Av Hazard publicizes safety and operational concerns to help prevent accidents but it works only if we hear from you. Use the postage-free Av Hazard card to describe the hazard and return it to Pro Pilot. To obtain an official FAA review send NASA an ASRS form. For immediate action, call the airport, FBO, ATC, FSDO or the 24-hour FAA Safety Hotline at 800-255-1111. Note: Telephone numbers for all US Towers and ARTCCs are published in Ac-U-Kwik and Pilots Express Airport/Heliport/FBO directories. To report safety concerns outside the US, contact ICAO HQ at 514-954-8219 or via fax at 514-954-6077. ICAO has worldwide telephone and fax numbers to expedite Av Hazard reports to civil aviation authorities.

NYC flight rules

In reference to NYC VFR special rules (Pro Pilot, Jan 2010), the item said the “intent” was to keep fixed-wing traffic at or above 1000 ft MSL but less than 1300 ft MSL as a “transient” operation. However, if I want to make a course reversal at the Statue of Liberty (as I have for 28 years) in a fixed-wing aircraft to go north, then I become “local” traffic per definition since I am not over flying the complete Alpine Tower–Verrazano Bridge (VZ) route. See the confusion? Then I should be less than 1000 ft MSL with the helicopters. FAA should clarify this.