IAI debuts supermidsize Gulfstream G250

Taxiing under its own power, the first Gulfstream G250 makes its public debut at IAI’s TLV facility.

All smiles beneath the Israeli sun, (L–R) IAI Chairman Yair Shamir, IAI Pres & CEO Itzhak Nissan and Gulfstream Senior VP Programs, Engineering and Test Pres Henne with Gulfstream’s new G250.

Gulfstream’s new supermidsize G250 rolled out on Oct 6 at TLV (Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv, Israel) before a crowd of around 600 people. Claimed as the fastest and longest-range aircraft in its class, the G250 had been under development for almost 3 years when the project was made public in Oct 2008.

According to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which manufactures the G250, first flight is scheduled to take place before the end of the year. A flight test program involving 3 aircraft and more than 1300 hours of flight testing is expected to lead to certification in 2011, with customer deliveries following almost immediately.

Design of the 10-passenger G250 was a collaboration between Gulfstream and IAI. Gulfstream input is evident in the G250’s wing—an advanced high-speed design with fixed leading edge and improved span loading—and characteristic T-tail. Power for the G250 comes from 2 Honeywell HTF­7250G turbofans producing 7445 lb max takeoff thrust apiece and offering 13% lower fuel burn than the G200.

Total fuel capacity is 14,600 lb. Climb to initial cruise (FL 410) is less than 20 minutes. The G250 will be certified to FL 450, and its projected range is 3400 nm at Mach 0.80. Maximum ramp weight of the G250 is 39,750 lb. Balanced field length (BFL) is given as 4960 ft at MTOW (39,600 lb).

The G250’s all-new Gulfstream Plane­View 250 flightdeck (with three 15-inch adaptive LCD panels) is based on Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion. Auto­throttle comes as standard, while EVS II, HUD II (HGS6250) and SV-PFD are offered as options. G250 will be RNP 0.3 capable. Elimination of a fuselage fuel tank enabled the G250’s designers to create a relatively spacious cabin with a finished floor area of 140 sq ft.

Total storage volume is 154 cu ft (including a 120 cu ft in-flight-accessible compartment). G250 list price is $24.0 million. Production aircraft will be flown “green” from TLV to Gulfstream’s mid­cabin completion center at DAL (Love, Dallas TX). —Phil Rose

Charter & Management

Embraer has delivered a Legacy 600 executive jet to Titan Aviation of Dubai, UAE. It offers 13-pax seating in 3 distinct cabin zones. Owned by an un­dis­closed customer, it will join Titan’s portfolio of managed and operated aircraft, which includes 2 Legacy 600s, as well as a Lineage 1000 scheduled for 2012 delivery. Of the 3 Legacy 600s operated by Titan, the first joined the fleet in Jun 2008 and flies frequently to LCY (London City, London, England). The second, delivered in Jul 2009, has since accumulated more than 200 flight hours.


Daher-Socata has designated Atlan­tic Aero as an authorized TBM service center in North America. Atlantic Aero will provide TBM operators with MRO services including maintenance, Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) authorized PT6A-64/66D line service, avionics repairs and installs, interior refurbishment and inhouse engineering support. Atlantic Aero TBM support capabilities also encompass factory warranty services and administration for Daher-Socata and P&WC, plus 24/7 AOG support/roadcrew dispatch and access to Daher-Socata’s Web-based parts inventory program.

Gulfstream rolls out new flagship G650

Public debut of the ultralong-range Gulfstream G650 took place on Sep 29 at SAV (Savannah GA) in front of nearly 7000 workers, guests and dignitaries, when the first of 5 flight test aircraft rolled out under its own power. Gulfstream announced the 7000-nm-capable ultralarge-cabin G650 in Mar 2008. The program remains on target for first flight later this year, followed by certification in 2011 and first deliveries in 2012.

The manufacturer reports that the G650 has sparked “enormous interest and excitement” and says that it currently holds around 200 orders. The G650 seats 11–18 passengers and carries a price tag of $64.5 million at today’s prices. Over the next 12–20 months the 5 development aircraft will engage in some 1800 hrs of certification flight testing. Power for the G650 is provided by 2 Rolls-Royce BR725s rated at 16,100 lbs each. Gulfstream figures give typical long-range cruise speed as Mach 0.85. Maximum operating speed will be Mach 0.925, making the G650 the fastest civil aircraft on the market. (Insets L–R) Crowds in the G650 manufacturing building. General Dynamics Pres & CEO Jay Johnson. Gulfstream Pres Joe Lombardo (L) with Senior VP Programs, Engineering and Test Pres Henne and scale model of G650. —Phil Rose


Honeywell Pilot Ron Weight (L) and Gulfstream Pilot Ron Newton demonstrate Certification Foxtrot aboard Honeywell’s Gulfstream G450. Cert Foxtrot includes synthetic vision upgrades and an enhanced navigation package that includes WAAS LPV, RNP 0.1, FANS 1/A and FMS V7.1.



FAA has renamed the Savannah VOR/DME Tacan 1 Final Approach Fix FREMN in honor of USMC Capt Matthew Freeman, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on Aug 7. His father is Gulfstream Senior Test Pilot Gary Freeman. FAA Deputy Dir Flight Standards Policy Oversight John McGraw presented a commemorative plaque to Freeman on Oct 21 during the recent NBAA Con­ven­tion in Orlando FL. (L–R) Gulfstream Senior VP Programs, Engineering and Test Pres Henne, Gary Freeman and McGraw. Not shown are Capt Matthew Freeman’s wife USAF Flight Surgeon Capt Theresa Freeman and mother Lisa Freeman.


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