McLean Group's Blackcomb Av serves real estate, movie and TV activities

5 bizjets and 17 helos based across western Canada fly studio mgrs to locations, skiers to slopes.

Future opportunities

(L–R) FW Aircraft Mx Lead Engineer Patrick Chesters, FW Dir Mx Chris Frey and RW Mx Engineer Scott Delaney with Citation Mustang.

Blackcomb has developed a strong niche in fuel efficient short to medium-haul charter and strategically deploys its cost efficient 4-place Mustang to bring new customers into the charter business.

While the Sovereign has been fielding a growing business in nonstop ops across North America additional range capability will be the next step forward in Blackcomb's fleet evolution. Ability to fly reliably nonstop to Hawaii, and to overfly US territory coming back from Central America and the Bahamas, opens additional market opportunities.

Chief Scheduler Sulaiman Umar (L) discusses a Sovereign trip request to Hawaii with Scheduler Kayo Yamamoto.

"As a company we've realized the value of business aviation for a long time," says David McLean who also chairs a Canadian based company with a Bombardier Challenger.

"Looking to the future, we see a strong and continuing market for Sovereign class equipment as well as for longer-range supermidsize options."

On the rotary-wing front airframe acquisitions will continue with a focus on twin turbine merchandise says Morris, adding, "We anticipate a lot of growth in powerline infrastructure support over coming years and these clients specify twin engine equipment."

For Blackcomb pilots, flying a mix of Part 91 and Part 135, lifestyle and career development opportunities have never been better. Flying for an aviation-oriented family-run business, with well-maintained new equipment and a varied mission mix, has translated into a happy and motivated pilot group with low turnover.

Editor-at-Large Grant McLaren has written for Pro Pilot for over 20 years and specializes in corporate flight department coverage.



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