Aftersale service—part of the purchase package

Customers expect and require the utmost in product support.

Business aircraft operators expect exceptional levels of reliability. Here an engineer at Rolls-Royce's Dahlewitz facility in Germany assembles a BR725 engine.

Business aviation experience. If the service provider has been in the business sector a long time, it's likely that they understand the market.

Rolls-Royce is currently celebrating 50 years of selling Power-by-the-hour programs, which later evolved to become the company's CorporateCare service.

Without being smug, arrogant or self-satisfied, with 50 years in the industry we feel we understand business aviation well.

Independent customer satisfaction surveys. Any independent survey of a service provider's performance is extremely valuable. In this area Professional Pilot provides a worthwhile service to the industry in tracking aircraft, engine and avionics performance.

Concluding thoughts

In my 30 years in this industry, one of the consistent misunderstandings I have seen is that new entrants often do not realize the crucial importance of service to the business aviation operator community. The notion that the role of the aircraft is to buy valuable time is the key differentiator from other civil aircraft sectors.

When considering which service provider to use, checking the 4 factors above is a good place to start. They will provide a good indication of whether a service provider understands business aviation and is in the industry for the long term.

Dean Roberts is a senior analyst at Rolls-Royce, where he has worked for 30 years. He has held positions in corporate development, sales, marketing and engineering, and is a highly experienced forecaster. Roberts' PhD research dissertation, completed at Cranfield University in England, considered entry barriers into the aerospace industry.


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