´╗┐´╗┐Rollover on takeoff
PIC: ATP, non commercial
Camisea, Peru
Bell 212
Prelim report (5 uninjured)

During an attempted takeoff, a Bell 212 helicopter rolled over and was substantially damaged near Camisea, Peru on 01-17-2011. The helicopter's planned destination was La Peruanita, Peru when the uncommanded rollover occurred.

Impact with terrain at cruise
PIC: unreported, non-commercial
Cojedes, Venezuela
Partenavia P68C
Prelim report (5 killed, 1 serious)

A Partenavia P68C airplane was destroyed on impact with terrain near Cojedes, Venezuela, on 01-07-2011. The plane departed from SVMG (Nueva Esparta, Venezuela) and was in cruise flight when the accident occurred, only one passenger survived.

Total electrical failure
PIC: Unreported, non-commercial
LFMT (Montpellier, France)
Beech BE-200
Prelim report (4 minor injuries)

Shortly after takeoff, a Beech BE-200 experienced a total electrical failure after departing LFMT (Montpellier, France) on 01-07-2011. After the initial climb in IMC the pilot executed a precautionary landing. The aircraft sustained minor damage during the landing and all occupants received minor injuries.

Runway excursion on landing
PIC: comm, Part 135
PAKI (Kipnuk, Alaska)
Cessna CE-208B
Prelim report (9 uninjured)

After landing on a snow covered runway, a Cessna CE-208B received substantial damage when the aircraft departed the end of the runway at PAKI (Kipnuk, AK) on 01-06-2011. According to the pilot, he flew over the airport and entered a left downwind for runway 33. He elected to land long to avoid a bump in the runway. After an uneventful touchdown, he applied brakes and adjusted the prop but realized he was travelling too fast. After applying maximum brakes the aircraft exited off the departure end of the runway and struck a ditch.

Landing on closed runway
PIC: Comm, Part 135
PAPM (Platinum, Alaska)
Piper PA-32-300
Prelim report (5 uninjured)

On 01-04-2011, a Piper PA-32-300 received substantial damage when the pilot attempted to land on a closed runway at PAPM (Platinum, AK). Witnesses stated they saw the airplane fly over the field and line up on the closed runway and land. The airport opened a new runway approximately 2 years earlier and portions of the old runway were incorporated into a taxiway. The open runway had approximately 1 inch of snow and the runway lights were on the highest setting. After the airplane landed on the closed runway it hit a ditch where the ground was elevated for the taxiway.

Hard landing and runway departure
PIC: ATP, Part 135
SPI (Springfield, Illinois)
Gates Learjet 35A
Prelim report (1 minor, 4 uninjured)

Following an ILS approach into SPI (Springfield, IL), a Gates Learjet 35A received substantial damage when it landed hard and departed the end of runway 22 on 01-06-2011. According to the NTSB report, the crew encountered IMC during the approach; however, the airfield was VMC.

Landing short after securing both engines
PIC: ATP, Part 91
WJF (Lancaster, California)
Cessna CE-310C
Prelim report (1uninjured)

On 01-09-2011, during a precautionary landing at WJF (Lancaster, CA), a Cessna CE-310C received substantial damage following a nose gear failure while executing a practice approach at PMD (Palmdale, CA). The ATP rated pilot told the NTSB that the nose wheel failed to fully retract after a practice approach at PMD so he elected to land at the accident airport. While on final approach to runway 24 (7,201 feet), the pilot stated he shutdown both engines; which increased the sink rate and the aircraft landed short of the runway.

Aborted landing impacts terrain
PIC: ATP, Part 1355
PANW (New Stuyahok, Alaska)
Beech E18S-9700
Prelim report (1 uninjured)

Following an aborted landing, a BEECH E18S-9700 airplane received substantial damage when it impacted terrain at PANW (New Stuyahok, AK) on 01-03-2011. In a written statement from the pilot to the NTSB, the pilot stated he realized after touchdown the runway was too ice covered and would be unable to stop. He attempted to abort the landing by applying power but during climb out the airplane could not avoid contacting terrain on departure.

Ag plane impacts MET tower
PIC: Unreported, Part 137
Oakley, CA

Rockwell International S-2R
Prelim report (1 killed)

While performing aerial application operations on 01-10-2011, a Rockwell International S-2R was substantially damaged when it struck a meteorological tower (met tower) near Oakley, CA. Witnesses stated the airplane did not appear to perform any evasive maneuvers prior to contacting the MET tower.

BE-200 impacts terrain
PIC: Unreported, non-commercial
Goias, Brazil
Beech BE-200
Prelim report (6 killed)

All occupants on board were killed when a Beech BE-200 impacted terrain on 01-14-2011, near Senador Canedo City, Goias, Brazil. According to the accident report, the aircraft was approaching SBGO (Santa Genoveva Airport (SBGO), Goiania, Goias, Brazil) when the accident occurred.