Birdstrike on visual approach.
PIC: ATP, Part 121.
SLC (Salt Lake City UT).
Embraer EMB145XR.
Prelim report (no injuries).

While maneuvering on downwind for a visual approach into SLC (Salt Lake City UT) on 08-10-10, an Embraer EMB­145XR received substantial damage when it flew through a flock of birds. One bird struck the aircraft near the nose and peeled back a piece of metal almost 3 ft long. The birdstrike occurred around 1340 and the crew was able to land the aircraft without further incident.

Aircraft collides with terrain.
PIC: Unreported, scheduled service.
Yichun, China.
Embraer 190.
Prelim report (42 killed, 54 injured).

On 08-24-10, an Embraer 190 crashed for undetermined reasons while on approach to Yichun airport in China at approximately 2140. The scheduled domestic flight had departed HRB (Harbin, China) earlier in the day. According to accident reports there was limited visibility in the area due to fog.

Floatplane impacts mountainous terrain.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
Aleknagik AK.
de Havilland DHC3T Otter.
Prelim report (5 killed, 4 injured).

After departing a fishing lodge on Lake Nerka AK on 08-09-10, the pilot of a de Havilland DHC3T Turbo Otter and 4 of his 8 passengers were killed when the plane impacted mountainous terrain approximately 10 miles northeast of Aleknagik AK on the way to a fishing base camp. Approximately 4 hrs after the single-turbine engine plane left the fishing lodge, the manager contacted the fishing camp to see when the plane was returning. When the fishing camp personnel stated that the airplane had never arrived, the manager began a search for the overdue aircraft. No signal was detected from the Artex ME406 ELT following the crash sequence because the antenna cable was disconnected from the ELT which had become dislodged from the mounting bracket.

Crash after emergency return.
PIC: ATP, Cargo.
DXB (Dubai, UAE).
Boeing 747-400F.
Prelim report (2 killed).

After declaring an emergency and requesting to return to DXB (Dubai, UAE) on 09-03-10, a Boeing 747-400F crashed into an Emirati air base 9 miles short of the airport. According to the NTSB report, the flight had departed DXB enroute to CGN (Köln–Bonn, Germany) when, 45 min into the flight, the crew re­quested a return to DXB and declar­ed an emergency. The 2 crew­members did not survive the accident.

Unexplained upset and crash.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
Denali National Park AK.
Fairchild C123.
Prelim report (3 killed).

On 08-01-10, the crew of a Fair­child C123K crashed into the terrain while enroute to PAUN (Una­la­kleet AK) to deliver a large generator. The flight had departed 4AK6 (Wolf Lake, Palmer AK) and was reported by many witnesses to be flying low over the National Park at approx 300–500 ft AGL. Witnesses provided investigators with pictures of the accident airplane, none of which showed any smoke trail or signs of trouble. One pair of photos showed the airplane in straight and level flight and the next photo seconds later showed the aircraft inverted and near vertical descent toward the ground.