Key Air ANE (Anoka County, Minneapolis MN) held its 1st anniversary open house on Oct 7. The event drew more than 200 guests, including aircraft owners, airport and local officials and other ANE tenants. Key Air has a Dassault Falcon 50, 2 Falcon 20s and a Falcon 10 available for charter. Key Air ANE offers Avfuel brand Jet A, 80,000 sq ft of ramp and hangar space, executive offices and a business center as well as aircraft charter, sales, acquisition and management. (Top photo L–R) Linesmen and CSRs Joe Gallmeier, Brandon Johnson, James Richards, Chuck Ferrari, Jennifer Brantner, Jenny Maleitzke and Tracy Gerards with a Hawker Sea Fury sponsored by Key Air in the 2009 Reno Air Races. (bot) FBO lobby.

Western Aircraft BOI (Boise ID), Spokane Airways GEG (Intl, Spokane WA) and Sierra Air Center RNO (Tahoe, Reno NV) will serve as US gateways for aviation traffic bound for Olympic control areas in Canada during the Vancouver Olympic Games. This covers the period Feb–Mar 2010. All 3 FBOs are Avfuel-branded dealers. Directions on how to make a reservation and enter Canadian Olympic Control areas properly are subject to change. Visitors traveling to the games will not be able to enter Olympic control areas without having first met ISU requirements for screening. Contacting the FBO in advance for current information and procedures is recommended.

Ross Aviation has selected Multi Service as the preferred aviation fuel card provider at its locations. Ross Aviation’s operations include Great Circle Flight Services ANC (An­chorage AK), Denver AirCenter BJC (Rocky Mountain CO), Corporate Aircraft FAT (Fresno CA), Laredo Aero Center LRD (Laredo TX), Miami Executive Aviation OPF (Opa-Locka, Miami FL), Santa Fe AirCenter SAF (Santa Fe NM), Scottsdale AirCenter SDL (Scotts­dale AZ) and Bradley Pacific Aviation with 5 Hawaii locations. Ross Aviation joins Atlantic Aviation as the 2nd FBO chain to select the Multi Service Aviation card as its preferred fuel card.

Pentastar Aviation PTK (Pontiac MI) has joined the Avfuel-branded network of dealers and now offers AVTrip fueling rewards and Avfuel contract fuel programs. Pentastar PTK has an executive FBO terminal, customs and a range of ground services including 24-hr concierge support, flight planning and weather, complimentary snacks, wireless Internet and conference rooms. Pilots have a crew lounge with shower, a snooze room, crew cars and a gym pass to a local facility. In addition to the FBO, Pentastar Aviation provides maintenance, avionics, and aircraft charter and management.

Crownair Aviation SAN (Lindbergh, San Diego CA), an aviation fuel sales, maintenance and avionics service company, has been undergoing a renewal and improvement to its business. Starting with the appointment of Ray Richmond as general manager, the firm has been lowering costs, increasing safety and limiting downtime. Crownair is also an authorized dealer and service center for many airframe and part manufacturers, including Raisbeck Engineering and Black­hawk Modifications.

Million Air has acquired Signature’s ex-Hawker Beechcraft Services fac­ility at IND (Intl, Indianapolis IN). The acquisition was to satisfy a consent decree between Signa­ture and the US Dept of Justice which required Signature to divest itself of the IND facility as a condition to approval of its acquisition of 7 Hawker Beechcraft FBOs last year. Signature continues operations at its historic location at IND. Million Air will also assume management and operational responsibility for 57,000 sq ft of facility and hangar space. Further enhancements to the recently constructed terminal are planned to incorporate Million Air’s amenities. Completion is due by spring 2010.

Western Petroleum Company, a marketer of ExxonMobil aviation fuels and programs, has added 5 new FBO customers in Maine. They are Maine Instrument Flight at AUG (Augusta ME), the City of Bangor at BGR (Bangor ME), Presque Isle General Aviation at PQI (Presque Isle ME), Northeast Air at PWN (Portland ME) and Downeast Air at RKD (Rockland ME).