Martin Resource Management builds petroleum business with diverse fleet

Aviation unit operates Learjet 45XR, Citation CJ3 and CJ1, King Air 350 and 2 Cirrus SR22s.

Gene Taylor is a captain on the Learjet 45XR and the King Air 350. He is one of Martin's most senior pilots.

Woods performs line maintenance on the Martin aircraft and deals with any squawks, sending them out for major inspections. The Learjet is serviced at the Bombardier facility at DAL (Love, Dallas TX) or ICT (Mid-Continent, Wichita KS).

The King Air is typically sent to Hawker Beechcraft Services at HOU (Hobby, Houston TX), while the Citations go to the Citation Service Center at SAT (Intl, San Antonio TX) or ICT.

Martin subscribes to engine programs for its turbine power, with the Lear's TPE731-20-BRs covered under Honeywell's MSP Gold, the Citations' FJ44-1 and FJ44-3 engines on Williams' TAP Elite plan and the King Air's PT6A-60s on Pratt & Whitney Canada's ESP program.

All Cirrus maintenance is performed in­house. For overhauls, exchange Continental IO-550N engines are procured from RAM Aircraft at ACT (Regional, Waco TX).
Woods keeps his skills sharp by attending at least 1 airframe training program annually.

He is a graduate of FlightSafety Intl's CJ and King Air programs in Wichita, Bombardier's Learjet school in Dallas and the Cirrus training program in Duluth MN.

Mx Dir Brian Woods prepares 1 of Martin's 2 Cirrus SR22s for a trip. The SR22s are used to transport individual Martin employees to nearby destinations such as Dallas or Houston.

In addition to composites training, the 2-week Cirrus course included certification on the SR22's parachute system and disassembly of its rocket activation system, as well as an explosives license issued by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

In addition to turning wrenches, Woods is a pilot. He began flight training in 2000 while still at Top Flight, holds commercial single and multi-engine land and sea ratings and is pursuing an instrument rating.

A necessary asset

Along with the rest of the company, the Martin flight department is growing rapidly. In each of the past 2 years it has more than doubled total hours flown. "Our flight department is a necessary asset for our company," says Ruben Martin.

"It makes a critical contribution to our growth and returns. Without it, we would not have made the progress we have made or be in the competitive position that we enjoy today."

Mike Potts is an aviation consultant and freelance writer. He worked in corporate communications for Beech and Raytheon Aircraft between 1979 and 1997.


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