Randy Groom has reactivated his aerospace consulting firm, Groom Aviation, and taken Raisbeck Engineering as his first client, effective Jan 1 2012. He now represents Raisbeck to all its dealers in the US, with emphasis on relations with Hawker Beechcraft Corp (HBC) and Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS). Groom had held this position in 2009–10, prior to a brief stint at Piper Aircraft Corp. He is also a former president of Beechcraft and president of global customer support for Raytheon Aircraft.


Gulfstream Aerospace has named Eric Stuck senior manager, new business development, within the Gulfstream product support organization. His primary responsibility will be to oversee development of aftermarket avionics and cabin electronics modification programs for Gulfstream aircraft. Stuck formerly worked for Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier, Banyan Air Service and AMR Combs.


GAMA reviews state of GA industry—shipments flat, billings up

ATP Chairman & CEO Caroline Daniels is this year's GAMA chairman. Noting that declines in shipments from 2010 had reached single digits, Daniels observed, "General aviation is reaching the trough in this cycle."

On Feb 22, the General Aviation Manufacturers Assn (GAMA) held its annual "state of the industry" press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Year-end figures for GA shipments and billings revealed that, while the worst may be over for the industry, there are obstacles to overcome.

As GAMA Chairman Caroline Daniels noted, "Corporate profits remain at record high levels, the used market and flight activity made year-over-year improvements, and emerging markets are driving new sales."

Despite these positive indicators, ongoing lack of financing remains a headache for the industry.

Total GA shipments worldwide in 2011 were 1865 (down 3.5% from the adjusted figure of 1932 for 2010). This figure was made up of 681 bizjets (down from 727), 324 turboprops (from 332) and 860 piston aircraft (down from 873). GA billings for the year totaled $19.1 billion (up 0.4% from $19.0 billion in 2010).

Hawker Beechcraft did not provide 4Q2011 shipment and billing data. As a result, its 4Q2010 data were removed from the 2010 figures for comparison purposes.
While all 3 sectors—bizjet, turboprop and piston—saw declines in the number of aircraft delivered last year, a break­down of bizjet figures by size was revealing.

Deliveries of large-cabin, long-range aircraft were almost un­changed at 200 (versus 202 in 2010), while midsize jet deliveries actually increased to 375 (from 327). The big­gest decline was seen in the light jet category, with 106 total deliveries (down from 198).

In late 2011 GAMA expanded its membership to include rotorcraft manufacturers—therefore, beginning with 1Q2012, GAMA shipment and billing data will include helicopters.


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