Crash after takeoff.
PIC: Unreported.
KHI (Karachi, Pakistan).
Beech 1900.
Prelim report (21 killed).

Shortly after takeoff on 11-05-10, a Beech 1900 was destroyed when it crashed after departing KHI (Jinnah, Karachi, Pakistan). All occupants of the charter flight, which was bound for an oil field near Bhit Shah, Pakistan, received fatal injuries.

Aircraft rudder binding.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
TOL (Toledo OH).
Cessna 560XL.
Prelim report (no injuries).

While landing at TOL (Toledo, OH) on 12-01-10 a Cessna Citation Excel operated by a fractional provider avoided damage when the rudder bound. The 2 pilots and 1 passenger were not injured during the incident. During a post-incident examination ice was found around the rudder control cables, pulleys and in the tail cone.

Second aircraft rudder binding.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
BHM (Birmingham AL).
Cessna 560XL.
Prelim report (no injuries).

Another Excel experienced rudder binding during landing on 12-13-10. The 2 pilots and 1 passenger were not injured in the incident when they landed at BHM (Birmingham AL). The aircraft was on an IFR flightplan and operating under Part 135 from TEB. After the incident ice was found around the rudder's control cables and pulleys.

Aircraft elevator binding.
PIC: Unreported, Part 135.
CMH (Columbus OH).
Piaggio P180.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On 12-13-10, the crew of a Piaggio P180 experienced elevator binding while landing at CMH (Columbus OH). No damaged occurred to the Part 135 aircraft and there were no injuries to the crew of 2 or their 2 passengers. The nonscheduled domestic passenger flight originated from HPN. An inspection after the incident revealed ice in the bays around the elevator control cables.

Airline runway overrun.
PIC: ATP, Part 121.
JAC (Jackson Hole WY).
Boeing 757.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On 12-29-10 a Boeing 757-200 over­­­ran Rwy 19 while landing at JAC (Jackson Hole WY) for the Part 121 flight, ending approximately 350 ft past the overrun area. No damage was reported on the aircraft and all passengers and crew exited by airstair. The aircraft was towed to the ramp for inspection without further incident.

Loss at sea.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
MYNN (Nassau, Bahamas)
Beech C45.
Prelim report (2 killed)

While maneuvering to land on 12-14-10, a Beech TC45J impacted the ocean near Nassau, Bahamas. The pilot was in contact with ATC and flying a 7-mile downwind leg at 2000 ft for Runway 32 at NAS (Nassau, Bah­am­as). Radio contact was lost prior to the crash and fragments of the plane and the passenger's body were recovered later. Unrecovered were the main fuselage and the pilot.

Collision with mountainous terrain.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
Perris CA.
Aero Commander 680.
Prelim report (1 killed).

On 12-20-10, an ATP rated pilot flying an Aero Commander 680FL collided with mountainous terrain 6.5 miles north of Perris CA, substantially damaging the aircraft and killing the pilot. No flightplan had been filed for the flight and IMC existed at the time of the accident. The flight had departed PSP (Intl, Palm Springs CA) 20 min before the accident. Nearby weather (4 miles away) at the time of the accident was 4 miles visibility with few clouds at 900 ft and ceilings variable from 1200–1800 ft agl, and light drizzle.