protections are in place on all current FBO leases and Atlantic claims the initial RFP clearly stated the new lease would be the same as existing FBO leases.) In the complaint, Atlantic Aviation is asking the court to reject all the responses to the original proposal and have the city reissue the RFP.

World Fuel continues to expand internationally with locations in 198 countries. The network of FBOs branded under the Phillips 66 and Ascent fuel brands contributes its growth to the recently launched Ascent fuel brand, introduced in 4Q2013. More than 65 FBOs are now branded under the Ascent name and the company expects that number to climb to 100 by the end of 2013. World Fuel is also expanding in South America with the opening of Ecuacentair at UIO (Quito, Ecuador), expected to commence operations in mid-2013.

Several FBOs joined the Shell network in 1Q2013, including Taylor County Airport at AAS (Campbellsville KY), Livingston Aviation at ALO (Waterloo IA), Shelby County Airport at EET (Alabaster AL), the City of Healdsburg at HES (Healdsburg CA), Private Flight Maintenance at MSV (Monticello NY), City of Washington at OCW (Washington NC), Poplar Bluff Municipal at POF (Poplar Bluff MO), Cleveland Municipal Airport at RZR (Regional, Cleveland TN), Stevens Point Airport at STE (Stevens Point WI), Snohomish Flying Service at S43 (Harvey, Snohomish WA), Leading Edge Aviation at VDF (Exec, Tampa FL) and Flight Level at WWD (Cape May NJ).

Jetex and Honeywell have partnered to provide global trip support services. Honeywell customers will gain access to Jetex's international trip planning services as well as 24/7 flight support and aftertrip concierge care. Likewise, Jetex will sell Honeywell's Global Data Cen­ter (GDC) flight support services to European, Middle East and Asia-Pacific customers, resulting in what the company calls "end-to-end combined international flight service." Dispatching and datalink services are also offered, which incorporate Eurocontrol validated routing.

Harrods Aviation LTN (Luton, Lon­don, England) and STN (Stansted, London, England) are the 1st UK FBOs to join the Air Elite Network. Both are part of the Harrods Group. Unique to Harrods STN are 2 private bunk rooms available to flight­crews as an alternative to hotel rooms. Royal Jet AUH (Intl, Abu Dhabi, UAE) has also joined the Air Elite Network as the 2nd UAE-based FBO. These latest additions bring the total of FBOs in the Air Elite Net­work to 30.

FlightLevel Cape May has signed a lease with WWD (Cape May NJ) to operate a 19,000 sq ft FBO. The company began business operations in May, just in time for the airport's busy season to start as a popular resort destination on the Delaware coast. As part of the deal, FlightLevel also signed a ramp management agreement to handle 3 acres of ramp space at the airport.

BGR (Bangor ME) has installed pilot-controlled lighting amid growing concerns over sequestration. Despite Congress's decision to delay FAA furloughs, the airport installed the $20,000 system saying it wanted to be prepared should the government decide to reduce the tower's operating hours or close it altogether. Airport officials said they want to uphold BGR's reputation for never closing, regardless of weather or other factors.