Loss of control on short final.
PIC: Unreported, Part 91.
LPR (Lorain–Elyria OH).
Mitsubishi MU2B.
Prelim report (4 killed).

While on short final in low IMC on 01-18-10, a Mitsubishi MU2B was destroyed on impact with terrain just 1260 ft from the approach end of Runway 7 at LPR (Lorain–Elyria OH). The crew was cleared for the ILS Rwy 7 approach and received radar vectors. The NTSB report stated that the crew executed a missed approach and requested a long downwind before the second ILS attempt. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the aircraft come out of the clouds in a nose-low attitude and at a steep bank angle.

Ocean impact after takeoff.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
SDP (Sand Point AK).
Beech 1900C.
Prelim report (2 killed).

On 01-21-10, a Beech 1900C was destroyed shortly after takeoff when the pilots experienced a loss of control and crashed into the ocean after departing SDP (Sand Point AK). The Part 135 cargo flight had departed on an IFR clearance in dark night VMC after receiving its release, but ATC did not hear the pilots contact ARTCC after takeoff. Witnesses along the shoreline near the accident site stated they heard the engine noise change just before the aircraft crashed. The witnesses also stated that winds over the ocean were around 50–60 kts. Initial inspection of the cockpit after the wreckage was recovered showed the left engine propeller level in the “feather” position.

Helicopter wire strike.
PIC: Comm, public use.
Auberry CA.
Bell B206B.
Prelim report (4 killed).

A Bell 206B JetRanger was destroyed on 01-05-10, when it struck power lines stretched across Willow Creek near Auberry CA. The helicopter was being operated as a public use aircraft for the California Dept of Fish and Game on a deer surveying mission. Two law enforcement officers who witnessed the accident stated that they saw the helicopter proceed down the valley toward the power lines when it “reared back” near the lines and fell to the ground. VMC existed at the time of the accident. The helicopter did not appear to have any signs of distress prior to hitting the power lines but was destroyed by a post-crash fire. A wire strike protection kit was installed on the aircraft which on inspection showed no signs of gouges or abrasions. Markings indicative of wire strike impact were noted on the main rotor blades.

Captain’s inappropriate actions.
PIC: ATP, Part 121.
Clarence Center NY.
Bombardier DHC-8-400.
Final report (50 killed).

Almost to the year, NTSB released its final report concerning the fatal Colgan Airways accident on 02-12-09 which involved a Bombardier DHC-8-400 on final approach to BUF (Buffalo NY). According to the report, the captain of Colgan Airways Flight 3407 responded incorrectly to the stick shaker by pulling back on the control column instead of pushing forward. This action caused the aircraft to enter an accelerated aerodynamic stall from which the crew did not recover. The crew was conducting a night instrument approach to BUF when the accident occurred and the aircraft impacted the ground approximately 5 miles from the airport. The report also determined contributing factors that included the crew not noticing the low-speed cue on the flight displays which warns of impending stick shaker activation and failure to follow the sterile cockpit rule. In addition, the captain was noted as not managing the flight effectively, while NTSB found Colgan Airways’ procedures to be inadequate for managing airspeed selection during instrument approaches in an icing environment.

Tire blows on departure.
PIC: Unreported, Part 91.
EGE (Eagle CO).
Dassault Falcon 20C.
Prelim report (no injuries).

During its takeoff roll from EGE (Eagle CO) on 01-08-10, a Dassault Falcon 20C was substantially damaged. The pilot reported the left main tire blew during the departure roll and he was unable to stop in the remaining runway distance. The aircraft continued past the overrun and into deep snow where both main landing gear collapsed and the right wing was substantially damaged.