Av Hazard publicizes safety and operational concerns to help prevent accidents but it works only if we hear from you. Use the postage-free Av Hazard card to describe the hazard and return it to Pro Pilot. To obtain an official FAA review send NASA an ASRS form. For immediate action, call the airport, FBO, ATC, FSDO or the 24-hour FAA Safety Hotline at 800-255-1111. Note: Telephone numbers for all US Towers and ARTCCs are published in Ac-U-Kwik and Pilots Express Airport/Heliport/FBO directories. To report safety concerns outside the US, contact ICAO HQ at 514-954-8219 or via fax at 514-954-6077. ICAO has worldwide telephone and fax numbers to expedite Av Hazard reports to civil aviation authorities.

Last-minute runway closure

We use this small New Jersey airport often and get good service. We check Notams, of course, and on this 10:00 AM passenger pick­up with evening return there were no runway Notams. The FBO cautioned that runway work would be starting during the next 3 weeks and to be watchful.
At approximately 3:00 PM that same day, a new Notam was issued, closing the only runway for heavier aircraft as of 5:00 PM that evening, and for all aircraft as of 8:00 PM. Severe weather was in the NYC area that evening, so this added greatly to our stress. In the end our passenger was greatly inconvenienced.
Two to 6 hours on the same day is not nearly enough notice, and it is inevitable that this could impact safety as many aircraft have a range of 7-plus hours and may be arriving from the other side of the country. The airport system is there for aircraft—and in this case we were ill served. There had been a meeting at the airport the previous week setting the plan. After our trip we watched every subsequent day that started with no Notams, and as of 3:00 PM a Notam was entered to close the airport as of 9:00 PM. This could definitely lead to a safety issue. This affects the FBO as well, as we have since changed to another local airport that is the same distance to the actual destination and we would have used it that day had we known our airport was to be closed.
__ATP, Challenger 601

OSU beacon in line with other lights

The airport beacon at OSU (Ohio State Univer­sity, Columbus, OH) is low, in line with area spotlights and difficult to see at night. I have flown into OSU several times and usually have difficulty spotting the airport even within a few miles.
__Unreported, Shorts C23

Min fuel vs emergency fuel

A recent issue of Callback from NASA (May 2010) had examples of different fuel conditions pilots may find themselves in while encountering unforeseen delays due to weather or traffic. There continues to be a little confusion on the correct terms to use with ATC when fuel becomes an issue.