Poland’s Ministry of Health has taken delivery of the first of 23 Eurocopter EC135s. The new fleet will be assigned to the country’s nationwide EMS network. The new helicopter, scheduled to enter into service in Jan 2010, will be based in Warsaw. Five more EC135s are slated for delivery this year, with the remaining 17 to follow in 2010. The fleet will be spread around the country at 17 bases, and will be flown by Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR). The new EC135s will replace the existing fleet of Mil MI2s.

Eurocopter and UTair Aviation have agreed to establish a certified Eurocopter flight training center in Russia. Located in Tyumen in western Siberia, it will allow flightcrews and technicians to be trained locally. Operations are due to commence at the beginning of 2010. UTair has been operating Eurocopter helicopters since 2006. Its fleet of AS350B3s, AS355N and BO105s are used for a wide variety of operations from VIP services, monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, geologic exploration, photo and video footage, cargo fling operations to medical missions. Starting in 2012, Eurocopter’s new EC175 will also join UTair. In 2008, UTair became a launch partner for the EC175 with an order for 15 and an option for 15 more. UTair and Eurocopter are jointly developing the corporate interior of the EC175.

FlightSafety Intl (FSI) has expanded its training program on surviving inadvertent IMC. Designed specifically for helicopter operators, the course can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a wide variety of helicopter operations. Training is available at FSI facilities at Fort Worth TX, Lafayette LA, Tucson AZ and West Palm Beach FL.

Pro Star Aviation has received an FAA STC to install the Universal Avionics UNS1Fw or UNS1Lw FMS with embedded WAAS along with a UASC LP/LPV monitor in the Sikorsky S76B and S76C. Operators of the S76B equipped with a Honeywell SPZ7000 digital FCS can fly single pilot IFR and approaches up to a 7.5° glidepath angle (GPA) coupled or uncoupled. Operators of the S76C equipped with a Honeywell SPZ7600 digital FCScan also fly single pilot IFR but ap­proaches may only be coupled up to a 3.5° GPA, then uncoupled up to a 6.5° GPA.

FAA has qualified the FSI Euro­copter AS350B2 flight training device (FTD) at Tucson AZ to Level 7. The FTD is equipped with FSI’s VITAL X visual system, providing 220 x 100° wrap­around visual capability. It is also equipped with a vibrating motion base that enhances the training experience.

AgustaWestland and UI Intl (UII) have been awarded a contract by the Korean Public Procurement Services to supply the Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) with an AW119Ke. This is the first AW119Ke to be purchased by the Korean Government and the 3rd law enforcement helicopter sold into the Korean market. It will join 2 KNPA AW109s already in service.

Era Training Center is to build 2 AgustaWestland AW139 flight simulator training devices (FSTDs). One will be installed at its facility in 2011 and will meet Level 6 certification requirements. Agusta­Westland has partnered with Frasca Intl to support development and production of the FSTDs. The FSTDs will represent the cockpit of a standard offshore AW139, providing high-fidelity replications and simulations of the controls, displays and systems to train aircrew on a variety of ground and flight operations procedures in a wide range of conditions. EMS hospital and scene locations are incorporated into the database along with high resolution modeling of the Gulf of Mexico. Each FSTD will also have an on­board instructor operating system located behind the crew seats so that the instructor can monitor crew training and control simulation.

Lake County (IN) Sheriff Dept’s Aviation Unit has taken delivery of an EC120. The helicopter is NVG compatible and outfitted with FLIR, a remote control SX5 Night Sun searchlight and moving map system. Aero Dynamix completed a night vision (NVIS) lighting modification for the unit’s EC120. NVG/ NVIS compatible cockpit lighting includes modifications to the avionics internal lighting and sunlight readable digital displays, instrument internal lighting, annunciators, cabin lighting and external lighting.

Helicopter Services’ Rolls-Royce 250 engine repair facility of Vector Aerospace, located in Lewisville TX, is consolidating with the Vector Engine Services–Atlantic Pratt & Whitney Canada engine repair station in Southlake TX. From South­lake, Vector Aerospace will offer repair station support for the 250, PT6A, JT15D and PW100.

JRW Aviation has taken delivery of its first EC120. It will be used for corporate and VIP travel. JRW Aviation is a Texas company owned by Jim Wikert. Worldwide, more than 600 EC120s have been delivered, 125 of them in the US.