Back to DCA by way of DASSP

Efforts by Signature and NBAA have lessened bureaucratic responsibilities and obstacles to future bizav ops at National.

New applicants for DASSP should follow this checklist for approval, which usually takes 3–4 weeks. Once the paperwork process is completed and approved, flight operations are relatively straightforward.


Squandered assets?

Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest centered on self-serving characters who carefully avoid oppressive public obligations while acting with the utmost in urgency and officiousness. The same can be said for the intransigence and apathy of Congress, which acts with indifference toward the Secret Service overstepping its authority by excluding business aircraft at DCA.

Airports and airspace are the jurisdiction of the Dept of Transportation and FAA. Their expertise should be used both to determine perceived exposure to threats and develop knowledgeable solutions, and to prohibit an agency with too little knowledge of aviation—and too much power—to dictate commerce.

Since the days of Gen Billy Mitchell, who openly defied Congress in support of aviation, we have had too few statesmen willing to speak on our behalf. DASSP may not be the perfect solution, but making the effort shows tenacity and courage to act—qualities sorely lacking in Washington.

Encourage your principals to give DCA another try, and prove the pundits wrong yet again.
Signature's Mary Miller and Paige Kroner are dedicated to assisting new entrants to the DASSP program. Call 703-417-3542 for further information.

David Bjellos is the aviation manager for Agro Industrial Management, a Phase II-registered IS-BAO flight operation in south Florida. The company operates a Gulfstream IVSP and 2 Bell 407s.


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