Rockwell Collins initiates future flightdeck concepts based on integrated systems

RC's Ascend has far-reaching capabilities to fuse ops, cabin and mx info, using panoramic displays and touchscreens.

Future wonders

VP & General Mgr Information Management Steve Timm discusses Ascend operations with air routing specialists.

Further elements of Pro Line Fusion in prospect include dual HUDs, better graphic representation of CG awareness, and even replacement of the old pull circuit breaker with graphical circuit breakers.

Advanced versions of this flight system will also be designed for Cat III A and B, and the SVS element of the display will include a 3-arc-sec database providing better scene quality and enhanced obstacle location.

Also intriguing is the teasing by Rockwell Collins of a single-touch display PFD and MFD. Other OEMs have made the decision to support a cursor control or touch keypad, but Rockwell Collins has expanded the human interface to allow the operator to touch and query or drop and drag information on the display.

Rockwell Collins' vision includes the potential for broad panoramic displays that may be interactive between the crew and Ascend's flight support. Graphical flight planning with touch/drop/drag options from a dispatcher thousands of miles away could be part of the future flightdeck with the new information fusion approach.

Advanced versions of Pro Line Fusion are basically going to allow an aircraft to leverage the massive networks of computers and information as it travels through the airspace, now with access as a node of cyberspace for all aspects of the flight.

Glenn Connor is the president of Discover Technology Intl and is a researcher and pilot specializing in the development of enhanced vision systems and advanced avionics.


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