Cimarex flies Learjets for exec travel and site exploration

By Mike Potts
Contributing Writer

Mx Mgr Kim Reuman (L) and Mx Tech Justin Kragenbrink with some of the spares and rotables used to keep the company Lear 60s flying.

Nonprecision approaches are flown on the autopilot if conditions are below VFR minimums.

To maximize pax comfort, Cimarex pilots consult the graphical turbulence guidance (GTG) page on the NOAA website as a standard part of preflight planning.

The normal pilot duty day at Cimarex is 14 hrs, beginning an hour before scheduled departure and lasting until 30 min past block arrival time at the final destination. Maximum duty day is 16 hrs, but this occurs rarely, Ganse says, and must be accompanied by a 6-hr rest period for the crew at a hotel.

Minimum rest at home following a trip is 10 hrs. The majority of Cimarex operations are day trips. Maximum flight time is 8 hrs per day, but this is very unusual with Cimarex's typical route structure.

The Cimarex aircraft are strictly business tools, Ganse says. As a result, there is no flying on weekends or holidays. The aircraft are busy during the week. In 2009 the department had aircraft flying on 227 of the 238 business days of the year.

Basic maintenance on the Cimarex aircraft, including 300-hr inspections, is accomplished in-house by Mx Mgr Kim Reuman and Technician Justin Kragenbrink. For 600 and 1200-hr inspections the aircraft are sent to Duncan Aviation LNK (Lincoln NE).

Duncan also has a satellite engine and avionics shop at APA that Cimarex uses occasionally. The Cimarex aircraft are maintained on Bombardier's phased inspection program. The engines are on Pratt & Whitney's ESP Gold engine service program and the avionics on Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP).

Reuman and Kragenbrink attend maintenance training every 18 months at FlightSafety. Reuman holds FSI's Master Maintenance Technician rating, and Kragenbrink expects to achieve this status later this year.

Operating to the highest levels of professionalism and safety, the Cimarex flight department provides the company with the quality air transportation needed to support its quest to locate and develop new sources of oil and gas.

Mike Potts is an aviation consultant and freelance writer. He worked in corporate communications for Beech and Raytheon Aircraft between 1979 and 1997.



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