Fenestron snow ingestion.
PIC: Comm, Public use.
1MD4 (Cheverly MD).
Eurocopter AS365N2.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On 02-11-10, during an attempted take off from a snow bank, a Eurocopter AS365N2 Dauphin was substantially damaged following a night VMC flight into 1MD4 (Prince George’s General Hospital, Cheverly, MD). According to the NTSB report, the pilot noticed snow banks around the perimeter of the helipad and landed the helicopter without incident. The aircraft was unloaded and the pilot shut down the helicopter with no reported incidents. When the crew returned to the aircraft, they noticed the fenestron tail was sitting on a 3-ft snow bank. The paramedic suggested shoveling the snow clear of the tail but the pilot stated that they would be fine and that he would make a vertical takeoff. He started the helicopter without incident but when he brought the helicopter light on the wheels a vibration was noted. The helicopter was shut down and the tail boom was examined. Post-accident inspection revealed severe damage to the tail blades, gearbox, drive couplings and mounting structure.

TCAS RA maneuver.
PIC: ATP, Part 121.
Santa Clarita CA.
Boeing 737-700.
Prelim report (1 injury).

A flight attendant was seriously injured when the crew of a Boeing 737-700 responded to a TCAS resolution advisory (RA), maneuvering abruptly while being radar vectored for the initial approach into BUR (Burbank CA) on 02-13-10. According to the NTSB report, the pilot was on a radar vector when ATC advised the crew of impending traffic. During the descent the TCAS gave an RA for an immediate descent. The captain responded to the RA by initiating a rapid descent greater than 1500 fpm followed shortly by a rapid climb. During the maneuver, 3 flight attendants were standing in the aft galley. One received minor injuries and another was seriously injured.

Prop strikes jet bridge.
PIC: ATP, Part 121.
LAX (Intl, Los Angeles CA).
Embraer EMB120ER.
Prelim report (no injuries).

While approaching the passenger terminal at LAX on 02-16-10, the left propeller of an Embraer EMB120ER Brasilia struck the jet bridge damaging both the propeller and the aircraft fuselage. Only one person was used to marshal the aircraft to the gate, which was in accordance with the approved station manual. According to the NTSB report, the captain stated that he “felt confident” he could proceed to the gate clear of the obstacles. He stated that just when the marshaller was starting to raise his hands to indicate a stop, the left propeller contacted the jet bridge. The gate was used for 2 types of aircraft, the Brasilia and the Bombardier CRJ. At the time of the accident, NTSB found the nose wheel of the EMB-120 on the CRJ stopping point, painted “RJ50” on the ramp.

Overrun in snow.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
ART (Watertown NY).
Cessna 402C.
Prelim report (no injuries).

While maneuvering for a visual approach into ART (Watertown NY) on 02-01-10, a Cessna 402C experienced airspeed indication problems. According to the NTSB report, after breaking out of the clouds at 2600 ft and having the airport in sight, the pilot requested and was cleared for the visual approach at ART. The pilot stated that he then noticed a substantial drop in airspeed so he lowered the nose and added power. Runway 7-25 was reported plowed and the winds favored Rwy 25, so the pilot maneuvered the aircraft for Rwy 25. As the pilot descended with full power, he noticed snow squalls approaching and the airspeed below normal approach speed, so he decided to land on Rwy 7 in order to land as soon as possible. Passing over the runway for a modified left pattern for Rwy 7, the pilot noticed that the runway was covered with snow. After establishing himself on a left base, the pilot configured for landing. While at approximately 350 ft, the pilot turned final. He noticed that the airspeed read 85 kts but felt that the ground speed was higher than indicated. The main gear touched down 1000 ft past the threshold of Rwy 7 and the nose gear half way down the runway. Braking action was nil and the aircraft departed the far end of the runway.

Helicopter crash during cruise.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
Cave Creek AZ.
Eurocopter EC135.
Prelim report (5 killed).

For an undetermined reason, a Eurocopter EC135 was destroyed during cruise flight on 02-14-10. The helicopter departed Flagstaff AZ and was enroute to Scottsdale AZ when it experienced a loss of control then impacted terrain. Witnesses reported seeing the helicopter proceeding southbound at an approximate altitude of 300 ft when they heard “popping sounds” and the helicopter began to rotate. After spinning 2 or 3 times, the witnesses reported seeing the helicopter nose down, impact terrain and burst into flames.